The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 36 Part 1

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Chapter 36 Part 1


Yun Ni had probably forgot, but it was Nan Gongyin that had provoked Feng Lingran first. Even when he was in front of Feng Lingran’s, he’d still wanted to keep the little fox as his own, so how can it be Feng Lingran that had offended Nan Gongyin?

A woman driven by jealousy indeed lacked intelligence.

Nan Gongyin’s face turned cold, “Feng Lingran, do you want to intensify the conflict between Eastern Jin and Nanling?”

“No matter! If Nanling dares to send an army, Ben Wang will personally welcome you.” Feng Lingran’s slender fingers suddenly stretched out, and snatched back the little fox in Nan Gongyin’s arms, “Ben Wang has seen many shameless people in this world, but Your Highness openingly encouraging war under the pretense of a little fox is something Ben Wang have never seen before. This have truly broaden my views.”

When Feng Lingran finished -ignoring Nan Gongyin and the surprised gazes of the minister behind him, he turned and walked away.

This time, Feng Lingran not only argued for the little fox, but for the prestige of Eastern Jin. No one could threaten him, and if they do, he would ruthlessly strike back.

After the surprising event, the ministers had eyes of worship while they watched Feng Lingran leave.

Nanling’s attacks were a vain attempt to unify the land, this was something everyone knew about. Although the one who came to visit was the Nanling crown prince, but to still act arrogant in Eastern Jin was impossible. Feng Lingran this Regent wasn’t undeserved of his reputation, in all his expeditions, never had he faced defeat.

This time, Nan Gongyin had bumped into a hard rock.¹ He can’t blame anyone but himself for getting injured.

It was just that… that little fox… Whom exactly did it belong to?

Nan Gongyin’s twilight eyes slightly narrowed and flashed with cold intention. The Regent of Eastern Jin, was truly an extraordinary person, not only was he adept and skilled at war battles, but his spoken battles were also skilled, like a knife -thrusting straight to the vital points.

If Imperial Father wanted to deal with Eastern Jin this time, it won’t be easy.

When Nan Gongyin had lost the little fox’s warm body, his heart suddenly felt empty. He frowned, had he really taken a liking to Feng Lingrans’s little fox?

The little fox woke up, took a big yawn, and stretched all four of its paws. It was still sleepy, so why not sleep for a bit longer?

The little fox shook its head all of a sudden, and its fox eyes regained its clarity. Remembering Last night’s events, after being too full, it had rested and laid down on Nan Gongyin’s arms, falling asleep. Did Nan Gongyin take her away already?


She wants Feng Lingran, not Nan Gongyin.

That won’t do!

She couldn’t just leave with Nan Gongyin like this, she needed to go back and find Feng Lingran. Even if she had to bow her head and apologize, she still wanted to stay by Feng Lingran’s side.

Xiao Xi don’t know why her heart was so persistent, some things were probably intended by the Heavens. Thinking of being taken away by another man, Xiao Xi’s heart very uncomfortable, she didn’t want to leave Feng Lingran.

Xiao Xi blinked her eyes, a layer of mist appeared. Tears gathered at the corner of her eyes, on the verge of falling.

She didn’t want to, but… this feeling… she couldn’t control it any longer.

The little fox jumped down from the bed, nearly spraining its leg in the process. With thoughts filled with Feng Lingran and an aching leg, it ran towards the door leading outside…

At this time, the door opened, making the little fox crash into the person’s leg. Tumbling, it fell a good distance away.

Little fox saw dancing stars. Standing up, she ignored the incoming person, wanting to bolt out of the door instead. Whoever dared to obstructed her path now, would be bitten mercilessly.

But the little fox has yet to run out of the door when a large hand lifted it up.

“Nn? Being fed by Nan Gongyin once was enough to make you feel unaccustomed to staying in the Regent Palace?”


¹ an idiom that meant he bumped into a formidable enemy.

*there might be alternations to ‘this King’ into ‘Ben Wang’ will see which one fits the sentence more so we do apologize for the inconsistencies, sometimes some words just look weird~

Sellychi: Awawawa I just figured out some stuff and updated the footnotes from the last chapter~ make sure to check it outtt. I’m sho proud of myself cough sorry getting too full of myself…..might not even be 100% accurate….but hey interesting facts~

Sitrus: Ooft @reader who shipped the tls winkwonk you peeps that are asking for double releases/basically a full chapter daily, and i wanna spoil you but tbh there are no stockpile. rn, the team is legit editing/tling daily just to post cause we dont have that much time. full chapters daily may be possible but we just need time for it to stack. who knows, it might end up to being 2 full chapters a day if we have enough stockpile ,’:)

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