The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 63 Part 1

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Chapter 63 Part 1

Give him her heart?

Xiao Xi felt a cold hand press against her chest, but strangely… the hand’s temperature was non-existent. Although Feng Lingran was a cold king, even his palm held a slight warmth.

Just when the hand was about to pierce her chest, she came to a realization. Immediately, she pushed the man away.

“You’re not Feng Lingran, just who are you?” Xiao Xi spotted the bloody fingerprints on her chest, and she glared resentfully at the man in front of her.

‘Feng Lingran’ suddenly smiled, “You really are a smart little fox.” Pausing, he studied her body once. With a small jade pill bottle in hand, he demonically smirked. “You have passed the test, the Jin Pill is yours.”

Xiao Xi’s eyes widened in shock, what was happening?

Very quickly, she discovered that her white fingers -don’t know when, had reverted to back to her fluffy paws. ‘Feng Lingran’ looked down upon her, and the corners of his mouth raised sinisterly.

“I’ll look forward to the day you become human.”

The moment ‘Feng Lingran’ finished speaking, he disappeared, leaving only his echoing voice in the air.

“Little fox, Remember, Ben Zun1 is called Zi Yi. Ben Zun will come and find you later.”


“Little fox, wake up, wake up…”

She heard a familiar voice, but who was telling her to wake up? There was also a gentle hand, softly patting her fluffy face.

After a while.

The little fox’s eyes opened a margin, and blurry eyed she saw a jade mask. After blinking a few times to clear her vision, she focused on the male figure in front of her.

Nan Gongyin.

Why was he here?

The little fox shook her head and observed her surroundings. She was still inside the tower, then… Nan Gongyin who entered… wasn’t he…

The little fox immediately stared at Nan Gongyin, only to see his eyes covered in white silk. The little fox was surprised, he came up like this? This man was pretty capable ah!

That being the case, it should have been easy for him to obtain the Jin Pill. Why would she have to…

“Little fox-er, you’re awake?”

Nan Gongyi interrupted the little fox’s thoughts, and the thin lips showed a gentle smile while his fingers gently pet its head.

“Did you obtain the Jin Pill?”

The little fox nodded and but then remembered that he couldn’t see. So she squeaked twice to reply. It was just that… she couldn’t quite understand, who exactly was that ‘Zi Yi’? And how could he appear on the sixth floor of the Pill Pogada? From what she had heard, it sounded like he was in charge of the Jin Pill.

That person was too mysterious, not only could he turn into Feng Lingran to confuse her, but he had almost killed her, taking her heart away.

The more Xiao Xi thought about it, the more afraid she became. If she had really fallen for it…. Not to mention that illusion, she was now certain she did not become human, but fell for Zi Yi’s trick.

The little fox glanced at the small jade bottle that contained the Jin Pill, the one that Zi Yi had left.

She didn’t eat the Jin Pill, but placed the bottle in Nan Gongyin’s hand instead.

Nan Gongyin’s fingers rubbed the small jade bottle in his hand. He smiled slightly before opening the cap, and took the Jin Pill out. He placed the pill into the little fox’s mouth, saying, “this is what you deserve.”

The little fox blinked and stared at Nan Gongyin, are you sure? If she ate the only one, would he not regret it?

But the Jin Pill had already entered her tummy, even if he wanted to regret, it was too late.

The little fox’s heart was delighted, wasn’t she about to become human soon?

Waa~ She was excited even thinking about it…

Nan Gongyin held the little fox in his arms as they left the Pill Pagoda. Tearing the white silk off the jade mask, he noticed the fox’s excited expression before smiling.

“You don’t become human that fast. It takes the Jin Pill seven days for it to dissolve in your body, reborning you.”


Seven days?

Xiao Xi sighed in her heart. She had been a fox for so long already, she wasn’t scared of waiting seven more days.

All of a sudden, a group of guards rushed in and surrounded Nan Gongyin and the little fox.

The little fox had a bad premonition and her fluffy body shrank into Nan Gongyin’s arms. They had swords ah! If she was careless, Fox would be dead.

“Your Royal Highness, forgive us for being rude, but this little fox had stolen the Huo Yi grass. Such sin is unforgivable, requesting Your Highness to hand over little fox and allow this subordinate to bring it to Imperial Consort Ji Niang Niang, to be dealt with. ”

The little fox hid in Nan Gongyin’s embrace, internally screaming ‘Nooo-’. Now that the matter of Huo Yi grass was known by Nan Gongyin, would he really hand her over?

“And If Ben Gong said no?” Nan Gongyin’s voice was usually gentle and elegant, but at that moment, it was like a cold jade amidst hail.

“Then excuse us.”

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