The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 55 Part 1

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Chapter 55 Part 1 — Can’t Survive Without Being Human



The cold man’s black eyes shot like arrows, glaring coldly at the shopkeeper kneeling on the ground.

The store owner no longer dared to ask for the little fox in the sedan again, was a chicken worth it? Obviously, his life was more important, the person inside the sedan was extremely honorable. He, this ordinary commoner couldn’t afford to offend them.

The shopkeeper’s fingers trembled as he picked up the knife on the ground, too afraid to raise his head, he turned to scramble away.

Men, mostly bullied the weak and feared the strong.

The little fox’s round eyes peaked from the slits of the gorgeous sedan curtain. She saw clearly what happened outside. She looked at the obedient shopkeeper, and thought of when he was pursuing her with anger, it was almost like two different people.

The little fox sighed in her heart. In this era, there really was no chance to survive without being human.

Only when the little fox was about to jump off the sedan, did she finally thought of the sedan’s owner. So… she lifted her fluffy head and was met with a pair of cold, dark eyes, seemingly smiling at her…

Nan Gong… Yin?

Her luck is really too good! She had actually ran inside Nan Gongyin’s sedan?

He probably wouldn’t have discovered anything right? Little Fox suddenly felt a bit nervous.

Today, was actually the day of Nan Gongyin’s departure. When he woke up in the morning, he thought of this cute little spiritual fox. Unfortunately, since it’s appearance in the Palace last time, it had never appeared again. He had thought that he would never meet it again, but never did he expected it to suddenly appear in front of him.

If the little fox in front of him stood there unmovingly, Nan Gongyin would had thought that it was an illusion of his.

“Little fox, are you taking advantage of Feng Lingran attending Morning Court to come out and play?” If not, how could it be chased by someone with a knife?

Of course not.

Fox came to steal the Ye Nan Pearl from you…

As for the Huo Yi grass, fox will steal that too…

Since this little fox had broke into his sedan, Nan Gongyi would not let it go easily. He reached out and embraced it, not caring that it would bite him.

Xiao Xi felt the palm of his hand stroking her back, her body suddenly became a little stiff. Feng Lingran also liked to pet her the same way, she still prefered Feng Lingran…

When Nangong saw that the little fox was obedient in his arms, his eyes sparkled. His fingers couldn’t stop stroking its smooth white fur.

“Little fox, today is the day I return Nanling, would you like to return with me?”

When Xiao Xi heard his words, her eyes widen. Her mind suddenly flashed the handsome face of Feng Lingran, she became flustered, turned, and was ready to jump out of Nan Gongyin’s arms.

Nan Gongyin noticed that the little fox wanted to leave, but his hand quickly caught the little fox who was about to jump, and placed it back into his arms, “Ben Gong is not necessarily worse than Feng Lingran.”

Wan Siyu saw the sedan chair going further and further away, and the little fox not coming out. His twilight eyes gradually darkened and his mouth twitched into curve. That little fox was taken away by Nan Gongyin.

On the surface, Nan Gongyin was like a gentle warm jade, a elegant scholar. But in fact, anything he took interest on would not be easily let go. What about the little fox who sent itself to his door? Nan Gongyin had no reason to let it go.

Wan Siyu opened the fan in hands and praised himself for his own foresight. All of a sudden, the fan collided with the palm of his hand.

If Feng Lingran found out that the little fox disappeared, the doubt would definitely be placed on his head. If he continued to stay in the Regent Palace, wasn’t this looking for death?

Wan Siyu had to leave to avoid the limelight. As for the little snow wolf, he had already treated his leg injury, the pup could jump around after two days of rest. He wouldn’t be deceiving the little fox even if he left.

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