The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 58 Part 2

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Chapter 58 Part 2 —


Only when after the little fox finish her thing did her stomach finally felt better. Her body was full of sweat, her hair was soaking. When she was ready to go back to the bedroom, she suddenly found a brightly lit bead on the ground.

Oh my god!

Did the Yen Nan pearl come out?

The little fox felt her own body shaking, this was great! The heavens have finally heard her prayer and made the Ye Nan Pearl come out…

The little fox bite onto a small tree branch, enduring her disgust, she pushed the Ye Nan Pearl to a clean spot. Using a large scrap piece of leaf, she wrapped it inside. Since Wan Siyu wanted this pearl, then lets give him the Ye Nan Pearl like this ah!

When the little fox hid the Ye Nan pearl, she jumped into the lotus pond of the East Palace to take a shower. She should thank Feng Lingran! If it wasn’t for him… her doggy paddle wouldn’t be as good as it was now.

The little fox splashed at the pond water, and a squid that was sleeping woke up, thinking that there was something dangerous and evil coming, it had fled to a corner to escape…

Even the glamorously blooming BiLian Lotuses1 was trampled to death by the little fox…

The next day

The East Palace’s maids and guards discovered the precious BiLian lotuses became “withered willow tree, ruined flower”. There were even a few precious red carps floating on the water. The servants almost thought the pool was raided by bandits last night.

This incident was quickly known by Nan Gongyin. When he saw the little fox’s wronged appearance, he immediately knew that that the ruined BiLian lotuses and the dead red carps were caused by the little fox.

“I know now, you may leave.”

Nan Gongyin waved his hands, didn’t want to listen anymore. He had spent a lot of effort shipping the BiLian Lotus and the red carp from afar. Now that they are ruined by this little fox, who could say that he wouldn’t feel hurt. But even when he did, he wasn’t willing to blame this little fox…

When Xiao Xi saw Nan Gongyin not intending to punish her, she was ecstatic, and her round eyes shined brightly with happiness.

Nan Gongyin… You really are a good guy.


“What is going on here? Why is the medicine field like this?”

Imperial Consort Ji threw a tantrum in the morning,  her beautiful face was full of anger. Her red peony painted fingers were shakingly pointed to the medicine field. How precious were these herbs? Most of the herbs have been ‘stepped’ on.

The servants did not dare to speak. It was Imperial Consort Ji who allowed them to rest last night, even the guards of the medicine field were dismissed. How would they know what happened?

Imperial Consort Ji suddenly remembered something, she pointed to a Palace Maid, and hurriedly said, “You, go find the Huo Yi grass, check if it’s damaged.”

“Yes, Ji Niang Niang.”

Not long after came the cry of the Palace maid, “Oh no! Ji Niang Niang, the Huo Yi Grass… the Huo Yi Grass is gone!”


Imperial Consort Ji was shock paled. It felt as if the world was spinning, she wanted to faint. How could she explain to Brother Han now?

When she suddenly thought of the little fox last night, her chilly eyes flashed: “In the Palace, who raises a fox?”

When Ji Yunxue thought of Nan Gongyin’s little fox, and saw the frosty eyes of Imperial Consort Ji, her heart was slightly shocked and whispered, “Big sister, are you saying that the disappearance of the Huo Yi grass was related to a fox?”

Imperial Consort Ji and Ji Yunxue were blood related sisters, they also resembled each other. Towards this younger sister of hers, Consort Ji really cared and doted on her.  

“Xue-er, you can see that there are fox paw prints all over the medicinal field, the Huo Yi Grass must had been stolen by the fox.”

Of course Imperial Consort Ji wouldn’t tell her about what happened last night, but she was sure that the Huo Yi Grass was stolen by a fox only because Brother Han said that one sentence.

1BiLian Lotus. BiLian or Bilian (碧莲) is a homonym for b*tch face. Also an internet slang but in literal sense, it means B’Lotus. But B’Lotus looks effed up and so I left it in the pinyin state as Bilian lotus, like a floral species. The author is attempting to take advantage of the situation to swear ahaha

Sitrus: boiiiii i almost forgot to post this chapter ah ssfdjsdj

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