The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 55 Part 2

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Chapter 55 Part 2 —

To get from Eastern Jin to Nanling, routing by sea was the fastest way, in just two days and they would arrive.

But to a certain little fox, this was pure torture. She did not expect that since she became a fox, she would actually get… seasick…

Holding the little fox in his arms, Nan Gongyin was standing at the stern of the boat, feeling the sea breeze. Seeing the limped little fox in his arm ‘taking its last breath’, he gently stroked its soft fur before gently saying, “Look at the horizon, maybe it will help.”

The little fox was too lazy to even raise her head, let alone look at the distance. She felt really uncomfortable.

Fox never want to ride a boat again!

The little fox’s heart suddenly trembled, coming to an important realisation. Since they was traveling on water, when it was time to leave, how would she return to Eastern Jin ah?

Wan Siyu, you bastard! You clearly just want to remove Fox from Feng Lingran’s side, never to return to the Regent Palace again!

The little fox was very hurt, she had actually fell for Wan Siyu’s plan. Thinking about it, her thoughts drifted to the night when she kissed a beautiful man, she would never have the Yan Fu¹ to do so again. How stupid was Fox ah? Leaving Feng Lingran -such a handsome man, behind, she had been stupidly scammed by Wan Siyu to go to Nanling.

Wu wu wu…

Fox’s feelings hurt ah!

A tender hand wiped her tears. With a voice akin the gentle sound of a stream colliding with warm jade, Nan Gongyin spoke:

“Little fox-er, don’t be sad. Leave Feng Lingran, I’ll treat you well.”

The little fox blinked and raised her fluffy head, gazing into the mesmerising eyes of Nan Gongyin.

Is what you said really true?

Nan Gongyin seemed to have understood what her gaze meant. He smiled slightly -enough to even enchant ghosts, and warmly replied, “I have no need to lie to a fox yet.”

The little fox’s eye flashed with with happiness.

That’s good… this was said by you ah… now quickly hand over the Ye Nan Pearl (what WSY wants), Huo Yi Grass (what wolfy needs) and the Jin Pill (can turn her human).


A day later.

Nan Gongyin looked at the barely touched food prepared for the little fox, the food that was eaten had been all vomited out. The little fox right now, hardly resembled the ‘brimming with energy’ animal it was yesterday. It’s eyes were listlessly closed, as if once shut, it would never open again…

“How long until Nanling?”

Nan Gongyi’s heart was secretly worried about the little fox. He had even lost his usual gentleness when he spoke.

“Replying to your majesty, only 5 shichens² left.”

Ye Feng was the personal guard of Nan Gongyin, and was also the cold man who spoke on the day the little fox sneaked into the sedan, the cold man who had made the shopkeeper leave.

Still 5 shichens left?

Nan Gongyin’s eyebrows rose, and glanced at the unmoving little fox in his arms. Can it hold on for 5 shichens?


The little fox who had fainted thought that it would not matter even if she died, it was better than vomiting stomach juices out. People who haven’t fainted from seasickness, would not understand the pain. That kind of ‘torture’, was better to die ah!

As if reincarnated from the afterlife, the little fox once again, opened her eyes, saw the light and crawled towards the world of the living.

”The little fox is awake, the little fox is awake! Quickly go inform His Highness!”

A woman’s yell of surprise cause the little fox to frown.

Where was this place?

She said to inform His Royal Highness… was that referring to Nan Gongyin?

The little fox scanned all four corners. This place wasn’t the boat, had she been brought to Nanling Palace already?

The little fox propped up and jumped down from the bed. Suddenly, her body was lifted by a jade like hand and was quickly brought into a warm embrace.

“Only just woken up, yet you already want to leave? This is Nanling, where can you go?”

¹ refers to the blessing of beautiful women that gary stu protagonists males get

² historical way of measuring time. each ‘shi chen’ is equivalent to 2 hours therefore it wont be right of me to tl to 5 ‘hours’ cause yano, math.

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