The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 34 Part 1

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Chapter 34 Part 1  


Jade white fingers elegantly twirled around a single pill, moving it towards the edge of the little fox’s mouth.

Xiao Xi glanced at it, but didn’t open her mouth. Things that belong to a stranger, she wouldn’t eat so casually. Not to mention, it’s… medicine?

Nan Gongyin smiled, with a smooth soft voice that was pleasant to hear, he asked, “Scared of this pill being poisonous?”

The little fox pursed its lips. Who knows whether this pill medicine was poisonous or not?  

What a cautious… little fox.

Nan Gongyin’s jade white fingers directly pried open little fox’s mouth, placing the pill inside. At the same time as the little fox tried to bite him, his hand also pulled back out, and a slender finger tapped the little fox’s delicate nose.

“This pill is invaluable for many people around the world, but you, this little fox really chose to avoid it instead.”

When the pill entered her mouth, she tasted a distinct sweetness. The little fox’s ears twitched and the pain on her body seemed to have decreased a bit. She raised her fluffy head, gazing at the jade covered face of Nan Gongyin. This Highness was truly generous, such an expensive pill was just wasted on this mere little fox without hesitation.

But… this fox liked it.

The little fox grinned at Nan Gongyin, showing an adorable fox smile.

Nan Gongyin looked at the little fox that was smiling at him, and for a moment, the mouth underneath the jade mask also smiled. This was also a pragmatic… little fox.

Xiao Xi rested in Nan Gongyin’s arms for a while, but she’d wanted to jump down to find Feng Lingran. Although Nan Gongyin was also good, she couldn’t be fickle and forsake Feng Lingran. In the end, she still prefers Feng Lingran.

“I will take you to find Feng Lingran!”

Probably because he saw through the little fox’s intention of wanting to leave, Nan Gongyin granted the little fox an early favor. 1 

Xiao Xi’s heart was naturally happy, she could guess where Feng Lingran was right now and had wanted to go there, but it wasn’t easy. Furthermore, she had bit Yun Ni Junzhu. If she was caught by that Junzhu, she would suffer some hardships. So it was better to follow Nan Gongyin to find Feng Lingran. At the very least, this man would not hurt her, it was quite obvious from how he used the priceless pill on her.

Nan Gongyin went to the banquet in the Palace whilst holding the little fox. The faces of the two door guards became silly, their hearts shivered. The fox they had drove away before… was His Highness Nanling’s pet?

The little fox fiercely glared at the two imperial guards, your grandfather… you bastards… thought this little fox was easy to bully?

Careful, I might bite you both to death!

The two imperial guards were already regretting their previous actions, their heads were lowered, complexion paled. If they knew that this little fox belonged to His Highness of Nanling -even if someone gave them the courage of ten people, they still wouldn’t dare bully it ah!

Nan Gongyin put the expression of the little fox into consideration, sweeping a glance at the two imperial guards, he understood very soon that these two men had offended the little fox in his arms.

Nan Gongyin’s eyes darkened and he carried the little fox in….

….to be continued.


1 The raws says, to give someone a favor with little effort.

Nubilus:  Chapter 34 is ちょっど short. But it’s still half a chapter because word count is the similar to previous chapters. Ahaha, I feel like a weeb for some reason QAQ. Anyone watching FIFA?

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  1. Indeed it was a bit short, but yay! I’m glad our fox has found someone to safely take him to handsome husband! Thank you guys for the chapter 🙂

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