The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 35 Part 1

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Chapter 35 Part 1 


The Little fox immediately tasted blood. She spat out the fingers in its mouth and looked up at Nan Gongyin. His eyes were full of warmth and tenderness, yet not a single sign of anger.

Did he really not mind being bit?

The little fox blinked its eyes, and felt somewhat embarrassed. Such a gentle person, it shouldn’t have bitten him.

Blood dripped onto his snow white robe, painting it with blooming red plum blossoms, adding more beauty to the elegant gown. Nan Gongyin gracefully took out a pure white handkerchief, softly wiping the drops of blood away from his fingers.

At the moment when the little fox bit Nan Gongyin, Feng Lingran’s eyes flashed, and that bitter winter face… seemed to melt a little. But when he saw the little fox loosened from Nan Gongyin’s fingers -and its fox eyes somewhat guilty, he clenched his hand on the wine cup and it instantly broke.

Did the little thing regret it? What about when it bit him? Did it not feel any remorse at all?

Feng Lingran hung his head, his onyx feather like eyelashes covered his eyes filled with displeasure. He lifted the broken wine cup and gulped down the remaining mellow wine.

When Yun Ni saw the little beast bite Nan Gonyin, her heart almost jumped out -not from worry, but from excitement. She looked forward to Nan Gongyin strangle that little fox to death. But her happiness was short-lived, hearing Nan Gongyin pampering voice, the bottom of her heart slightly trembled. His Highness of Nanling’s voice… was really pleasant to hear. But what did he just say? Recalling Nan Gongyin’s words, Yun Ni’s heart turned jealous, her fingers clenched tightly. It was only a mere little beast, if it died, no one would even care. A distinguished person like Nan Gongyin, why should he indulge in such a insignificant animal and let it run amok?

This world has definitely changed!

Yun Ni’s heart was overcomed with waves of distraught, probably in denial. A little beast easily managed to get into two honorable men’s good will, compared to her -this Junzhu, who still needed to ask for favors.

Xiao Xi glanced at Feng Lingran, her fox eyes flashed with an idea. if Feng Lingran spoke, he would surely to able to make His Highness of Nanling hand her over.

Yet… Feng Lingran’s head was lowered while he drank wine, why wouldn’t he say anything?

Was he still angry about her biting him? What a petty man, she bit His Highness of Nanling too, but he was very forgiving. Feng Lingran the Regent of Eastern Jin… couldn’t you be more lenient as well? Or did caring for this fox become too troublesome?

Xiao Xi couldn’t leave Nan Gongyin’s arms, her head dropped dispiritedly. Feng Lingran didn’t want her back… so she mustn’t shamelessly follow Feng Lingran anymore.

Nan Gongyin noticed the little fox’s ‘hurt’ expression, the alluring lips under the jade face mask curved a little. He picked up a pair of jade chopsticks, grabbed a piece of tender frog meat and placed it in front of the little fox’s eyes.

Xiao Xi hesitated for a moment. She haven’t eaten anything for a long time, and when smelling such delicious food, her stomach growled. Looking at the delicious frog meat before her eyes, she swallowed her saliva, opened her mouth, and ate the frog meat on the chopsticks.

The frog meat was very tasty, it melted in her mouth, and it tasted much better than the wolf’s milk…

The little fox’s eyes were bright, as if it was floating above the clouds.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” I still want more. Want more.

“Such a gluttonous little fox.”

Nan Gongyin smiled, and -this time, picked up some bird meat.

The ministers watched as Nan Gongyin fed the little fox with his own chopsticks -somewhat dumbfounded. That little fox was truly treasured, yet it was only a little beast ah! How can a man and an animal eat together at the same table?

His Highness of Nanling… indeed cherish the little fox.

They were getting too old, really unable to endure this.

Fortunately, the Imperial Palace arranged the banquet as one table per person. Delicious delicacies were also per person. Otherwise, to see that little fox eat every dish, who would still have appetite?

Feng Lingran’s face got colder by the second. To see that little fox eat so happily, he almost thought that it was Nan Gongyin’s beloved pet instead.

to be continued.

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