The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 119

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Chapter 119 — Xiao Qi Saw Yu Gongzi Sharpening His Knife


The man burst out at the same time.

Xiao Xi shook the droplets off of her face, and when she saw the face of the man opposite of her, she took a sharp intake from the corners of her mouth.

“Yu Saobao, why are you here?”

“Yu Saobao?”

“Cough, I mean, why are you here?”

She thought that it was the people in black who came down to kill her, but she did not expect that it would be Wan Siyu instead. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence?

“I should be the one to ask you that! Aren’t you supposed to be in the Regent’s Palace? How can you be here in the middle of the night? And even more, how come you’re being chased by those men in black?”

“How did you know that those men in black were chasing me?”

“Who would have imagined that those people in black were after you? This Gongzi was just passing by. Saw the clear lake here and took a bath. But I didn’t expect you to be hiding in the water and peek at this bathing Gongzi.”

Wan Siyu smirks, he revealed his pectoral muscles and said with a proud air, “How is this Gongzi’s figure? Is there a feeling of falling head over heels for me?”

Xiao Xi glanced at his chest. His muscles were well trained and his figure was excellent. But, when taking into account that these words were coming out from Wan Siyu’s mouth, Xiao Xi’s heart did not ripple at all. Instead, grass mud horses roared past.

“Good figure, no feeling.”

Sneak a peek at his bath? Does she have a use to do so? He was the one that came over to her even though she held no interest. After all, after seeing Feng Lingran’s perfect figure, her eyes became critical.

Xiao Xi finished with her response, swinging her arms up and down, she makes her way towards the shore.

Wan Siyu looked at the lake surface being disturbed by Xiao Xi and said with a light chuckle, “Your fox-style way of swimming is really ugly.”

Xiao Xi’s ears twitched, she turned her head, lifted her hand and splashed some water into the face of Wan Siyu, “Who told you to look at it?”

Wan Siyu leaned his head sideways, avoiding the water splash, “You shrewd fox.”

Xiao Xi swam ashore, water slid down her drenched figure, gluing the sopping garment to her skin. The night wind blew through her small figure, letting its chilling presence known to her, inducing a light sneeze. A frown came up to her face as she watched Wan Siyu swam up to the shore after her.

Did he really come here for the sake of the Huo Yi grass?

“You perverted little fox, you still don’t turn around even though you are seeing this Gongzi naked? Didn’t Feng Lingran ever teach you anything about being polite?”

Not wearing anything? Why is he making such a fuss over it?

“Wan Siyu, are you still afraid of being seen when you run to an open lake to take a bath? If you are afraid of being seen, then you should not have taken off your clothes. Ah, I know. You are feeling empty and lonely, so you took off your clothes in the evening to seduce a few straying young wives.”

“You little fox, what did you say? How could there be any young wives in the wilderness? This Gongzi is a very attractive person, a Yushu Lingfeng1, a rare beautiful man. How is it possible to be empty and lonely? And to go seduce young wives?” Wan Siyu frowned and suddenly felt something amiss. Realizing the problem, he then cried out, “You abominable little fox, you actually said that this Gongzi go around seducing young wives? Beauties are sent to this Gongzi regularly, and yet this Gongzi refuse, why then should this Gongzi go seducing young wives?”

Xiao Xi’s shoulders trembled, she covered her mouth and sneezed again. She touched her nose and noticed that it was cold. If it keeps going like this, she will soon catch a cold.

Wan Siyu put on his clothes and saw Xiao Xi sneeze a few more times. He gave a synthetic smile, “Have you caught a cold? Do you need this Gongzi to give you medicine to treat colds?”

Xiao Xi glanced at Wan Siyu, his appearance looked as if he deserved some spanking, she sniffed and said, “This girl has antibodies, so she doesn’t need to take medicine for a simple cold.”

After that, Xiao Xi refused to take another look at Wan Siyu, she turned around and left.

Xiao Xi has a good memory. Although it was dark, she runs through the road and draws it in her mind like a map.

Back to the inn, the carriage was no longer there, the driver’s body was also gone, Xiao Xi’s eyes flashed with doubts, it has not been long since the incident occured, other than the authorities, ordinary people will not randomly mess with the driver’s body and carriage out of fear, but if the authorities came here, it would not be as quiet as it is now, as if nothing had happened at all. 

Xiao Xi went to the position where the coach was parked before, she squatted down and looked carefully with the aid of the moonlight. There was still blood on the ground where the coachman had his head chopped off. Could it be that after the man in black left, they came back and took the coachman’s body and the carriage?

“Little fox, what are you looking at?”

Wan Siyu also squatted down, following Xiao Xi’s line of sight, he saw the blood on the ground.

“Why did the black-clad men take away the carriage and the body of the coachman? Is it to destroy the evidence?” If those people in black were really sent by Qiu Lan, it would make sense to destroy the evidence.

Wan Siyu dragged a finger at the blood on the ground, he brought it under his nose and sniffed it. He laughed and said, “Little fox, are you sure that the coachman died?”

Xiao Xi’s face changed, “It isn’t? I saw the man in black cut off the coachman’s head.”

“Seeing it does not necessarily make it true. It’s chicken blood, not human blood.”

Chicken blood?

“Wan Siyu, how can you tell that this is chicken blood?”

“Although ordinary people can’t tell the difference between chicken blood and human blood, who is this Gongzi? He is a famous divine doctor with a well deserved reputation, such a trivial matter is not a problem……”

“Wan Siyu, please get to the point.”

Can you stop bragging?

“Uh… The key point is that the color of chicken blood is darker and there is a kind of chicken smell.”

