The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 — Unlucky


“What Imperial Father said, only applies to the commoners of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. We are the Imperial Son and Daughter, so how can we be compared to them?” The youth raised the little fox in his hands. The other hand grasped firmly on the little fox’s neck, turning it towards the girl, “Imperial sister, look at this little beast’s tender flesh, it must taste very delicious. We have never eaten fox meat before, why not try it tonight!”

Panic flashed through Xiao Xi’s eyes, with her neck painfully grasped by the youth, her watery eyes pleaded the beautiful girl.

Please, please, this little fox in front of you holds a consciousness. You must never eat me, otherwise the whole Eastern Jin Dynasty will suffer terrible consequences!  

Xiao Xi begged silently, letting out small whimpers.

The young girl hesitated for a moment, but what the youth said was reasonable. So, after contemplating for a while, she nodded and then smilingly said, “You’re right, Imperial Father is Heaven’s son, and we are his Imperial Children. What’s wrong with eating a little fox?”

Xiao Xi’s heart sank and her eyes closed with disappointment.

Aish~ how unlucky!

She was already unfortunate enough to be transmigrated into a little fox, having so much bad luck, she still continue to meddle in other people’s business. Isn’t this just like digging one’s own grave?

Though there wasn’t any use regretting now, the sooner she dies, the sooner she can be reborn, and she might even transmigrate back to her own world…

The young man carried the little fox to the back courtyard. He ordered a eunuch to find dry wood in preparation to roast the fox.

The young girl caressed the little fox’s soft fur and said with reluctance, “Imperial Brother, I really love this fox’s fur, it’s such a pity to just roast it right away.”

The young man smiled, “Since Imperial Sister likes it so much, I’ll strip the fur off first, then cook the meat.”

The young girl’s eyes brightened, she laughed and tightly hugged the young man’s arm, “Imperial Brother treats me the best!”

The youth pinched the girl’s nose with affection. Then, pulling out his dagger he prepared to skin the little fox.

“Huh… Imperial Sister look. Its eyes are closed and not moving. Does the little beast knows that its going to die tonight?”

“Imperial Brother, don’t be fooled, maybe its playing dead so it can escape again.”

Xiao Xi silently cursed in her heart. You’re skinning me, as well as roasting me! You’re the one playing dead, you’re the beast, you’re worse than a beast!

“Be at ease, Imperial Sister, it can’t run away. This beast’s brain is too small to think about such a thing, don’t worry!”

The youth spoke whilst lifting the dagger in his hand, ruthlessly stabbing toward the little fox’s neck.

Xiao Xi’s body trembled, she was so close to death… No one wouldn’t be afraid…


But Xiao Xi couldn’t feel the awaited pain. After hearing the young man’s cry, she instantly opened her eyes just to see the firefox biting on the youth’s leg. Its pair of gem eyes urged her to escape.

The young girl was frightened silly, she staggered backwards with a pale complexion.

“Damned beast.” The youth yelled, and the dagger viciously swung towards the firefox’s back.

Blood gushed out, making its vermillion fur look more vibrant, more red.

The firefox didn’t flinch and kept its grip on the youth’s leg. Disregarding the pain on its back, it pulled on the youth’s flesh. The young man screamed in pain again.

Xiao Xi escaped from the youth’s grip. She glanced at the firefox and understood that it was sacrificing itself to save her.

Xiao Xi met the firefox’s crystal like eyes, and her heart quivered. Enduring the guilt, she turned and fled… Maybe, after she left… the firefox would also have a chance to escape.

However, Xiao Xi hadn’t run far when from behind, came the young man’s furious voice. The firefox had been kicked into the brightly burning fire.

Sellychi: Oh no Mr.Firefox noooo! …..on another note, next chap is gonna be juhcy~

Sitrus: Mr fox, you will be dearly missed ;-;

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