The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 — Sleeps on the Same Bed


The armrest under Feng Lingran’s hands was crushed into pieces. Wan Siyu shrinked away in fear, fortunately he wasn’t that armrest, otherwise he would had been dead by now!

“Ling Ran, You… You… Don’t be sad, isn’t it just a little fox? Next time… I’ll get you a new one, it would be even more beautiful and cuter than that one.”

Pieces of the broken wood fell from Feng Lingran’s palm, his beautiful face was coated with a layer of ice. Ebony eyes shifted onto Wan Siyu’s face, making him lower his head in guilt.

“Even if you gave Ben Wang a better one, it is not the one that Ben Wang wants.”

Wan Siyu raised his head and stared at Feng Lingran. It can’t be? Feng Lingran wanted to…

“If Ben Wang had remembered correctly, next month would be the birthday of Nanling’s Emperor. Ben Wang haven’t been to Nanling for a long time. So in this trip, I could also look for the little fox and see whether if it’s -just like what you’d said… having a wonderful time.”

Wan Siyu’s heart was shocked, this was exactly what he thought would happen… F**k, if Feng Lingran really did find that little fox, and it snitched on him, wasn’t he finished?

The more Wan Siyu thought about it, the more afraid he was.


Nanling, East Palace

Ji Yunxue observed the tall figure of Nan Gongyin standing by the lotus pond. His hands were placed behind his snow white robes as it fluttered in the wind. He was better than all the beautiful scenery here.

Ji Yunxue couldn’t bear to destroy this picturesque image, but she still gracefully walked to Nan Gongyin. She had thought that he was admiring the flowers, but when she saw the ‘ravaged’ lotus flowers, she was a little surprised.

“Your Royal Highness, how was this pond’s lotus leaves destroyed?”

Ji Yunxue stared at the lotuses in pity. The ‘White Fairy’ and the ‘Blue Water Lily’ were a precious species of lotuses. In Nanling, only the Royal Palace planted them, it was such a shame, for them to be destroyed like this.

Nan Gongyin recalled what the little fox had done to the pond that night, his lips curved into a slight arc, “A cute little thing.”

Ji Yunxue stared at Nan Gongyin’s smile, her whole soul seemed to be drawn towards him. A cute little thing? Ji Yunxue thought of the little fox who broke into the courtyard just to listen to her play the guqin. Was it that little fox who had destroyed the lotuses in this pool?

How much did Nan Gongyin cherish the little fox? It had destroyed such precious lotuses, yet he showed an indifferent smile? And even then, his smile contained a trace of love.

Ji Yunxue remembered her purpose of coming to the East Palace and suddenly found it a bit difficult to talk about. Nan Gongyin treasured the little fox so much, was he willing to give the Huo Yi Grass to her?

But if he don’t give it to her, then big sister…

Ji Yunxue thought of Imperial Consort Ji’s methods. Gripping the corner of her clothes, she spoke with a warm demure. “Your Royal Highness, I have a request to make.”

Nan Gonyin’s gaze only feel onto the beautiful face of Ji Yunxue now. “Miss Ji, please speak.”

Ji Yunxue made eye contact with Nan Gongyin’s dark eyes. Her heart trembled, her fingers tightened before she suppressed her restless emotions, “Don’t know if Your Royal Highness had seen the little fox coming back with the Huo Yi Grass in it’s mouth?”

Nan Gongyin’s eyes flashed surprised, Huo Yi Grass?

Ji Yunxue noticed his surprise and immediately knew that he was not aware of the situation. But big sister had already confirmed that it was a little fox that stole the Huo Yi Grass. Coming to the East Palace, she must retrieve the Huo Yi Grass so she could prevent any conflict that might spark between her sister and Nan Gongyin.

“Your Royal Highness, this is just my request to you. The little fox had sneaked into the Imperial Consort Ji’s backyard, and ruined her medicine field. The most important herb -the Huo Yi Grass, was also missing. Asking Your Highness to allow me to take the Huo Yi Grass from the little fox back to Imperial Consort Ji Niang Niang.”

Nan Gongyin knitted his eyebrows, what did the little fox want the Huo Yi Grass for?

Ji Yunxue waited for a moment before Nan Gongyin finally responded.

“What Miss Ji said wasn’t right. The little fox always sleeps with Ben Gong, if it went out, wouldn’t Ben Gong know?”

Ji Yunxue’s jaw dropped, she stared at Nan Gongyin in shock, he… and the little fox sleeps together?”

But very quickly, Ji Yunxue shook her head and said, “The little fox only sleeps in it’s nest. It is very possible for it to sneak out when Your Royal Highness is resting.”

Nan Gongyin nodded. Ji Yunxue breathed a sigh of relief, only to hear him say:

“The little fox and Ben Gong sleeps on the same bed.”

After he finished, he walked away from the dumbfounded Ji Yunxue.


Six Story Pill Pagoda.

Because the little fox knew where the traps were, she easily came to the fifth floor. All of a sudden, she sneezed three times, even her back seemed be a little cold. She lifted her front paws and rubbed her nose, which insidious villain was cursing behind her back?

Wait until Fox comes out. Don’t let fox catch you -otherwise, you’ll be sorry.

The little fox raised her head and glanced at the steps towards the sixth floor. As long as she had passed this level, she could obtain the Jin Pill and become human.

