The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 37 Part 2

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Chapter 37 Part 2 — Feng Lingran the most formidable


The black panther was screwed!

As the little fox remorsed in its heart, the black panther counterattacked. Biting the male lion accurately on the neck, the male lion desperately struggled, but the beast didn’t let go. It continued to hold on until the male lion stopped resisting, becoming lifeless. The black panther released the corpse and crawled out from beneath it.

Feng Lingran’s eyes flashed with praise. When confronted by death, it had fought desperately to survive. This black panther’s skills were truly worthy of being the winner.

“Servants! Reward some fresh meat to the black panther.”

When Feng Lingran’s command fell, the black panther raised its head, and glared at Feng Lingran.

The little fox was stunned by the black panther’s intimidating gaze. Didn’t you say these beast would willingly serve under your feet? Was it all talk? They were living decently in the forest, but you captured them all so suddenly. They probably couldn’t wait to tear you up!

The little fox never expected Feng Lingran to make such a move next.

All of a sudden, he held the little fox and jumped down.

The little fox widen its eyes in surprise. Ni Ma! Feng Lingran, if you were looking for death, don’t drag this fox along! Fox didn’t want to die….

With the little fox in his arms, Feng Lingran landed in front of the black panther. It stood up, then unexpectly pounced towards Feng Lingran, only to be sent flying away with a kick in the next moment.

The little fox was somewhat dumbfounded. After studying a certain miserable panther throwing up blood due to a certain kick, little fox realised that… Feng Lingran was actually the most formidable….

The remaining beasts in the field also saw what happened. The other beasts who had thoughts of attacking as well, all retreated. No one dared to move, some even shrunk into a corner.

Feng Lingran held the little fox in one hand, whilst the other retrieved an handkerchief from within his sleeve. He then used it to cover his nose, seemingly disgusted with the place’s stench. Walking towards the black panther, his inky eyes flashed with coldness.

“Unfamiliar animals should be killed!”

The little fox’s ears twitched, Feng Lingran’s words were clearly directed to the black panther, but why did it feel like he was threatening her instead?

Must be killed!

Such a cruel thing to say!

The little fox’s small heart also trembled, it had bit Feng Lingran, wasn’t it more unfamiliar then? Shouldn’t it had been killed by Feng Lingran several times already?

The little fox pitied herself. In Feng Lingran’s eyes it was already a dammed beast that should’ve been killed long ago!

When the black panther and male lion fought, it had already used a lot of energy paired with Feng Lingran’s kick, it had collapsed onto the ground like a useless dead animal.

It was said that when an animal arrive at death’s hour, they would know. Even when an old cow was waiting to be slaughtered, it would still shed tears. This black panther didn’t cry, but closed its eyes instead, awaiting death.

When the little fox finished wallowing in self pity, she glanced at the black panther again, immediately thinking that this beast was quite proud. It would rather die than serve Feng Lingran.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Handsome man, please don’t kill it.

When the little fox finished, astonishment was written on his face. The fox’s own life wasn’t insured, so why did it plead for the black panther?

Wasn’t this asking Feng Lingran to be even more angry?

Should he give it some medicine for regret?

Feng Lingran’s inky eyes shifted to the little fox in his hand, his thin lips lifted into a slight smile.

“Little thing, you want to spare it?”

When a handsome man smiles, even the heaven and earth would pale in comparison, and he would be fawned by all living things.

Xiao Xi was somewhat dazed from looking at Feng Lingran. She swallowed her saliva, the handsome man’s smile was truly like the night blooming cactus flower -short lived, and disappears quickly. Xiao Xi hasn’t seen enough but of course couldn’t ask Feng Lingran to smile again.

Xiao Xi nodded, can you really spare the black panther?

Xiao Xi instantly felt a bit happy, the place she held in Feng Lingran’s heart…. was indeed special. Otherwise, Feng Lingran wouldn’t have indulged her after biting him before.

All of a sudden, the little fox was thrown off by Feng Lingran.

Xiao Xi widen her eyes in disbelief. Why? For what reason was she thrown? Did he want her to die under the black panther’s claw?

** unfamiliar (熟): no matter how nice you treat it or how long you raise it, it will not deem you as master type of thing, basically means unfaithful and ungrateful and all but i don wanna change it to that cause the message wont be the same **

Sellychi: Ara? Are we really keeping it as ‘Ni ma’ rather than ‘F***’? Considering the adult content in future chaps perhaps using ‘F***’ isn’t really that bad? … maybe in future chaps haha. The readers should know what they’re getting themselves into~

Sitrus: why not tbh, it was never actually a f*** but rather a fork or like fudge, yano what i mean? winkwonk dont spoil too much

Sellychi: Oh riiiggght, it was a word play that sounded like it. Maybe Fudge is actually not so bad hahaha~

Nubilus: Cough, don’t selly… don’t tell them… the juicy stuff

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  1. ML is being a jerk! But, our MC does need to grow up a bit. Hope she can learn some skill – I really don’t want this to become a story where the MC can’t do anything by herself.

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