The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 56 Part 1

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Chapter 56 Part 1 — Fox Want to Eat Meat


The little fox looked at the Nan Gongyin, his crescent like eyes awfully enchanting. If it was before, she might have been mesmerised by this man’s eyes, but now… she felt a little heart broken.

That’s right! She had been taken to Nanling, if she left Nan Gongyin, where could she go?

When Nan Gongyin saw the sad expression of the little fox, his jade-liked fingers touched its fluffy head. This little fox just arrived at Nanling, and would inevitably find it hard to settle, but he would wait till it gets used to it.

The palace maid who had seen Nan Gongyin leave with the little fox in his arms, wondered, how come His Highness was speaking to a little fox? Could the little fox understand human words?

She had thought too much. A snow fox, even if it was precious, it was impossible to understand human words.


Nan Gongyin walked through the entire East Palace with the little fox, and the little fox memorised the entire East Palace. It was different from the Palace in Eastern Jin Dynasty. The color here was cold jade, whether it was the pavilion or the eaves, almost all of them were made of light blue jade.

This place allowed one to feel a surreal atmosphere of a dream, it even matched with the aloofness of Nan Gongyin’s aura.

The little fox glanced at Nan Gongyin. How come this man always wear the jade mask?

The little fox suddenly remembered what Wan Siyu had said, and glanced at Nan Gongyin with doubt, was this man really the best looking guy? Better than Feng Lingran?

Since he was so good looking, what was the use in wearing the jade mask?

She couldn’t see, maybe there was a scar on the man’s face, so he wears a jade face all day long. The little fox still thought that Feng Ling was better good-looking, no one could replace Feng Lingran in her heart.


Nan Gongyi noticed that the little fox in his arms was a little absent-minded, his index finger rubbing at the little fox’s head.

The little fox’s face raised in an instant, it nodded. Hungry la, hungry la, Fox wants to eat meat…

It was fine when Nan Gongyin didn’t say anything, but after now that he mentioned it, it was more hungry.


About half a shi chen later.

A palace maid had brought the food, after respectfully bowing to Nan Gongyin, the food was put onto the jade table one by one.

Three dishes and one soup. Consisting of fish, meat, and vegetables.

The little fox blinked a few times. Were they serious? Just these four dishes? There was a whole table of dishes at the Regent’s Palace for every meal!

The little fox got picky from being with Feng Lingran, she was unfortunately not impressed by the food Nan Gongyin had here.

But she was hungry so she couldn’t complain, it was already good enough to have something to eat…

“Fu Huang1 has similar meals, so would us, the sons dare to get better food?”

Nan Gongyin’s jade liked fingers picked up a pair bamboo chopsticks, got a piece of meat, and moved it to the little fox’s mouth.

The little fox glanced at Nan Gongyin, so that was the reason! In this way, the Emperor of Nanling was quite frugal.

The little fox opened its mouth and devoured the meat from Nan Gongyin.

From the meal, the little fox finished most of the dishes on the table, and had a round belly. She had to admit that even though the dishes were small, they tasted delicious. Especially the fish, compared to the fish she had in Eastern Jin Dynasty, this was completely different, there was a taste of freshness which she couldn’t describe.

After feeding the little fox, Nangong Yin picked up a bowl of white rice and elegantly ate.

The little fox’s sharp eyes noticed something, Nan Gongyin did not change his chopsticks, he used the same pair of chopsticks that she used just then. The little fox widened her eyes, her whole face turned red. Feng Lingran had mysophobia, yet Nan Gongyin was not aware of hygiene? He dared to share the same pair of chopsticks with this fox?

“Do you want some rice?” Nangong Yin’s chopsticks scooped some rice up from his bowl and placed it at the side of the little fox’s mouth.

A certain little fox jumped off his lap in shock, you were willing to eat Fox’s saliva! But Fox don’t want yours.

1 In case you don’t know, Fu Huang is how the Princes in ancient time address their father. Its a formal term and no one really uses ‘dad’ or ‘father’.

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