The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 53 Part 2

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Chapter 53 Part 2 — 


“Ben Gongzi only have medicinal herbs that can temporarily suppress the attacks of the disease.”

Wan Siyu’s words were like a bomb, the little fox suddenly felt really dizzy. How could this be? Why did all these disasters befall on the little snow wolf who just lost its mother and broke its leg?

No, it must be that Wan Siyu deliberately lied so he could trick her into stealing the Ye Nan Pearl. The little snow wolf had always been fine, she did not believe that it had rabies.

“You have already done more than enough for the little snow wolf, yet its so unfortunate that it became ill. Even if it died, you don’t have to be guilty. ”

Who said that?

The little fox suddenly turned back and stared at Wan Siyu.

When the little snow wolf saw the little fox not leaving, it thought that the little fox had came back to play with it. It eyes shined with excitement while staring at the little fox.

“Oh, what a cute little snow wolf, what a pity, what a pity.”

Wan Siyu did not seem to notice the little fox’s particular gaze as it stared at him. His hand petted the head of the little snow wolf, as he shook his head while sighing.

The little snow wolf licked Wan Siyu’s hand, it seemed to like Wan Siyu and had accepted him. He gave it food, so it was grateful to him.

Wan Siyu was slightly shocked, he held his hand… with the saliva of the little snow wolf…

Wan Yuyu took out a handkerchief and carefully rubbed his hand, even mumbling, “Rabies… rabies! Don’t spread it to Ben Gongzi.”

When the little fox saw the undisguised disgust in Wan Yu’s eyes, she suddenly ran to Wan Siyu, and her heart fiercely trembled. The little snow wolf’s disease could never be made public. Otherwise, not even waiting for Feng Lingran’s order, that loyal and stupid Qin Wen would burn little snow wolf to death.

Only she and Wan Siyu knew about this. If he stays silent, the little snow wolf could escape this tragic.

“Squeak Squeak Squeak…” Can you save the little snow wolf? As long as you can save it, Fox would steal the Ye Nan Pearl for you.

Wan Siyu stared at the paws of the little fox, it was clearly expressed. The movements were also very funny and adorable.

“If rabies could be cured, then so many innocent people could avoid death when the outbreaks come every year.”

The little fox’s paws immediately went stiff, couldn’t be cured?

“However, the little snow wolf just got the disease, and although Ben Gongzi have no medicine to help cure for the time being, the Nanling Palace have a herb that can save the life of the little snow wolf.” Wan Siyu’s eyes turned dark when he continued to say, “The medicine is not a vain name.” 1


The little fox returned to Feng Lingran’s side and threw herself into his arms,

Feng Lingran’s dark eyes flashed, and he stared at the cute little fox in his arms. Probably thinking of its injury, his long fingers brushed away its white fur, and when he saw most of the bruises fading, he smiled with satisfaction.

“No wonder Ben Wang haven’t seen you for half a day. It turns out your wounds have been healed.”

It could be seen that Feng Lingran was in a pleasant mood.

The little fox raised its fluffy head and looked at the handsome face of Feng Lingran. The twinkling stars in his eyes, the thin lips like the moon, the shallow curvature. Such a handsome man ah! If she didn’t see this man with her own eyes, or wasn’t living with him for many days, it was hard to imagine that there were no women beside him, and only a small fox like her.

Was it his cold temper? Not into women? Or……

The little fox glanced at his lower body, and her face quickly blushed. She felt very red -very hot, fortunately, Feng Lingran could not see.

The little fox’s chin was suddenly hooked up, and met with his handsome face, her heart missed a beat.

“Little thing, your gaze seem so vulgar… where were you looking?”

1 浪得虚名, another chenyu i think, basically used to describe the kind of person who had gained a reputation that exceeded his true ability due to some external cause. But what WSY said was ‘not a vain name’ so it’s the opposite of what the chenyu means. Meh idk, that’s how I interpreted it.

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