The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 59 Part 1

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Chapter 59 Part 1 —


Ji Yunxue looked at the medicine field and sure enough, there was a plum blossom paw print on the ground. She was worried, but very quickly sorted and controlled her feelings, saying, “Big sister, maybe it was a wild cat that came in last night. This is the Palace, many concubines raise cats, but a pet fox… is very unlikely”

Fu Dong was Ji Yunxue’s attendant. She had wanted to speak and tell Imperial Consort Ji about the little fox, but when Ji Yunxue shot glared at her, Fu Dong immediately closed her mouth after hearing what Ji Yunxue had said!

Imperial Consort Ji frowned, no one in the harem raised a fox as a pet? Did Brother Han see wrongly wrong last night? And mistakenly saw a wild cat instead of a fox?

No, it was not possible. Brother Han’s eyesight was very good, he can’t be wrong about that matter. It must have been a fox last night.

“Maybe but it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t one last night.” Imperial Consort Ji suddenly issue an order to the guards, “Go investigate. Find out who raises a fox in the Palace, and then immediately report back to Ben Gong. If you can’t find it, Ben Gong will have your head.”

After Imperial Consort Ji left, Ji Yunxue’s heart felt even more anxious. She saw Fu Dong coming. Beckoning her over, Ji Yunxue lowered her voice and said, “Yesterday’s matter about the little fox must not be mention in front of Imperial Consort Ji.”

Fu Dong did not understand what Ji Yunxue had meant. The medicine field was destroyed and the Huo Yi grass was stolen, that was clearly a very big issue ah, how could Miss hide this from Big Miss, all for a mere little fox?

“But Miss, the paper can’t wrap fire¹. Sooner or later, Imperial Consort Ji would find the little fox. If she knew that you have lied to her, I am afraid it will not be good for Miss.”

Ji Yunxue knew that Fu Dong was right, but remembering the killing intent emitted from her sister’s eyes, she was afraid that the cute little fox would fall into the hands of Imperial Consort Ji. Nan Gongyin was His Royal Highness, and was also the Crown Prince, and if they were to feud, not only would her sister be disadvantaged, but Nan Gongyin as well.

Ji Yunxue knew her sister’s means very well.

“Could you be happy only when you see my sister and His Royal Highness plot against each?”

Ji Yunxue had a inexplicable feeling that the little fox was very important to Nan Gongyin. If not, how could he -just for a little fox’s mistake, disregard his status and apologise to her?

EzoicFu Dong was shocked and hurriedly shook her head, “His Royal Highness won’t go so far for a small beast…”

Ji Yunxue stared at Fu Dong’s eyes “Shut up! Otherwise, I will let my sister have someone to send you back.”

When Fu Dong heard her words, she anxiously grabbed Ji Yunxue’s arm, “Kind Miss, kind Miss, Fu Dong is wrong, you must not send Fu Dong back, Fu Dong wants to be with Miss.”

Xin Chen (Star) Tower.

When Leng Yuhan saw Imperial Consort Ji arrive, his eyebrows knitted before he raised his hand to dismissed everyone.

“Ji-Er, The Emperor had just left from the morning court, so how come you came here?”

Imperial Consort Ji was originally full of anger, but she bursted into tears after seeing Leng Yuhan.

“Brother Han. I am so sorry, there had been a incident at the medical field!”



Leng Yuhan’s finger trembled slightly, his handsome face changed dramatically.

“What happened exactly? Say it clearly.”

“I woke up early this morning to see the herbs in the medicine field to be nearly destroyed, and that the Huo Yi grass… to be stolen.”

“Stolen? Which person is so arrogant? To actually dare steal the Huo Yi Grass from the palace?”

“It’s not a person.”

Leng Yuhan grew worried, not a human?

Ji Wei wiped her tears and continued: “Brother Han, do you still remember the little fox from last night? It was the fox that had ruined the medicine field and stole the Huo Yi grass.”

¹there is no concealing the truth

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