The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 — A Smiling Angel


The little fox led the little snow wolf into the dining room. In the afternoons, the dining room would usually be empty, so the little fox wandered around freely, using her keen nose as a guide towards food. Very soon, there was a piece of chicken in her mouth, or more precisely, a piece of delectably cooked, succulent chicken in her mouth.

The second it saw the chicken, the little snow wolf’s eyes started sparkling and it couldn’t hold back its drool. Since its mother had left, the little snow wolf had been left starving for what seemed an eternity. Now it felt like it could eat a whole chicken by itself.

However, as hungry as it was, the little snow wolf did not snatch the food from the little fox’s mouth. It cheerfully bounced in place, wagging its tail exuberantly like it was begging for the little fox’s attention and waiting for her to ‘reward’ it.

It was such an endearingly silly scene!

The little fox knew that the little snow wolf was hungry, so she put the whole chicken in front of the little snow wolf. Seeing the little snow wolf’s eyes so overwhelmed with gratitude, the little fox made a toothy grin. Unexpectedly, the little snow wolf actually imitated her and also made a toothy smile.

What did a smiling wolf look like?

A description quickly flashed through the little fox’s mind……a smiling angel.

The little snow wolf’s eyes were clear. They did not have a trace of the solitary coldness or ruthlessness that a wolf would normally have. Its smile was also pure, like that of an angel spreading their flawlessly white wings. Together, the little snow wolf smiled so innocently that it could not help but attract loving attention to whoever saw it.

The little fox’s heart broke a little. If it had not been for how well the mother wolf protected and sheltered it, the little snow wolf wouldn’t have been able to reveal such a pure, innocent smile. It was because of her that the little snow wolf wouldn’t even harm a chicken no matter how hungry it was.

The little fox’s gaze softened as she watched it wolf down the chicken as if it was the world’s most delicious meal.

Little snow wolf, you can eat slowly, the whole chicken is yours, no one will take it from you…

When aunt Wang entered the dining room to retrieve the food, the first thing she saw was the sight of two snow white beasts eating the chicken. She immediately burst with anger! How dare they! Those two wretched swines would get off fine, but she had had her salary deducted every month because of them! How dare they still come and steal food! Just watch! Today would be the day they finally died!

Aunt Wang rolled up her sleeves and picked up a broomstick in the corner. Like a fiend, she ran towards the little fox and the little wolf. However, when the fox turned around, she stopped dead on her track and stiffened. Startled, she dropped her broom stick and it fell onto her foot.

She jumped. Her shock quickly disappeared and hobbling on one foot, she ran after the two animals who had run out of the dining room..

“The little fox….The little fox…..It Wangye’s little fox….Everyone! Hurry! Come help!”

This time, aunt Wang raced after them without any intention of harming them. Ever since she heard from the housekeeper that this little fox was very important, even if she had ten times the courage she had now, she would still be too afraid to hit that little fox!

Xiao Lu saw aunt Wang rushing outside, and her eyes flashed with astonishment.

Little fox?

The same little fox she had thrown into the beast field?

Xiao Lu frowned, thinking thoughtfully, she turned and disappeared from her spot.

Little fox and little snow wolf were very fast. It was impossible for aunt Wang to catch up with them with her current oversized physique. However, even though the little fox managed to avoid aunt Wang, she could not avoid Xiao Lu. She boiled with rage and resentment at the mere sight of her.

If this woman had not hit her with that slap, she would not have fallen into the beast enclosure and run into that ferocious short-faced bear. If she hadn’t met that bear, the mother wolf would not have had to save her and meet such a violent death under the short-faced bear’s claw.

Xiao Lu was slightly surprised at the little fox’s glare. That little beast clearly held a great lot of resentment towards her.

But why?

Was it because of last night’s incident? Had it been looking for her to take revenge?


Xiao Lu walked towards the little fox, seeing how it hadn’t moved away, she scowled maliciously. Was this little beast waiting for an opportunity to get revenge?

