The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 35 Part 2

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Chapter 35 Part 2 — Simple Minded


Yun Ni watched the whole scene, her heart was both envious and resentful. To personally feed a little beast? Did Nan Gongyin go insane? 

Yun Ni glanced at Feng Lingran, and saw his cold handsome face. Her eyes flashed, and she sneered at the little fox in her heart. You ungrateful beast, just keep being intimate with Nan Gongyin. Brother Feng won’t want you anymore, such a unfamiliar beast,¹ it’s useless to keep you, you should scram and die instead!

Nan Gongyin continued to feed the little fox. In the end, almost all of the dishes on the table had been tried, but he’d discovered something very surprising. This little fox not only ate the meat, but also the vegetables. If he wasn’t mistaken, foxes in general… don’t eat plants!

The little fox ate until it was full, its plump belly comfortably lied on top of Nan Gongyin’s arms. Its eyes drooped, getting more sleepy by the minute.

EzoicNot long after, the little fox fell asleep in Nan Gongyin’s arms.

Nan Gongyin stared at a certain little snoring fox and smiled, this little thing… was truly simple-minded. Eating till it was full and then sleeping.


Nan Gongyin glanced at Feng Lingran, this little fox’s heart was hurt by Feng Lingran. So was it prepared to abandon Feng Lingran?

However it was a good thing, that way he could bring the little fox back to Nanling.

Nan Gongyin’s jade white fingers gently stroked the snow white fur. This little fox… had actually found a place in his heart.

Sitting on the imperial throne, Jiu Wuzhi Zun* didn’t know that the little fox really belonged to the Regent. Seeing the way Nan Gongyin treated the little animal so well, His imperial majesty also had no complaint. Soon the banquet approach the end.

After the banquet.

Nan Gongyin held the sleeping little fox and left the Palace, but just as he passed entrance, Feng Lingran’s figure obstructed his way.

Nan Gongyin slightly raised his eyebrows, but since he was afraid of waking the little fox in his arms, he lowered his voice, “This Regent is looking for Ben Gong**?”

Feng Lingran glanced at the little fox in Nan Gongyin’s arms, and his slender fingers twitched, he almost wanted to strangle the simple minded thing.

“His Highness of Nanling seemed to have forgotten to return something that belonged to this King.”

Feng Lingran always had an extraordinary disposition. With him just standing there, can easily put huge pressure on someone. This powerful qi aura was something ordinary men won’t be able to handle.

Nan Gongyin was Nanling’s crown prince, of course he wasn’t affected by Feng Lingran’s qi pressure. If he did, wouldn’t that make his country lose face?

Ezoic“Nn? Ben Gong… owes what to Regent?”

Nan Gongyin’s furrowed his eyes in confusion, seemingly unaware that the little fox in his arms were the beloved pet of the Regent of Eastern Jin Dynasty -and wasn’t his.

Feng Lingran’s thin lips slightly raised and curved into a sneer.

“It seems that His Highness of Nanling is not only a forgetful person, but also a person who likes to steal people’s things.” Feng Lingran’s inky eyes pierced at Nan Gongyin, “These few years, the country of Nanling has been in constant state of war, the Imperial Palace of Nanling wasted a large amount of financial resources, it sure is pulling the lapels exposes the elbow ah!”²

Yun Ni followed Feng Lingran closely, she’d clearly heard the dialogue between him and Nan Gongyin. Her heart tensed, feeling uneasy.

Brother Feng still hadn’t give up on that little beast? For that little beast, he was willing to offend Nan Gongyin?


¹ unfamiliar as in, no matter how long the pet satys with you, it will never acknowledge you as master/owner.

² 捉襟见肘, Pulling the lapels exposes the elbow is a chenyu that translates to “life is sure difficult”, or the situation is difficult and cannot be dealt with.
It has a story of how clothes are so thin and tattered that pulling on the sleeves could tear the seams and expose the elbow. In this context, FLR is using it to spite NGL wowowow.

*Uh this was rather tricky, we assumed that this is his name though the Zun is a honorific meaning of a senior generation. Ah it was so hard cries, you know its super uncommon when even Sitrus and Nubi don’t know what it is ; after some digging around/ looking through various dictionaries I finally found out, that it means- nine five’s honor; to mean monarchy throne and in power this was thanks to a special pdf dictionary about Chengyu containing numbers. I also found a neat explanation from a forum, i’ll paste it here (cuz the forum was so long n it’d be too hard to pin point its exact position with just a link);

{ The nine and five, respectively comes from the fact that nine is the largest single digit number and five is the middle number of the single digit numbers. Here, the nine means grandest or biggest while five symbolizes the emperor to be the middle of everything. }

Neat huh? I was somewhat awe-struck from being able to find a needle in a haystack haha.

**you might notice that Nan Gongyin(南宫湚) refers to himself as Ben Gong(本宫) well… after a long time of looking at olden days chinese honorifics… its… I’m not sure… uh well since his name has Gong(宫) in it lets just assume that he’s using his actual name, thus it’d be ‘this Gong’ but really that sounds… weird so Ben Gong it is~ …it’s actually a legit honorific tho… after digging around multiple sites they all conclude as: used by an empress or a high-ranking consort when speaking to a person or an audience of lower rank or status… but I can assure you that Nan Gongyin is 100% a dude so… hmnnn… did I not dig enough? or maybe the author is messing with us, using puns or somthing…. Awawawa ( >A< ) imma leave it at this for now.

sitrus here adding a few notes on what selly said~ baidu said that (本宫) bengong was used by empresses and the likes, but never did they say that it couldn’t be used by males. see the loophole? winkwonk, tbh shouldn’t matter, like what one reader said about its the same as (本王) benwang so no harm =w=

Sellychi: So happy that Mr. Phoenix still wants our little fox back~

Also nuuuu Sitrus yours is not a useless role, ish important, god knows your chinese is better than mine, just because I’m somewhat fast doesn’t mean its accurate. I also lack the skills to string words up into a smooth flowing sentence so Nubi’s been the best editor too, sorry Nubi a lot of work for you ^^;;   

Sitrus: /gunshot wound on heart I feel so attacked by happy emotions ;-; not good not good

Nubilus: Wowowowo. Sigh, the things men do when they’re in love. I wished I’d met one. QAQ

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