The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 42 Part 1

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Chapter 42 Part 1 — The Dining Room is on Fire


When Xiao Xi hit Liu Xiaoge’s forehead, it had angered him to the point where he chased the little fox like a madman.

The little fox was exhausted, if it continued like this, she would be at a disadvantage. Suddenly, she saw the wooden stick that hit Liu Xiaoge burning in the bamboo basket, she came up with an idea.

The little fox swiftly ran in another direction, this made Liu Xiaoge extremely irritated. He also turned but who knew, he slipped and fell flat on his face. This also unintentionally made him kick the burning embers. As a result, fire ignited the room. The basket, the steamer, the wooden chair, all the flammable objects were soon in flames.

“Cough cough…..”

The smoke made the little fox cough, but she didn’t regret it. She knew that sooner or later, the door would automatically open.


“Ah! This isn’t good, the dining room is on fire.”

When Liu Xiaoge saw that the dining room was ignited, his face turned pale. If he’d burnt down the Regent Palace’s dining room, he had no way to take responsibility. Then, when Wangye blames him, he would be dead.

When the two women and Xiao Lu heard shouts from inside, they also turned pale.

Very soon, the door was opened. The acrid smoke overwhelmed them and the inside was appalling.

“Hurry, put out the fire.”

Aunt Wang was choking and crying, but she didn’t forget to urge everyone to put out the fire. The fire had just started, so they still had enough time to save it. If it went out of control, everything would be destroyed, and they would also get blamed.

The little fox slipped pass by Xiao Lu’s feet, but Xiao Lu at that exact moment saw her. She pointed at the escaping little fox,” That weasel is running away.”

Xiao Lu just finished talking when she was pushed into the room by Aunt Wang.

Aunt Wang scolded: “What time is it now? Stilling thinking about that weasel? Help out with the fire, otherwise everyone would be in trouble.”

Xiao Lu nearly fell, feeling indignant. She also wanted to help the dining room, Aunt Wang treating her like that, was out of the line.

Xiao Lu endured her anger, but the ‘escaped weasel’ was still stuck in her throat. if it wasn’t for that weasel, Aunt Wang wouldn’t had treat her like that. If it wasn’t because of that weasel, Mistress’ apricot flavored blood swallow wouldn’t have been finished and the peony porcelain bowl would never had been smashed.

Penoy porcelains were expensive, she obviously couldn’t afford it.

The little fox stood at a dark corner outside the door, watching people in a hurry to put out fire with water. Ridicule flashed in her eyes, they wanted to beat her to death? Now you receive retribution!

The little fox found a tree which grew above the dining room, her eyes shined, and she climbed up. Her chubby body hung upon the branches, these branches were withered and dry, and can be easily snapped within seconds. She used her claws to remove the tile bricks and one after another, and threw the sticks into the dining room.

These detestable humans, thought it was easy to abuse this fox? She needed to teach them a harsh lesson tonight.

Dry branches were being thrown nonstop. The amount of water in the dining room weren’t enough, and definitely couldn’t help put out the fire. The anxious people below looked like they had ants in their pants, getting really frustrated huh?

The little fox laughed with a few squeaks, its eyes happily curved like the moon.

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