The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 53 Part 1

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Chapter 53 Part 1 — Little Snow Wolf have Rabies?


The little fox internally snorted at Qin Wen, now he realised he misspoked?

She was this obedient, this cute, so how could she have rabies? Even if Qin Wen were to have rabies, she wouldn’t.

“But Wangye, we still need to be cautious. After all, Xiao Lu’s death… was too suspicious.”

The little fox wanted scratch Qin Wen a few times. Even till now, would he still not let her and the snow wolf off?

If she did have rabies, the little fox would definitely transfer it to Qin Wen. How mean was he to think that way? Without even the smallest of evidence, he threw shade, and spoke indiscriminately. Did he know that, because of his careless words, it was very likely to bring death upon her and the little snow wolf?

The little fox stared at Feng Lingran.

Handsome man, you must not believe what Qin Wen said. Fox don’t have rabies, the little snow wolf don’t have it either. If there was a plague, Qin Wen is to blame…

Feng Lingranran’s face was cold and he said with displeasure, “Correct, the death of Xiao Lu was really suspicious. Just a mere servant, yet she dared to attack the pet raised by Ben Wang, this matter isn’t simple at all. Qin Wen, Ben Wang sends you to investigate who was behind her, and what her purpose was coming to the Regent’s Palace?”

The little fox suddenly remembered that Xiao Lu knew Kung Fu. What Feng Lingran said made to also think that Xiao Lu could’ve been a spy. But now that Xiao Lu had died, there was no need to tell him anymore.

After all, the little snow wolf and her, were the major suspects for Xiao Lu’s death. If she said something, she would be mistaken for defending herself.

Anyway, Feng Lingran had already ordered Qin Wen to investigate. Whether Xiao Lu was someone’s spy, little fox believed that this stupid, loyal Qin Wen would find out when the water is low and the stone emerges. 1

When Feng Lingran finished, he carried the little fox and walked away, only to stops after a few steps to coldly leave a sentence behind. “If the little one actually have rabies, then Ben Wang and even Nan Gongyin can not avoid it.”

Qin Wen was shocked, and absentmindedly stared at Feng Lingran’s back.

What did Wangye mean?

Could it be that Wangye and His Majesty Nanling had both been bitten by the little fox?

The little fox sneaked into the dining room and stole a chicken drumstick. She brought it to the little snow wolf and saw that Wan Siyu was already in the rehabilitation room with it. When she saw the little snow cub eating a large bowl of fragrant chicken, her watery eyes flickered.

Once Wan Siyu noticed the chicken leg in the little fox’s mouth, his mouth twitched slightly, “Hey~ Little fox is personally sending chicken drumsticks to the little snow wolf? Let Ben Gongzi guess, did Feng Lingran promise to help find a doctor for you?”

Since she already brought the drumstick, the little fox put it into the little snow wolf’s bowl.

When the wolf pup saw the little fox, it was escalated. Struggling to get up, it wanted to play chase with the little fox, but was stopped by her.

“Awoo Awoo~” You had just broke your leg, so you need to rest well.

Whilst the little snow wolf was cute and dorky, he could still tell that the little fox was not happy. It did not want to make the little fox unhappy, so… the little wolf laid down while watching the little fox.

Although the little fox wanted to accompany the little wolf for a while, she did not want to associate herself with Wan Siyu. Her claws stroked the back of the little snow wolf and left afterwards. When she arrived at the doorway, Wan Siyu suddenly spoke from behind.

“This little snow wolf have rabies.”

The little fox’s heart slammed and her whole mind went blank.


Then Xiao Lu’s death…

1 水落石出, a chenyu, comes from Song Dynasty prose “后赤壁赋”. Basically, the chenyu means things would naturally come to light, and things will be explained in due time. So XX meant that Qin Wen would find out. 

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