Xiao Xi almost burst into laughter, Yu Saobao sure knows the scent of chicken…


“This Gongzi has also done some research on blood. Pig’s blood smells putrid, and goat’s blood have a musky odor…… Little fox, do you want to know what the blood of a fox smells like?”

Xiao Xi did not want to continue talking to Wan Siyu.

“I don’t want to know.”

Xiao Xi went back to muse on her own thoughts. If the coachman was not dead, then everything that occured was deliberately shown to her. Did Qiu Lan really want to kill her, or did she have another objective?

Xiao Xi gave a bitter laugh and stood up. The night chill made itself known again making her body shiver all over. It was too cold.

She knocked on the door of the inn, and after quite some time the door opens.

The inn worker gasped as he saw the delicate-looking young girl standing at the door. She was soaking wet with her clothes glued to her figure. The inn worker’s eyes lit up as he looked Xiao Xi up and down.

“Girl, are you here to stay? It’s cold outside, especially at night time. Come in quickly.”

Just as the inn worker stretched out his hand to pull at Xiao Xi, Wan Siyu came in. He deftly maneuvered his fan to hit the back of the inn worker’s hand making the particular area quite numb.

“She has her own legs and can walk by herself.”

The inn worker retracted his numb hand and silently cursed Wan Siyu for being meddlesome.

“Two rooms. Also, I’ll be troubling this little brother to get some hot water and find some suitable dry clothes for me.” Xiao Xi took out a silver ingots from her sleeve and put them into the hands of the junior inn worker.

The inn worker saw the silver and smiled. He didn’t need a silver ingot for the two rooms, but this time, he could earn one ingot of silver for it. How lucky.

The inn worker took Xiao Xi and Wan Siyu to the second floor, opened their intended rooms, and went to fetch what Xiao Xi ordered.

Xiao Xi approached the room, but Wan Siyu’s crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned sideways against the door frame while training his eyes at Xiao Xi’s shivering soaked figure, “Little fox, it hasn’t been long since you’ve transformed into a human, but you’ve already learned how to bribe people’s hearts.”

Xiao Xi rolled her eyes at Wan Siyu. How can she not when she was originally a human?

People’s hearts can be bought as long as they are paid. If it is not successful, then it is because the benefits paid are not big enough.

In any case, she was still a modern person who has studied economics. This basis she understands.

“Your room is next door.”

Xiao Xi’s clear desire to drive him away was so palpable that Wan Siyu could hear the implications as is.

Wan Siyu smiled, he put his hands down and turned to the room next door.

The inn worker was very efficient. In about one incense stick worth of time, Xiao Xi’s orders were completed.

Xiao Xi closed the door and shivered from the cold. She took off her wet clothes with trembling fingers and sneezed several times. She then settled herself in the warm bath.


Nanling, Imperial Summer Residence.

“What? That person jumped into the lake? What about the status? Dead or alive?”

When Qiu Lan heard the words of the man in black, she felt dizzy. She was not worried about Xiao Xi’s life or death, but that Xiao Xi could not die. At least Xiao Xi could not have an accident before the master completes his great ambition.

“Why didn’t you stop her? Why didn’t anyone get into the water to save her?”

Qiu Lan glares furiously at the man in black.

“Miss Qiu Lan, our brothers can only kill people, not swimming. They will be throwing away their lives by jumping down, how then could they save someone else’s life!”

“If Xiao Xi was met with any unexpected misfortune, the master will not spare any of you.”

“Miss Qiu Lan, you were the one that told our brothers to do all this. The master will not spare us, nor will he spare you.”

“Without Xiao Xi, the master’s great ambition will be difficult to achieve. Even if master does not spare me, I will do it myself.”

From an early age, she knew that her future mission was not to live for herself, but for her master’s great ambition. Her father was very strict with her. She not only learned all the things that a woman should learn in the world, but also of men. She thought that all of this that were carefully arranged by herself would be of the greatest help to the master, but she did not expect that these fools would actually end up forcing Xiao Xi into the lake…

“You’ll find her for me now, and take the water-savvy young men from the Summer Resort with you. Xiao Xi, if she lives I needs to see her person, if she died I needs to see her corpse.” Qiu Lan gave out the order coldly.

Several people in black came and went back and forth. They were very tired. Who would like to listen to Qiu Lan’s orders again? They would not have gone if it hadn’t been for those pieces of silver….

“Miss Qiu Lan, our brothers are very tired. Don’t torment us all night like this…”

The black-clad men had not finished their words yet. When they saw the token in Qiu Lan’s hand, they were astonished and immediately knelt down.

“Young master.”

The corners of Qiu Lan’s mouth pulled into a sneer, “It seems that you still recognize my father’s token. Now go and find Xiao Xi for me. If you can’t find her, then you’ll come and see me.”

“Yes, young master.”

The people in black answered in unison and disappeared immediately before Qiu Lan’s eyes.


By the lake, with a horse by his side, stood a cold man, whose figure was lengthened by the moonlight, and his body was surrounded with a terrifying aura.

Suddenly, a figure landed in front of the man.

“I’ve found the young Miss.”

“Where is she?”

“In an inn, South from here. Yu Gongzi is also there. Xiao Qi saw Yu Gongzi sharpening his knife…”

Before Xiao Qi’s words were finished, Feng Lingran’s figure had disappeared. He went so fast that Xiao Qi was left tongue-tied.

“Why is the master so nervous like that? Is Yu Gongzi sharpening his knife to kill the young Miss?”

Xiao Qi mutters to himself.


Feng Lingran quickly arrived at the inn. Without saying a word, he kicked the door and went in.



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