The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 58 Part 1

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Chapter 58 Part 1 — Caught Stealing the Ye Nan Pearl


The moment the little fox returned to Nan Gongyin’s room, she had already stashed the Huo Yi Grass in a safe place. She wasn’t stupid enough to appear in front of Nan Gongyin with the herb in her mouth.

The room was lit with candle light, but Nan Gongyin’s shadow was nowhere to be seen.

Did he leave to find her?

From the corner of the little fox’s eyes, she discovered the white robe that Nan Gongyin had changed out of. Her heart stirred, and her watery eyes looked around, but there was not even a single person outside, was the heavens helping her?

The little fox deftly crawled into the white robe, searching. Very quickly, she found a single blue pearl, three times larger than a normal one. This was the Ye Nan Pearl. That thief -Wan Siyu had drawn it for her, even reminding her many times to not steal the wrong one.

A certain little fox stored the Ye Nan Pearl in her mouth, placing it under her tongue. This plaything was too slippery, it would not be good if she swallowed it.
She peeked her head out of the white robe and just when she was about to crawl out, she saw a pair of luxurious white boots in front of her. The little fox was shocked and her round eyes raised.

Nan Gongyin…?

Little fox pouted, yelling in her heart, she was too unlucky ah! Nan Gongyin actually discovered her. Even if she had a hundred mouths now, she could not explain it lah.

Nan Gongyin watched as the little fox’s head poked out from his white robe’s lapel, the rest of its body still hidden inside, looking as if it had done something wrong. He bent down and lifted the fox out of the robe.

Xiao Xi did not dare to move whilst she was in Nan Gongyin’s arms. Her nervous black fox eyes obviously held a guilty conscience.

When Xiao Xi saw Nan Gongyin’s fingers went to flip the white robe, the thought of dying crossed her mind. Mayday! Mayday! She would be discovered soon.

It really was hard to live ah!

Nan Gongyin pulled out a delicate wooden box from the sleeves, opening it to discover that the Ye Nan pearl has disappeared.

Nangong Yin’s moon-like eyes shoot to the little fox in his arms, “Where is it?”

The little fox shook her head in guilt, I don’t know… Fox doesn’t know… Fox won’t tell you that the Ye Nan pearl is in Fox’s mouth.

Nan Gongyin stared at the little fox’s tight lipped mouth, his eyes shifted slightly, reaching out to clasp the little fox’s jaw.

But why would the fox surrender?

A human and a fox tossed for a while. Finally, Nangong Yin opened its mouth but he couldn’t see the Ye Nan pearl. His fingers lifted it’s tongue but even then, he did not find anything and almost got bitten in the process.

Of course Nan Gongyin couldn’t find the pearl. When he attempted to open the little fox’s mouth, she panicked, and unfortunately swallowed the Ye Nan pearl.

She felt like weeping but she had no tears….

Nan Gongyiin looked at the little fox on the verge of crying, sighing slightly. “Little fox, it’s not that I am unwilling to let go of the Ye Nan pearl, but I’m afraid that you would swallow it and affect your stomach.”


The little fox wanted to cry even more. Looking at Nan Gongyin, she instantly realised he was actually a good person. She stole his Ye Nan pearl, yet he didn’t blame her, he was even worried about her body.

If she had knew earlier, she wouldn’t have kept the Ye Nan pearl in her mouth…


A certain unfortunate little fox had a upset tummy. Holding onto her stomach, she felt so miserable ah!

Can’t take it, Can’t take it….

Running out of the room, she found a hidden place to The little fox ran out of the door and found a hidden place to perform a ‘number two’.

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