The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 — Fox Will Bed You


It hurts… It hurts… It hurts ah!

Feng Lingran, you need be more gentle, don’t go randomly touching places, Fox’s body have injuries.

Very quickly, Feng Lingran’s slender fingers parted the little fox’s snow white fur. But after discovering purple bruises on its body, his deep tranquil eyes fiercely narrowed, and his white fingertips slightly trembled.

“Wangye, this little snow wolf’s leg is broken.” Qin Wen’s hand held up the little cub’s limp leg. His eyes flashed with confusion, how did it get broken? Could it be…..

“Who was here before?”

Feng Lingran’s released the little fox’s snow white fur. In this Regent’s Palace, someone actually dared to touch his little fox?

“When this old servant came, there were yells of a maid.” By the time Qin Wen rushed over, Feng Lingran was already there, so Qin Wen did not dare to be entirely sure of who was here.

“Who was that servant girl?” Feng Lingran questioned with dark eyes.

Qin Wen rarely came in contact with the Palaces’ servant girls. How could he possibly recognise the individual’s voice?

Qin Wen glanced at Aunt Wang and the people who arrived after, he asked. “Do any of you know who that servant girl was?”

Aunt Wang and the other servants looked at each other but they all shook their heads.

“Investigate. Within three days, find that servant girl’s identity.”

Feng Lingran’s handsome face was very cold, his voice also carried the bitter frost. He turned and was prepared to leave with the little fox, when a pair of small paws suddenly hugged Feng Lingran’s arm.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Feng Lingran, can you please find someone to treat the little snow wolf?

The little snow wolf just broke its leg, so there was still time to treat it. If it was delayed any longer, the leg would never heal properly.

Feng Lingran stared at a certain little fox that was begging him for help, then glance at the little wolf. That cub had always longingly stared at the little fox in his arms. He suddenly felt that the situation was very amusing.

A little snow wolf yearned for a little fox?

How very unfortunate. As even when this little fox grow up, they would still be unable to… mate.

Feng Lingran frowned, when he thought of ‘mating’, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

This little fox has gained a spirit, so not only could it understand human words, it could also communicate with humans. But most importantly was that… this little fox… ran into his lapel several times! It came in contact with his qixi1 and he would not allow his qixi to come in contact with that stupid wolf.

En! That was probably why he felt so uneasy.

“Qin Wen, go find Wan Siyu and let him treat the snow wolf’s leg injury.”

The little fox was happy after hearing Feng Lingran’s orders. Beaming with joy, she rubbed her head against his arm.

Handsome man, you are truly the best!


Feng Lingran brought the little fox back to his bedroom and then took out an exquisite little porcelain bottle. The cork was pulled out, and a fragrant herbal scent wafted into the room.

The little fox lied still on the bed, her black fox eyes followed Feng Lingran’s graceful movements. His fingers were so flawless, no marks, not even a little blemish. How could there be such level of perfection? Even this fox was jealous ah!

When Feng Lingran saw the little fox suck in some drool while staring at his fingers, he slightly frowned and said, “This is an ointment, you can’t eat it.”


Cough cough, Fox was admiring your fingers, not the ointment….

Feng Lingran’s fingers dipped into some ointment, then gently parted the fur on the little fox’s back and smeared it onto the injured area.

It was pleasant cool feeling, and the wound also seemed to be less painful. The little fox narrowed her eyes in comfort, and stared at Feng Lingran’s handsome face.

Handsome man, you’re being very gentle right now. If you can stay this way, this fox would like you even more.

Feng Lingran dipped his finger in the ointment again and indifferently ask, “Perverted fox, is Ben Wang handsome?”


Just as the little fox was about to nod, her eyes suddenly met with his eyes and she trembled.

Handsome my face! You narcissist.

The little fox removed her gaze and stop staring at Feng Lingran’s smug expression. Suddenly, her body was flipped over, all four legs facing up.

A certain startled little fox shot her eyes wide open. Feng Lingran… you rogue!

When Feng Lingran saw a certain little fox clamping its limbs tightly together, he frown and indifferently said, “Spread your legs. Did you really think that Ben Wang was interested in a fox?”

A crow flew across little fox’s head. She knew that it was impossible for Feng Lingran to be interested in a fox…. But she wasn’t a fox, her soul was a young woman ah!

Couldn’t you at least consider a girl’s feelings?

“Are you female?”

Feng Lingran’s sudden question made the little fox blank for a while but after that she blushed. Fortunately the fur was thick enough to conceal the redness on her face.

“Squeak squeak squeak…….” Not a female (use for an animal), but a woman… Feng Lingran, your uncle.

Feng Lingran noticed that the little fox’s squeaks seemed to contain hints of a maiden’s shyness, his lips raised into a smirk. His slender fingers pried open its clamped legs, pushed aside its snow white fur, and continued to smear the ointment.

When the medicine have been applied, the smile on Feng Lingran’s face disappeared completely. His deep tranquil eyes flashed with a cold intent.

Seeing Feng Lingran’s slender fingers touching everywhere, little fox felt as if her tofu had bee eaten.2

Feng Lingran, Fox is a girl! A girl! Don’t go pulling on people’s clothes3

In the end, little fox was still not Feng Lingran’s opponent. He moved all around her fur, only until every bruise was smeared with ointment, did he stop. After seeing a certain little fox’s fur covered with ointment, his eyes flashed with a distress.

The little fox’s cheeks felt hot as she lied on Feng Lingran’s bed. Humph, Feng Lingran, you’d seen this fox naked, Fox would have to bed you tonight….

A man, a fox, different thoughts.



Feng Lingran picked up the unmoving fox from the bed, his fingers stroking the snow white fur on its head, and carried it out of the room.

When the little fox saw all the delicious food on the table, her eyes brightened and became high spirited again.

Wow! So many delicious foods.

The little fox looked up at Feng Lingran, and happily squeaked. She didn’t feel hungry before, but after smelling the fragrant aroma of food, she suddenly felt starving.

Feng Lingran elegantly picked up a pair of jade chopsticks and grabbed a piece of chicken towards the little fox’s mouth.

The little fox was also not polite, she open her mouth to eat the very tender chicken meat. It was more delicious compared to the drumstick she ate before. The little fox was slightly shocked, could it be that the meals in the dining room were graded? And the food made for Feng Lingran were made by the top chefs?

Of course, not only the meals are graded, even the tableware were ranked. Those sent to the Regent’s table must be the most exquisite, top of the quality in the entire palace. Even the cutlery must have separate washing after being used.

Feng Lingran has a cleanliness complex, no one can use the things he used.

But right now… Feng Lingran seem to have forgotten… that he has mysophobia…..



1 气息, idk. It means energy/aura/smell/breath?/flavor? Yah. So none of them really fits with the context, so we just wrote it as qixi.

2 Tofu eaten, mean taken advantage of. (sexually)

3 别扒人家衣服, literal translation is don’t go pulling on people’s clothes, means don’t harass me (said person) cause yano,

 Nubilus: “Spread your legs.”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) cough, sorry, i had to…

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