The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 33 Part 2

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Chapter 33 Part 2 — Biting Junzhu


“Little beast, you better know your place and be well behaved with this Junzhu, maybe then you won’t be thrown into the animal enclosure when this Junzhu becomes Wangfei1.


Xiao Xi’s clouded eyes cleared up, and looked at Yun Ni’s beautiful face.

Your mom!

You’re not even Wangfei, yet you already gave me a smelly foot, and almost kicked me senseless. When you become Wangfei, would I still be able to keep my life?

The little fox suddenly opened its mouth, and gave Yun Ni a bite. That one bite broke through her soft skin and into her tender flesh.


Yun Ni screamed in pain and her grip loosened, letting the little fox fall. Yun Ni saw the blood on the back of the hand and her eyes went dark. In the entire sixteen years of her life, she had never been bitten by an animal before.

But to be exposed to a green tea Junzhu2, it would be strange if Xiao Xi didn’t bite her.

Once you become Wangfei, she as a mere little fox, will never be able to return to the Wangfu3.

The little fox ran until she disappeared from Yun Ni’s view. Yun Ni’s left hand held her bleeding right hand, her eyes overcasted. Little beast, when you fall into the hands of this Junzhu, this Junzhu shall make you repay today’s spilt blood by ten folds.

The little fox shuddered while running, who was cursing her behind her back?

Suddenly, there was a ‘white wall’, but this time, the little fox stopped just before she bumped into it.

The little fox was too lazy to even look up at the owner of the ‘white wall’, her fluffy body turned to another direction, about to leave.

But her paws was just raised, a huge brocade cloth fell on top of her, blocking her view. The little fox shook her head, but failed to shake the cloth off. She then felt a hand on her body, lifting her up.

Son of a *****!

The little fox turned pale with fright, her four limbs trembled.

“Didn’t you leave with Feng Lingran? Why are you here?”

A gentle voice, like a spring breeze -cool and charmingly refreshing, seeped into her heart.

Xiao Xi was met with a pair of enigmatic moon like eyes, so tender… so pleasant…

His eyes were beautiful, once you’d seen it, you couldn’t look away. As if there was something drawing her soul in, imprisoning her in his inky eyes.

Xiao Xi shook her head, her eyes gradually restored to its clarity. She shivered, Does this man have a skill that was able to suck in souls ah?

Nan Gongyin saw the little fox’s action, his dark eyes slightly flashed, a white finger stroked the little fox’s fluffy head.

Xiao Xi tried to avoid it, but his hand followed stubbornly. Xiao Xi felt an insatiable urge to bite him.

But before she had a chance, Xiao Xi suddenly collapsed, she grimaced in pain.

Nan Gongyin saw the little fox’s painful expression, his hand on her back lifted.

“You’re wounded?”

Xiao Xi didn’t plan to stay with Nan Gongyin. But her back hurt, she was powerless and could only lie in the arms of Nan Gongyin, gasping for breath.

Apart from Feng Lingran, Nan Gongyin didn’t meet anyone else who cared for the little fox. His dark eyes were somewhat surprised, but soon, it contained mirth. This little fox’s temperament somewhat drew his interest.

He didn’t like his little pet to be so comfortable with other people.


Wangfei = you’re reading this novel you should know, but hey if you don’t remember it means the number one wife / in literal tl Imperial Concubine aka the favorite one lol
2 Green tea bish refers to a two faced character, mainly female. Just imagine a Ning Xueluo if you know who im talking about.
3 Wangfu = It’s the Regent’s House/Mansion/Palace thing area

Nubilus: Finally, the second male lead (if he was in another book, i would defs tap) has began to strike.

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    1. oh boy, if Xiao Xi was a human female, she’d be making Junzhu rack her brains and light her fuse all over and over again on a different level, that is, assuming that she manages to get the attention of her owner again 0v0 lol

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