The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 — His Gentleness


Feng Lingran was a mysophobic master. Therefore right after leaving the arena, he threw the little fox into the bath.

“Clean up.”

When Feng Lingran finished speaking, his handsome face looked at his wet bloodstained hands. He frowned, and his eyes flashed with disgust, this smell mixed with the bear’s and the wolf’s blood was very unpleasant. If it wasn’t because of that ignorant little fox, Feng Lingran’s pair of virtuous hands would never -in his lifetime, be exposed to this kind of disgusting stench.

The little fox come up from the water, and stared at Feng Lingran -once again, washing his hands in the golden basin. Her fox eyes blinked, and she clicked her tongue, if you liked to be clean so much, then don’t carry her ah!

It was as if Feng Lingran grew eyes on the back of his head, “If you haven’t clean all the blood, you’re not allowed to come out.”

“…..” Overbearing!

The little fox turned her head, and stopped staring at Feng Lingran, her paws dug into the water making splashing noises.

Once Feng Lingran cleaned his jade white hands, he turned to see a certain little fox’s crude behaviour. The corner of his mouth gently moved, and he changed into pure clean fresh robe.

When Qin Wen entered, Feng Lingran had already changed.

“Wangye, the Zaojiao1 you’ve wanted.”

Feng Lingran’s slender fingers took the Zaojiao from Qin Wen’s hands, he swept his black eyes at the discarded robe on the ground, and indifferently said, “Deal with it.”

The little fox’s pointed ears twitched, he don’t like how she dirtied his robe? So he’s throwing it away?

The little fox’s heart was very upset, it continued to splash the water.

“Yes, Wangye.”

While Qin Wen was leaving, he glanced at the active little fox splashing in the bath. Fortunately this little fox was alright, it still can mischievously splash around like that.

Heaven knows, when the servants came running in a panic, reporting sounds of fighting from the arena, the first thing Qin Wen did was to relay it back to Feng Lingran. If it was before, even with animals slaughtering each other to death, he would have never told Feng Lingran.   

This was the world where the strong survive and the weak die anyway.

But because of the little fox’s disappearance, Feng Lingran’s attitude made Qin Wen not dare to take it lightly. This also proved that Qin Wen did the right thing, never had there been a day where he had been more right.

The little fox was brought out of the arena by Feng Lingran.

Feng Lingran went to the pool’s edge while holding the Zaojiao, “Little thing, come here.”

But the little fox didn’t listen to Feng Lingran and continued to splash the water.

Feng Lingran’s expression contorted with displeasure, his black tranquil eyes gazed at the little fox.

The little fox did notice Feng Lingran’s expressions, but she feigned ignorance. She did not want to end up like the black panther, imposing and prideful on the outside, yet willing to sever under Feng Lingran, this bastard. She would never surrender.

Suddenly, the little fox felt an attractive force. When it pulled her body, the little fox paddled at the water with all her might. But the distance between her and the water increased, her fluffy body rose higher.

What the hell is going on here?!

The little fox opened her mouth in surprise, and her four paws were still incessantly… paddling.Ezoic

Like a little turtle floating in midair.

Feng Lingran waved his hand at the little fox, and her fluffy body quickly moved backwards, its small paws were still frantically paddling forward, making the scene really comical.

The little fox was pulled into the hands of Feng Lingran, and very quickly he grabbed her four restless paws.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Feng Lingran, are you crazy? Quickly let go of me.

Zaojiao was pushed onto the little fox’s head, Feng Lingran looked at the her indignant eyes and explained, “Ben Wang can see that you haven’t fully cleaned the blood off your body.”

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Who said so? I am already very clean.

When the little fox replied, she turned her head back to look at her body, there were no bloodstains. Did Feng Lingran have poor eyesight?

But Feng Lingran paid no mind to the fox’s nonsense, he directly rubbed Zaojiao onto its body. This little fox’s body still reeked with the smell of blood, which made him very uncomfortable.

Feng Lingran didn’t leave any places unclean, including her paws and between her legs, everything was rubbed with Zaojiao. Not even a little gap was left out.

Xiao Xi felt like she was stripped naked by the man. Being scrubbed clean, did she even have any privacy anymore? Gone, it was all gone, everything was given to Feng Lingran this bastard. Xiao Xi clenched her teeth with rage, she didn’t want to be a fox, she wanted to be a human. She wanted to be able to uphold her virtue, being a fox was too miserable, everything were up to the whims of other people. Even her privacy wasn’t spared.

After scrubbing the little fox, Feng Lingran took it to the pool of water. Just as the paws touch the water, her whole body tensed. She wanted to escape from Feng Lingran’s clutches, but she couldn’t leap out. The little fox’s heart was very worried ah!

Feng Lingran this jerk was very cruel. She might get pushed into the water and drown….  

However, the little fox gradually stop struggling. She looked at Feng Lingran’s slender fingers gently washing her body. Her fox eyes flashed with doubt, and raised her head to look at Feng Lingran.

Who can come and tell her, that Feng Lingran changed personalities?

“Ben Wang will order someone to bury the mother wolf’s dead body.”


The little fox almost thought she misheard, her eyes widen with surprise. He….he said… he would help her bury the mother wolf’s dead body?

So… the mother wolf’s corpse won’t be eaten by other beasts, and also won’t be thrown into the wilderness and pecked by vultures?

The little fox stared at Feng Lingran with gratitude. She knew that with her strength alone, she would be unable to bury the mother wolf. But this man, as long as he moved a finger, can easily achieve it. He knew in her heart, if he was willing to help her, Xiao Xi would feel grateful.

The little fox looked at Feng Lingran’s handsome deity like features. If this man stopped being so unfeeling, if this man was even a bit more gentle, he could probably make all the maidens in Eastern Jin go crazy!


The next day.

The little fox was about to run to the beast enclosure, when she saw the little snow wolf running out. Its eyes were very anxious, but after discovering the little fox, it excitedly ran over. It wanted to move closer to her, but also afraid that she will hit it again.

“Aowoo~ Aowoo~”

The little snow wolf made a few howls, as if asking the little fox, where was its mother?

How could she not notice the anxiousness in the little snow wolf’s cries?

The little snow wolf was still looking for its mother. But it still didn’t know that the mother wolf had… died.

The little fox recalled the time when the mother wolf died. Its pair of wolf eyes shined with an instinctive gentle motherly warmth, as if treating her as its own treasured child, the warmth could even melt the winter snow… The little fox’s eyes burned, she suck in a breath from her nose, and felt something fall from her eyes.

She gazed at the sky, trying to hold back the tears inside her. At this moment, she can’t continue to be weak anymore, because… she needed to protect this motherless little snow wolf.

The mother wolf saved her with its life, she too would protect the little snow wolf with all her life.

The little fox held back her tears, she took the initiative to get closer to the little snow wolf and lifted her small fluffy paws. The wolf cub thought that the paw was going to hit it, but the paw was placed on its cheek and began to move gently in a soothing motion.

Sorry, back then… I hit you several times.Ezoic

The little fox apologized to the little wolf in her heart.

The little snow wolf was overwhelmed by the little fox’s kind actions, its pair of wolf eyes were filled with joy. The little fox like it, the little fox didn’t like the alpaca anymore.



1 Its a tree called the Chinese Honey Locust, ancient chinese people used it as soap back then. It also has medicinal properties.

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