The little fox was somewhat excited, she rushed up to the sixth floor in one breath. But the moment her paws stopped, an arrow abruptly flew out from the darkness and almost hit her. The little fox was so scared she fell backwards and rolled straight down the steps.

Her whole head felt dizzy, in her sight were dancing little stars.

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At that moment.

Only when the little fox’s head was not so dizzy anymore, did she stand up. She scanned the sixth floor, what happened? She had moved according to the drawings of Nan Gongyin last night, and avoided the implanted traps. If she remembered correctly, there should be no hidden traps on the stairs of the sixth level!

Was Nan Gongyin’s map wrong?

The little fox raised her paws and climbed the stairs again. This time, when she was about to reach the sixth floor, she was very cautious. She came onto the last step, and gently touched it. Her pointed ears moved, only when she had heard no sounds, did she lift her hind legs and carefully climbed up.

This time, there were no more flying arrows.

The little fox did not let her guard down, in fact she grew more anxious. That was to say, the map of the sixth floor she saw last night was invalid. She did not know what dangers would she encounter next.

The sixth floor was different from the first five floors. It was full of hanging jade-colored pill bottles. The pills were faintly visible, but there was no smell of medicine. It could also be said, that these pill bottles were tightly sealed and if she wanted to find the Jin Pill, it wouldn’t be easy.

The little fox studied the thousands of pills and sighed in her heart. Now this is the real Pill Pogoda! The first five layers -compared to this, were simply heaven and earth.

But… there were so many pills here, how was she going to find the Jin Pill?

The eyes of the little fox became dazzled, her paws indecisive. Suddenly, her line of sight fell onto a jade colored bottle, examining closely, it seems that medical pills inside were golden in color. Was this the legendary Jin Pill?

The little fox excitedly ran over. Leaping into the air, her two claws hugged the pill bottle before landing. She had no time to celebrate when the whole tower was gassed with a white smoke. The little fox breathed in a little and felt lightheaded…

The little fox circled the tower, she turned and turned, and suddenly fell down. She squinted and felt very tired. Her sight were becoming more and more hazy and she felt like her body was very light, as if she could fly.

What was happening? Was she becoming immortal? Or was she transmigrating back and was about to meet Yama?

During her state of haziness, she noticed a male figure walking towards her. When she saw his appearance, the little fox’s heart skipped a beat, and became completely clear headed.

A face of perfection, chilling like the bitter winter and delicate rosy lips. If this wasn’t Feng Lingran, who would it be?

He actually came to Nanling, was he here to look for her?

She felt excited and glad, but when she saw Feng Lingran approaching her, the little fox suddenly remembered the whole ‘being scammed to go to Nanling’ ordeal with Wan Siyu. Feng Lingran probably did not know about this, and knowing that Wan Saobao, he wouldn’t tell him the truth, instead make up some ‘story’ to trick Feng Lingran! Then… was Feng Lingran mad at her right now?

“Little fox, you want to be human?”

Feng Lingran walked towards the little fox before placing it into his arms. His slender fingers gently stroked the fur on its back.

The little fox’s ear twitched. She glanced at Feng Lingran’s perfect face, he wasn’t blaming her?

She nodded. She no longer wanted to be a fox, she wanted to be human, she was originally human!

“When you become human, give Ben Wang your heart, okay?”

The little fox widen its eyes, she gaped at Feng Lingran. He he he… did he fall for this little fox ah?

Her head suddenly felt a little dizzy, and her heart was beating erratically. It was undeniable that at that moment, she was tempted to do so.

A certain little fox bashfully twisted her fluffy body.

The corners of Feng Lingran’s lips raised a little. Uncapping the pill bottle, he tipped the lone pill out onto his hands before delivering it to little fox’s mouth.

The moment she swallowed the Jin Pill, she felt her paws changing into a woman’s elegant white fingers. The fur on her body also shedded away before turning to soft smooth skin. She observed the changes to her body, forgetting about the man that was currently embracing her.

When the little fox’s transformation had ended, her heart was like the waters of the ocean, surging with emotions. She held her face in her hands, before looking at Feng Lingran with her clear round eyes.

“Handsome man, am I pretty?”

Feng Lingran was a little surprised, his ebony eyes flashed playfully before he replied with a soft smile, “Pretty, the most beautiful woman… Ben Wang has ever seen.”


Xiao Xi’s heart rate increased again. He had praised her so much, was she really that beautiful?

Xiao Xi smiled sweetly before looking downwards. Her eyes widened with stupor, her, her, her… where was her clothes? Xiao Xi suddenly remembered that she was originally a fox, how could she have any clothes on after shedding her fur. With a inflamed face, her two hands lowered to cover the spring scenery on her chest, her two legs bent at an awkward angle on his waist, but no matter how hard she tried to cover herself, she couldn’t…

In that instance.

Feng Lingran suddenly whispered near her ear, “You really… are beautiful.”

Xiao Xi felt as his fingers wandered around her back, his lips landed onto her ear. Feeling embarrassed, she wanted to push Feng Lingran away, but couldn’t do it.

“Give me your heart… I will treat you well.”¹

His voice once again rang in her ear.

¹treat can also mean dote/love. interestingly enough, the word in raws is 疼 which also means hurt/pain by itself.

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