Xiao Lu’s fingers throbbed, the injury on the back of her hand still ached dully. That little beast was the reason she had that wound. She really wanted to return the favor a tenfold by chopping off its paws. Let’s see how well it could scratch people then.

She suddenly noticed the little snow wolf next to the little fox, she had seen it several times before. Every time she saw it, the little snow wolf was always following its mother, that mother wolf…..its eyes emitted a green glow, it was not a beast to be provoked.

Was the mother wolf nearby?

Suddenly, the little fox jumped up and threw itself towards Xiao Lu. She quickly crawled up under Xiao Lu’s clothes.

Xiao Lu turned pale with fright and quickly tried to catch the little fox. When she managed to grab it, her neck suddenly erupted with pain. She let out a wretched scream, and mercilessly dragged the little fox off before forcibly dropping her onto the ground.

The little fox’s back hit the ground very painfully, but it was worth it. She spit out a piece of flesh from her mouth. Xiao Lu deserved her punishment.

Xiao Lu pressed the wound on her neck, but could not stop the continuous flow of blood seeping through her fingers.

Xiao Lu’s face twisted in pain. Her crazed gaze landed on the little fox. She picked her up with her right hand, radiating with killing intent.

Gnashing her teeth together, she shouted, “Beast! Just die!”

The little snow wolf seemed to sense the danger, and suddenly tackled the little fox out of her grasp. Turning towards the little fox, it howled, “Aowoo~ Aowoo~”

The little fox’s body rolled on the ground a few times. Her heart squeezed at how much it resembled the mother wolf as the it urged her to leave. But the mother wolf had died, and so she could no longer protect the little snow wolf from harm.

The little fox quickly leapt up. She opened her jaw, revealing her sharp canine teeth and bit down onto Xiao Lu’s fingers.

Xiao Lu’s palm changed direction, it was a close call and the little snow wolf managed to avoid a calamity, however if her palm was to hit the little fox’s body, the fox would be the one to end up dead instead.


On the ground, the snow wolf saw the little fox in danger and urgently called out to her.  Probably aware that his call was useless, he suddenly rushed behind Xiao Lu. Hesitating for a second, he made up his mind and bared his teeth. Resolutely, he leapt forward and took a bite of her calf.

The little fox leapt off Xiao Lu’s palm and towards her chest. Pulling open her lapel, she pounced into her clothes. Xiao Lu didn’t expect the little fox to change the trajectory of her palm, nor did she expect that shameless fox to crawl into her clothes. The fox’s soft fur grazed her skin, and Xiao Lu felt her whole body shiver, but very quickly, that was replaced by a sharp pain on her chest and her calf.

Why was that little beast so vulgar?!

Tears of pain leaked from her eyes. While reaching in to drag the little fox out, the pain on her chest had intensified.The little fox had her teeth clamped onto her chest…….

Xiao Lu heard the sound of footsteps getting closer. Someone would be arriving soon. She hardened her heart and forcibly dragged out the little fox while using her heel to kick the little snow wolf away.

The little fox held onto a piece of tender snow white flesh. Her eyes met Xiao Lu’s murderous eyes, and her heart bursted with satisfaction.

If no one tries to bully, harm, or kill me, I will not bully, harm, or kill anyone. However, if someone tries to bully, harm, or kill me, have no doubt that I will bully, harm, or try kill them right back.

Since that is the law of this world, I, Xiao Xi, will abide by that law.

Xiao Lu’s clothes were disarrayed, her bosom was out in the open for anyone to see, and blood had dyed one of her breasts red. Her fingers squeezed the little fox in her grasp.

With a fierce expression, she snarled, “Even though you are the regent’s beloved little pet, I have a good mind to send you to hell right now.”


Sellychi: Little snow wolf is a good boi

Panda: Her bosom was originally a spring scene in the raws lol why is chinese like this? Happy birthday again Selly! I hope you have a good day!

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