The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 40 part 1

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Chapter 40 Part 1 — Wolf’s IQ


A fox, and a wolf were squating on the ground, catching their breath after running around.

The little snow wolf leaned on the little fox. He didn’t forget to stare at the her while he was panting, he had felt very happy. His clear wolf eyes shone with excitement, to the point where he’d almost licked the little fox twice.

Little Fox felt the snow pup’s “ill-intended” gaze and turned to look at it. He giggled, where next would he dared to lick?

The little fox suddenly remembered. She clumsily stood up, and her watery fox eyes scanned all corners of the area as if looking for something.

Instantly its eyes fixed on the mother wolf, and its heart cried out “danger”. This mother wolf was very scary, would she catch her and make her prey for the little wolf to practise hunting?

The little fox vigilantly stared at the mother wolf. If it dared to catch her, she would bully the snow pup to death! This stupid wolf’s attack power couldn’t even beat a dog.

The mother wolf glanced at the little fox momentarily before causally removing her eyes. She lowered her body, seemingly to be resting.

Xiao Xi didn’t understand the behavior of the mother wolf. One must understand that wolves have a high IQ, it can even be said that it was the smartest of the animal kingdom ah! Of course, this pup didn’t count.

Not long after, the mother wolf stood up. She barked at the little snow wolf before turning and left.

The pup also followed his mother but after taking a few steps -probably because it remembered the little fox, he came back to face the her and said, “Awoo~”. Seeing the little fox not moving, it went behind the fox, and with his head nudged the little fox to run…

The little fox’s body flinched and with red cheeks, swept its claws across the snowy wolf’s face.


When the little wolf was hit, it foolishly looked at the little fox, as if it couldn’t understand why the little fox hit him again.

The little fox raised its claws again, you dare touch my butt?

The snow wolf shrank itself in fear. He really didn’t know how he had offended little fox.


The female wolf made an urgent cry.

Learning from his mother, the small wolf also said to the little fox, “Awoo~ Awooo~”

The little fox rolled it’s eyes, took its claws off the snow pup and ran toward the mother wolf.

As soon as the little wolf saw this, it’s eyes beamed with excitement and thought that the little fox had understood it.

Full of pure happiness~

When the little fox followed the mother wolf back to the beast enclosure again, it’s heart fluttered and didn’t want to go in. Inside was too bloody, too horrible.

In this world, only Feng Lingran -this terrible man, would think of such an idea. To catch fierce beasts and put them into an animal arena just to fight and tame them.

“Awoo~ Awooo~”

The snowy wolf called the little fox again, urging it to go in with its mother.

Xiao Xi thought that if she was caught by Feng Lingran, she would be locked in a cage. It would be better to just follow the mother wolf, at least she’d have freedom. Not to mention that the snow wolf is so stupid and but he could still survive in the animal enclosure, and she is stronger than him.

However, only after Xiao Xi entered did she discovered that the scene was entirely different to what she had thought, there were no fierce wild beasts here, only a few mothers with their children. Xiao Xi’s sharp eyes found that Feng Lingran actually raised a grass mud horse.¹

¹草泥马 (caonima) – is a homophone for swear word cnm which means f**k your mom! this is sum hardcore swearing kids dont use it casually

its direct translation is grass mud horse, but that is another name for our cute lil alpacas~ oh chinese, you so weird~  we (cough, no just sitrus) took it literally as a swear word. wh0ps! but seriously tho, XX is also swearing at FLR cause people would normally say 羊驼 (yangtuo) for alpacas

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