The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 34 Part 2

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Chapter 34 Part 2 — Feng Lingran Don’t Want Her Anymore  


Yun Ni Junzhu immediately saw the little fox in Nan Gongyin’s arms, it was just the beast she was looking for. She bitterly stared at the little fox, really… How could Brother Feng keep a little beast that eats what’s in the bowl whilst looking at the pot?¹

Nanling and Eastern Jin breaks into war every few years. Nan Gongyin -this Highness of Nanling, was very meticulous so a visit to Eastern Jin Imperial Palace may not necessarily be a good thing.

That little beast and Nan Gongyin were surprisingly very affectionate with each other. It truly doesn’t deserve to be in Brother Feng’s arms, scram back to Nanling, and live with Nan Gonyin instead!

Yun Ni cursed the little fox in her heart. That little beast was in Nan Gongyin’s arms, so she couldn’t do anything even if she wanted to and that was the most frustrating aspect.

Yun Ni’s heart turned cold. She wore an ugly expression whilst she gazed at Nan Gongyin’s back as he walked in.

In the Palace.

The little fox immediately spotted Feng Lingran, its heart filled with delighted. It’d wanted to be let down and return to Feng Lingran’s side, but Nan Gongyin’s hands pressed on its body.

Feng Lingran also spotted a certain little fox from the corner of his eye. The hand holding an intricately carved gold wine cup wavered -the wine nearly spilling. But when he noticed that little fox was in Nan Gongyin’s arms, his eyes darkened.

Nan Gong acted as if he hadn’t seen Feng Lingran’s peculiar actions. He held the little fox, and returned to his seat.

Nan Gongyin’s seating place was beside the ministers’ -so upon seeing His Higness with the fox, one after another praised the little animal. What a wonderful spiritual aura… how adorable and unique… definitely treasured by this world… no one wasn’t praising how good Nan Gongyin’s eyesight was, having obtained such a rare treasure.

Nan Gongyin smiled but didn’t speak, jade white fingers continued to tenderly pet the little fox in his arms.

The boot-licking of these ministers had really made him feel that the little fox was indeed a treasure, and was somewhat reluctant to return it back to Feng Lingran.

Yun Ni sat beside Feng Lingran, when she’d heard everyone’s praises for the little beast, it felt as if something were stuck in her throat -it couldn’t go up, nor could it move down.

These people were really blind. A little beast… a treasure?

Brother Feng’s animal enclosure had plenty of its species.

Yun Ni then intentionally placed her injured hand onto the table. Because Yun Ni loathed the little beast, she coquettishly whined.

“Brother Feng, Yun Ni truly was useless -even got bitten by the little fox.”

Yun Ni advanced by retreating, her body deliberately leaned towards Feng Lingran’s shoulder.

Feng Lingran finally looked down, and saw Yun Ni’s injured hand. Frowning, his black eyes flashed but then a faint feminine fragrance made its way to him. He turned sideways, expressionless.

When Yun Ni couldn’t continue to lean on Feng Lingran’s shoulder anymore, her heart filled with denial, but she didn’t remain presumptuous. She understood Feng Lingran’s attitude, he had a cold heart and never touched anyone. She onced asked her father why, but the answer was very vague, saying that his Mufei² was related to it.

Yun Ni suddenly thought, she’d never seen Feng Lingran’s legendary Mufei before. Ten years ago, what happened exactly?

However when Yun Ni asked, her father wouldn’t respond, only warning that she must never -in front of feng lingran, mention his mother again.

That was Feng Lingran’s taboo.

Yun Ni Junzhu sat upright and her eyes flashed determinedly. She really liked Feng Lingran since she was young, but moving his heart and letting him open up to her was very difficult. She was willing to wait, as she believes that she could become Wangfei, then remain by his side for a lifetime.

The little fox stared at Feng Lingran. His face was void of emotions, but he never bothered to glance at the little fox.

The little fox’s heart quivered, was Feng Lingran really planning to not keep her anymore? If Nan Gongyin really did take her away, would he be as indifferent as now?



Was his act of kindness… fake all along?

Xiao Xi was impatient with Nan Gongyin, turning around, she suddenly gave him a bite. Sorry ah! She was really irritated right now, so don’t provoke her.

The minister who had praised the fox watched as a stream of blood flowed down Nan Gongyin’s fingers. Everyone were shocked. This was a wild fox ah!

It actually dared to bite His Highness of Nanling, it must have had a death wish.

“You’re really hot tempered.”

Nan Gongyin’s fingers bled, but he never let the fox go. The words that were supposed to reprimand didn’t sound reprimanding at all, but instead it sounded like… pampering.


¹raws had a chenyu; [吃着碗里的,看着锅里的 ] Eating what’s in the bowl while looking at what’s in the pot, which basically means being hypocritical and ungrateful. Decided to retain the chenyu instead cause why not?

²means mother, but its only used by sons for their birth mothers. Since some imperial members adopt other members.

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