The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 — Fooling a Fox


Xiao Xi hurriedly return to the room, assuming that she’ll be greeted by Feng Lingran’s cold face, only to find that even his shadow has disappeared.

Where did the handsome man go? Could it be due to her teasing that he no longer cared for her?

Why is he so stingy?

The little fox licked its mouth before jumping onto Feng Lingran’s huge bed. Tonight, she’ll sleep on the stingy handsome man’s bed.

Suddenly, the bedroom door was pulled opened.

The little fox lifted its head, looking at the door with gleaming eyes. She saw the man who came in and her eyes filled with disappointment.

She thought it was Feng Lingran, but it turned out to be Wan Siyu.

Waving a feathered fan, does he think he’s a fairy? With his coquettish look, he should be called Yu Saobao instead.1

Wan Siyu will never have thought, after he had offended the little fox, he will now be labeled as ‘Yu Saobao’ in its eyes.


Wan Siyu’s mouth sported a perfect ‘I can mesmerise all sential beings’ smile. Waving his fan, he walked in and said, “Little fox, are you waiting for Feng Lingran? He will probably be coming back later tonight, maybe not at all.”

Xiao Xi furrowed her eyebrows. Where did the handsome man go? Why wasn’t he coming back tonight?

Wan Siyu walked to the bed side, seeing the little fox retreat from him as if he was some sort of disease, three dark lines appear on Wan Siyu’s forehead. He can’t be that bad compared to Feng Lingran, right?

“Cough, this Gongzi can take you to find Feng Lingran.”2

Wan Siyu finished. A light passed little fox’s face, seeming to be observing his expression.

Xiao Xi looked at Yu Saobao with suspicion. Why was he so nice? It couldn’t be because of another motive, right?

“If you want to go, then nod, if not then its fine.”

Xiao Xi’s heart turned cold, tricking this fox to nod?


She was going to give him one chance. If he was tricking this fox to nod -then not hold his word, don’t blame her for biting him to death!

Its perfect, she just found her teeth to be itching!

Wan Siyu watched with surprise as the fox nod its head, excited to the point that even the hand holding the feathered fan shooked.

“Hahaha… Oh little fox-er, you really are a cultivated spiritual fox!”

Your sister is cultivated! And also a Spirit?

She was so unlucky that she transmigrated into a fox, now that she want to be human, she really can’t!

Xiao Xi had enough with Wan Siyu.

In order to meet Feng Lingran, she endured.

Wan Siyu closed his fan, inserting it into the waistband with a hanging jaded crest, then carried the little fox from the bed to his chest.

The little fox obviously did not like his embrace as her tail was facing his face, and her head far far away from him.

Whilst Xiao Xi was in the arms of Wan Siyu, she thought about the countless possibilities of what Feng Lingran might be doing. He might have been invited to drink with certain court officials, might have fancied a girl in a certain building, might have went to visit a certain woman.3

If not any of these, why else would a young man spend the night outside?

As the saying goes, flowers at home can’t be as fragrant as wildflowers.Just because Feng Lingran have flowers at home doesn’t mean he doesn’t like wildflowers.

When Wan Siyu secretly brought the fox into the palace, the little fox’s head lifted its head in surprise.

Although it was dark, the beautiful lights surrounded the palace allowed her to feel the magnificent solemnity resembling Beijing’s Forbidden Palace. But from somewhere, there seems to be emitting a fragrant smell.

“Little Fox-er, this Gongzi took you to this palace at the risk of getting killed. When you see Feng Lingran later, no matter what happens, you can not leave my chest and run to him, understand?”


1 Saobao refers to coquettish male, basically a womanizer.

2 Left in pinyin cause this “This Prince” sounds too weird~~

3 The raws used a euphemism to say ‘went to visit a prostitute’

4 Substitute flowers with woman

*adding -er to the end of a nickname is a term of endearment

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