The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 61 Part 1

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Chapter 61 Part 1 —  Sleep With me Tonight


Stunned, the little fox glanced at Nan Gongyin’s fingers, as if the moment she nodded, he would remove the jade mask and reveal his mysterious face.

The little fox was eager. Want! Want! Why would Fox not want? Quickly remove the jade mask! Let Fox see what the world’s number one male’s face looks like! Was it really like what Wan Siyu had said? Even better looking than Feng Lingran?

Nan Gongyin saw that little fox was being impatient, he softly laughed before saying, “Be patient. I will take the mask off when you obtain the Jin Pill and return from the Six Floor Pill Tower.”

The little fox felt as if a bucket of ice water was just thrown at her, her mouth twitched.

Are you fooling Fox?

You had peaked at Fox’s curiosity, but failed to let Fox be satisfied. What was the point in saying anything?


The little fox felt an uncomfortable itch in her heart. She had even wanted to remove the damn jade mask herself, wearing it all day even to sleep, didn’t he feel stuffy at all?

The fae has been suffocated for so long, even if he was handsome, his face was probably full of acne…

The little fox was not satisfied at all, and seeing Nangong Yin’s smiling eyes, she swatted his face, trying to hit the jade mask off…

Nangong Yin smiled and dodged. It was adorable seeing the little fox raised her front paws angrily at him.

The little fox snorted at Nan Gongyin before turning away to get ready for bed. She didn’t want to argue with Nan Gongyin anymore.

But without taking two steps, she was captured by Nan Gongyin again. His jade mask had almost rubbed against her fluffy head, and just by looking up the little fox could see his delicate chin.

“Sleep with me tonight.”

His voice rang in her ear, like a gentle breeze blowing across her heart.

The little fox trembled, sleep with him? That wasn’t very appropriate?

“When you wake up tomorrow, I’ll give you something special.”


A treasure?

Then… Fox will need to consider it ah!

But she had just slept with Feng Linran, so if she sleeps with Nan Gongyin now, wouldn’t it be improper?

Nan Gongyin placed the little fox inside the blanket, her round eyes stared at his tall figure. Little fox’s fluffy claws gently moved inside the sheets. She was not a easy person, so would she really sacrifice herself to sleep with Nan Gongyin… just for a treasure?

Although one can say that she could not be considered as human right now… but hey! She was still human ah… Still human… Not for the time being though… but still a-

What was she thinking about? (orz)

A certain little fox’s pupil’s widened not long after. Her small heart trembled as she stared at the jade white skin of a man and his beautiful back…

Why did Nan Gongyin take off his clothes? Did he really… wanted Fox to…

The little fox pulled on the blanket more powerfully, no! She was still a maiden fox… She shouldn’t causally give give it to Nan Gongyin…

Little fox glared the beautiful back of Nan Gongyin, and discreetly swallowed her drool. The moment Nan Gongyin turned his around, the little fox’s head instantly retracted back into the blanket. In her heart, little fox was thinking, if she could touch Nan Gongyin’s perfect skin just once, she would be happy. A touch shouldn’t be too much right? (improper)
Little fox’s brain haywired. Flashed with the image of being pressed under him after touching him once, her entire body trembled. Forget it… Nan Gongyi was even more perverted than fox ah, she shouldn’t help him take advantage of her.

A certain little fox decided to escape to its nest from the other end of the blanket. Who knew that the moment in tunneled out from the comforter, it will fall right into the hands of Nan Gongyin.

The little fox tossed in the arms of the Nan Gongyin, squeaking in protest.

She struggled for a while, but when she notice the white inner robe on Nan Gongyin, she blinked before settling. What happened? Was Nan Gongyin only changing into his robe? It wasn’t what she had thought? Wanting to… with her?

A little fox fainted in Nan Gongyin’s embrace, she had thought too much…

The next day, morning

The little fox woke up especially early today. Just when she was about to get up and groom herself, she felt the presence of a person next to her. She rotated before finding herself in the arms of Nan Gongyin. She had nearly fainted again. She remembered that she ran back into her nest to rest last night, so how ddi she end up here this morning?

What did Nan Gongyin do to her last night?

The little fox stared at Nan Gongyin’s mask with a conflicted heart. The curiosity he rose last night… had a small urge to attack and remove the mask on his face.

Her fluffy fox paws quietly stretched out, upon coming into contact with the jade mask on Nan Gongyin’s face, her heart raced in excitement.

Ha Haha… Nan Gongyin, never in your dreams would you have thought that Fox will remove you mask at this time ah!

The moment of triumphant! The little fox pawed and lifted a corner of the mask, squinting at the section of the face where the mask uncovered… but just when she thought she would finally see, the jade mask fell, with jade-like fingers pressing on it.

“You want to perv on me so early in the morning?”

His voice was warm, mixed with a husky allure.

Little fox had been caught. She directly fell into Nan Gongyin’s embrace with a guilty conscience.

Nan Gongyin watched the little fox in his arms play dead, the corners of his mouth raised in amusement. Gently, his jade fingers stroked the soft white fur.

“Little fox, you must be careful when you enter the Six Floor Pill tower. I will wait for you to return.”

Nan Gongyin dropped a kiss on the little fox’s head.

A certain damned little fox widen her eyes in surprise, gaping at Nan Gongyin’s gentle gaze. H-he he he… Kissed her?

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