The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 54 Part 2

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Chapter 54 Part 2 — 


Feng Lingran needed to attend the morning court, sometimes he would return early, sometimes late. So under normal circumstances, the little fox would go play by herself after eating breakfast prepared by Qin Wen.

When Wan Siyu spotted the little fox at the door, he smiled, “Little fox, are you ready? Wait until Feng Lingran leave for morning court, then we’ll go. Ben Gong taking you out of the Regent Palace is not that simple ah…”

Xiao Xi glanced at Wan Siyu, then gazed at the snow pup that was easily excited every time he saw her. Her heart suddenly felt sour, not knowing if it was because of little wolf’s injuries, it’s rabies, or because she needed to leave the palace.

From when she was an starving little fox, it was Feng Lingran who took her in, and fed her with the mother wolf’s milk. Although Feng Lingran occasionally did some mean things, she had also bit him yet he had never punished her. Moreover, after Feng Lingran brought her back from the beast arena, he treated her really well, maybe he did find himself caring about her, this little fox?

But it was a pity… she has to leave the Regent’s Palace now.

When Wan Siyu noticed tears in a certain little fox’s eyes, like clear beads on a hanging string, about to fall down. he walked over, squatted down, and petted the little fox’s fluffy head.

“Don’t be sad, it’s not like you’re not coming back, if you can get the Jin Pill, 1 your dream of being human would become a reality. When you return to Feng Lingran, maybe you can achieve great things!”

The little fox removed his hand, she did not like to be petted by Wan Siyu.

Approach her less often ah!

Fox can see that you just want to drive Fox away from Feng Lingran, what illusion become a reality? Pure nonsense! Even if Nan Gongyin had such a magical Jin Pill, he would not give it to this little fox.

Wan Siyu did not mind the little fox being angry. He smiled and took back his hand.

“The little snow wolf’s leg will get better after a few days. In the days you’ll be gone, Ben Gongzi will send more bones for it to chew to supplement it.”

When the little fox heard, there was a subtle feeling of surprise. Walking towards the little snow wolf, she stared at the two small pieces of bamboo tied to his leg. The little snow wolf had a large amount of bones with meat in his bowl, the little fox suddenly found that the little snow wolf was not so thin anymore.

The little fox ran to the side of the little snow wolf, she raised her paws and touched the fluffy face of the little snow cub. When she saw the delighted eyes of the little snow wolf, her mood also followed. Little snow wolf… Fox would not let anything happen to you, Fox would help you get back the Huo Yi grass and cure the disease in your body!


“Catch that little fox, don’t let it run! It dared to kill the chicken that Laozi was selling, Laozi will kill it!”

The little fox flew, in her heart she greeted Wan Siyu. 2 How did he even come up with such an idea, telling her to steal the shopkeeper’s chicken, didn’t you say that Nan Gongyin would pass by? Where is he? Until now he still haven’t appeared, she almost couldn’t run away anymore.

If she died under the hands the shopkeeper, even if she was a ghost, she would never let Wan Siyu go!

All of a sudden, the little fox found a luxurious sedan chair. The shopkeeper kept pursuing her, he even held a knife, his face was completely livid. If she was caught by him, she would definitely die.

The little fox deftly jumped up onto the sedan chair.

Holding the knife, the shopkeeper blocked the way of the coachman, “There was a little fox that ran inside the sedan chair. It killed my chicken, go grab it for me.”

“Audacious! Do you know whose carriage this is?”

The coachmen did not speak, but a cold man with a sabre around his waist stepped forward towards the angry shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper was frightened by the man’s aura, and the knife in his hand crashed to the ground, even his legs softened…

1  Jin Pill and the Huo Yi grass has not been introduced before, the author just dropped it in that paragraph. but i inferred the Jin Pill as the Ye Nan Pearl, and the other… welp just go along with it.

2  ‘greeting’ is done out of concern and is a polite thing to do in china. pretty much ‘ greet your parents for me’ basically how are you through the person your saying it to. lil’ fox here is basically cursing WSY  but i dont wanna write curse cause it would hold the same comedic value as the raws wil #stayingtrul

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