The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 39 Part 1

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Chapter 39 — 


The little fox looked at Feng Lingran with tear brimmed eyes.

You’re more fierce than the black panther….

They continue to stared at each other for a while. But seeing the little fox stubbornly refusing to lower its head, Feng Lingran’s eyes flashed. The little thing may look weak, but it can be quite stubborn.

Did it really think he won’t do anything to it?

Feng Lingran carried the little fox out of the bathroom, after noticing Qin Wen was at the entrance, he beckoned him over with a slight wave of his slender fingers.

Qin Wen had stayed at the Regent’s Palace for more than a few years now, so he understood his Master’s temperament very clearly. The moment Feng Lingran raised his hand, Qin Wen was already prepared to move towards him.

“Get an iron cage.”

Qin Wen was surprised by his order. What did Master plan to do with the iron cage? Could it be… Qin Wen’s line of sight landed on the little fox’s body.

Disbelief was etched in Qin Wen’s eyes. Apart from using cages on hard to tame beasts, Master would never use it on obedient ones. This little fox was adorably delicate, it also looked nothing like those unruly animals, so why would Master need an iron cage?

Xiao Xi’s small heart trembled. Without a doubt, she also understood what Feng Lingran meant -when he asked Qin Wen to bring an iron cage, they want to lock her in it.


Xiao Xi lifted her head and glared at Feng Lingran. Humph! Fox don’t like you anymore, terrible man…..

Instantly, Xiao Xi jumped out of Feng Lingran’s arms and onto Qin Wen’s chest. Qin Wen was terribly frightened, he didn’t know if he should reach his hands out and catch it, or….

His Master had mysophobia. But Feng Lingran’s also didn’t like people touching it’s stuff. Qin Wen was fully aware of this, he glanced at Feng Lingran, but was met with a ‘take care of it’ glare. Qin Wen’s heart once again became alarmed, he flusteredly tried to catch the little fox into his arms.

“Since it likes cages so much, Butler Qin, lock it in the cage and let it starve for three days and nights.”

Feng Lingran said indifferently as he turned and walked away.

Qin Wen stared at Feng Lingran’s departing figure, after loitering for a while, he was still a bit hesitant. His master clearly cared for the fox, so why did he say these words?

Even so, Qin Wen didn’t dare to disobey Feng Lingran’s order.

He carried the fox as if it was his ancestor, not daring to be careless. Halfway, he noticed the fox’s unhappy expression, after a little haver, he opened his mouth and said.

“Little fox, if you were more timid, then maybe Wangye wouldn’t put you in a cage.”

The little fox flared its nostrils, tell the ghosts to f**k timidcy! Wasn’t she already timid in the beast arena? But he was still terrifying, did you know that fox was nearly scared to death?

It doesn’t matter anymore, this Qin Wen was Feng Lingran’s servant, whatever Feng Lingran did, was right, who would care for what a little fox thought?

When Qin Wen saw the little fox ignored his advice and it’s expression labeling Feng Lingran as a bad person, he signed, before slowly explaining.

“In my many years of residing in the Regent’s Palace, I had never seen Master treat a beast so well. Little fox… you’re very fortunate. “
Little fox’s ears twitch, Feng Lingran cared for her? Nonsense! If he cared, then why would he throw her to the Black Panther’s side?

The meaning behind Qin Wen’ words were that it was born in wealth, but doesn’t recognise wealth. How hateful, the little fox looked at Qin Wen like he was Feng Lingran’s accomplice, truly was birds of a feather, flock together.¹

Qin Wen looked at the little fox in his arms, not letting salt enter the oil.² He sighed again and his sympathetic gaze fell on the little fox. There were no good ends to the people who went against his family’s Wangye. What’s more, wasn’t it just a little fox?

Suddenly, a distant sound of surprise was heard.

“Little fox, you’re here, that’s great.”

Chenyu corner~

¹是一丘之骆 – A chenyu.
Literal meaning kinda means one hill can hold many camels, or sth like that. Basically birds of a feather flock together. Or be tarred with the same brush. Or cut from the same cloth. Thx baidu.

²油盐不进 – another chenyu (you thought this was a lot, wait til the next one)
Legit just salt unable to enter the oil cause its too dense and stuff. but when your describing someone with this, you calling them stubborn and someone who refuses to listen to advice, opinions and view points. To visualise it, the salt is the other povs (lol) and the oil is your own belief

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