The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 33 part 1

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Chapter 33 Part 1


Xiao Xi already had wounds on her body, but Yun Ni’s kick added another one on top of it. She grimaced in pain, the people here, from slaves to masters, none of them were good.

Xiao Xi gritted her teeth in pain and unsteadily pushed herself back up. She felt as if every bone in her body was broken. Since Yun Ni kick her with her smelly foot, one day, she would give this foot back to Yun Ni!

Don’t think that just because this sister was a fox, doesn’t mean you could randomly bully people.

But Xiao Xi wasn’t foolish, she would keep this enmity in her heart and only get revenge later. This Yun Ni Junzhu was smarter than that Prince¹, little fox knew from the moment she made a move behind Feng Lingran’s back.

None of the slaves dared to speak. Everyone knew that the Regent liked to keep animals, his Mansion even had a specially built enclosure. When they now know that the little fox belonged to the Regent -even if it was the seventh prince or the eight princess, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to it, not to mention mere slaves like them.  

Yun Ni Junzhu haughtily raised her chin, she didn’t put these slaves in her eyes at all. Seeing the little fox climb back up, trying to run, her eyes flashed and hurriedly tried to reach out. Wretched little beast, she’d saved it but why where were the feelings of gratitude? Want to run? Impossible, she would seize it to earn Feng Lingran’s favor.

But the little fox’s soft smooth fur slipped from Yun Ni’s fingertips, and in an instant it ran away.

Yun Ni’s expression changed slightly, a cold glare directed at the little fox. Her kick just then, was probably too light. If she had known that the little beast would run earlier, she could had kicked it with more strength, maybe even kick it to death for a good measure. She then would rope in a slave as a scapegoat, and Brother Feng would never know.

The little fox sprinted outside but couldn’t spot Feng Lingran anywhere. She looked around the area, but there was still no sign of him.

Was the handsome guy that angry? Did he not want little fox anymore?

Xiao Xi’s suddenly regretted. She knew that she shouldn’t have bit Feng Lingran, but Firefox sacrifice itself for her, even coming back to rescue her when it already had the chance to escape, how could she just disregard the life of the Firefox and selfishly leave?

Xiao Xi dispiritedly lowered her fluffy head, if Feng Lingran didn’t want her anymore, and with her appearance as a fox… where else would she go?

A hand suddenly grabbed the little fox and lifted her up.

“This Junzhu wants to see where you’ll run next.”

Yun Ni Junzhu lowered her voice. Fiercely, she glared at the little fox, seeing its dejected look, her face broke into a beautiful smile, and sadistically looked at the little fox.

“Are you frustrated that you didn’t see Brother Feng? You think too highly of yourself, you’re only a play thing. Don’t think you deserve to compete with this Junzhu for Brother Feng’s love. Let this Junzhu tell you, Brother Feng likes to keep beasts, every year the Regent Palace’s animal enclosure will breed a lot of similar animals like you, sooner or later Brother Feng would get tired of you and discard you away.”

Yun Ni’s voice was very small, but her malicious words stirred up the little fox’s heart. She knows that this little fox have thoughts about Brother Feng too, those pair of fox eyes, it’s clear to see that they are occupied with thoughts of Brother Feng as well.

But a beast, was it even worthy of her Brother Feng?

The little fox was kicked by Yun Ni before, and now she was grabbed by the fur and pulled up. Her whole body was in pain ah!

But hearing Yun Ni’s words, the little fox’s emotional pain was stronger than her physical pain.

The days in Regent Palace were a cycle of eating and drinking, she was kept very well, she even felt that she had a special position in Feng Lingran’s heart, but then again, she was an animal. Feng Lingran liked to keep animals, she believed that, if not, then the Regent Palace won’t have an animal enclosure, although she haven’t seen it, but Xiao Xi knew that the Regent Palace’s enclosure wasn’t small at all.

Yun Ni poked at the things Xiao Xi’s didn’t want to face. If one day, Feng Lingran lost interest in her, she would be thrown into the animal enclosure and receive the same treatment as those beasts.

Yun Ni saw the little fox’s eyes cloud over, surprise surfaced in her heart. This little beast… understood her words?

No wonder it had a different position in Brother Feng’s heart.



¹ referring to the sis-con prince

Sitrus: @ the reader who wondered where we were. its only because nubi and I thought it was edgy to not comment cough

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