The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 — Loosen The Line to Catch Later


Nangong Yin looked at the angry girl in front of his eyes, and his thin, ice-white lips raised into a light smile, “Xi’er, are you concerned about me?”

At this time, An Ye came in and presented a bowl of medicine in front of the bed while half bowing, “Master, this is the last bowl of medicine, for the sake of your health, please drink it!”

Nangong Yin’s vision remained on Xiao Xi’s delicate face, as if he had not heard the words of An Ye at all. 

“Nangong Yin, what are you looking at me for? Drink the medicine already!”

Meeting the pair of ink black eyes of his, Xiao Xi’s heart trembled, seemingly feeling her soul being taken out of her body and being pulled over.

The pungent fragrance of traditional Chinese medicine circulating thickly in the room evoked a picture in Xiao Xi’s brain. The picture of Nangong Yin being seriously injured by Feng Lingran was clearly reflected in her mind. Xiao Xi suddenly felt some heartache, especially after seeing his weak and pale face, which looked as if it may pass away with the wind at any time…


An Ye puts the medicine bowl he was carrying into Xiao Xi’s hand, “This is the last bowl of medicine.” After he finished speaking, he turned and left.

Xiao Xi’s long feather like eyelashes trembled, and her hands that were holding the medicine bowl trembled a little. This last bowl of medicine, placed on her hand, was like a thousand gold.

She went to Nangong Yin’s bedside and handed him the medicine in her hand. “Drink the medicine.”


Nangong Yin looked down, his thin, ice-white lips moved to the edge of the bowl and opened slightly.

His hands shook, the bowl itself almost tumbling onto the bed. Upon seeing this, Xiao Xi’s hand reflexively caught the bowl. He looked at her with sparkling eyes, does this mean Nangong Yin want her to feed him?

Xiao Xi recalled that this was the last bowl of medicine and relents. His lips were open and his eyes glistened as she nervously and carefully fed the medicine into his mouth.

Soon the bottom of the bowl could be seen. Xiao Xi felt relaxed as the last drops entered his mouth.

Xiao Xi finally holds an empty medicine bowl in her hand. Then she remembered that Feng Lingran only gave her an hour.

“In the future, take the medicine on time, then your body will be better.” Xiao Xi puts the Huo Yi grass on the bed of Nangong Yin, “This is the Huo Yi grass. Back then, I had no other choice. Now, I’m returning it to its rightful owner.”

Nangong Yin glanced at the Huo Yi grass on the bed, his eyes glimmered, a smile took over his lips when he saw Xiao Xi’s delicate face sporting a faint red hue.

“I thought that the little fox was mischievous and greedy, but now it seems that I misunderstood the little fox.”

How precious was the Huo Yi grass? Nangong Yin did not expect that Xiao Xi would return the Huo Yi grass to him.

“Humph, who wants your Huo Yi grass? If it hadn’t been for the sake of saving the little snow wolf’s life, I would not have risked my life to steal… the Huo Yi grass and…” In the last few words, she spoke in a very low voice. Suddenly, she thought of taking his Ye Nan pearl, her eyes twinkled, and she continued, “Ye Nan pearl, but you gave it to me.”

Nangong Yin could not help but laugh, “That’s right, I gave it to you.”

Xiao Xi saw Nangong Yin’s cheerful laugh, and suddenly felt that she had mentioned the Ye Nan pearl, and did more than one thing.

“Nangong Yin, I still want to thank you for your concern and care. If you hadn’t helped me get Jindan, I might still be a little fox.”

Nangong Yin lift up an eyebrow, he seems to be looking better.

“So… Do you want to devote your life1 to repay me?”

Nangong Yin is not a joker. Right now, the words are like a joke, but from his mouth, it seems somewhat serious.

He looked at Xiao Xi with tender eyes. Such an extraordinary face, most woman would nod her head and promise.

“You think too much.”

Xiao Xi’s long and slender eyelashes trembled slightly, avoiding his eyes, she said, “Nangong Yin, I’m going back.”

The smile on Nangong Yin’s face froze and his eyes flashed a gloomy light. When Xiao Xi turned around, he suddenly grasped her hand.

Dang Clang~

The bowl fell to the ground, making a crisp clattering sound.

Nangong Yin was half laying on the bed with a pale and fragile face, looking at the side of Xiao Xi’s face, his long jade fingers, gradually tightened, as if unwilling to let her leave like this.

A jolt ran through Xiao Xi’s entire body. She could feel the cool temperature coming from his fingers and Xiao Xi’s fingers trembled.

His hands were cold, like that of a dying man.

“Xi’er, did you ever have a little liking for me in your heart?”

It was as if something hit Xiao Xi’s heart and gave her a fierce tremor, Xiao Xi did not expect that Nangong Yin would suddenly ask her such a question.


The person she likes is…

Xiao Xi found her brain gradually forming a unique face. Is that the person she liked? Xiao Xi’s delicate little face instantly lost its color. How could this be possible?

The medicine fragrance in the room became heavier and heavier. Inhaling it into her nose seemed to produce hallucinations. Xiao Xi had her thoughts all over the place, she herself could not believe, for her to like Nangong Yin.

Xiao Xi bit her lip and the pain made her reluctantly recover. “I have no romantic feelings towards you.”

Xiao Xi finished and breathed out a little.

The already pale face of Nangong Yin has lost another layer of color. A dull grey color coated his eyes, and his fingers… gradually loosened…

“I see.”

His voice seemed to have lost its strength, and somewhat hollow.

Xiao Xi’s heart tightened and she looked back. She saw that he had leaned back on the bed and closed his eyes. His face was as white as paper as if without blood.

“Nangong Yin…”

“Just go!” Nangong Yin interrupted Xiao Xi with a loud voice, with closed eyes he said, “This prince never makes things difficult for anyone.”

Xiao Xi looked at Nangong Yin, face pale as paper, but his noble status does not allow him to force matters into others.

“Take care of yourself.”

Xiao Xi finished, turned around and left his room. It was time to stop this constant confusion. Nangong Yin has a favorable impression in her mind, that was it, nothing else. She did not think that such a short contact made Nangong Yin fall in love with her.

What’s more, Nangong Yin is the prince of Nanling. Such a noble identity and outstanding appearance can be said to be the best husband-in-law candidate in a woman’s heart. What kind of beauty has he never seen? Could he be so perverted that he will like a little fox?

Cough cough.

How could she have this idea? If Feng Lingran likes her in the future, would that make him a pervert?


Shortly after Xiao Xi left Nangong Yin’s room, someone knocked on the back of her neck and she fainted.

An Ye held Xiao Xi’s limp body with one hand, and Qiu Lan came over with a bowl of green juice.

“Ye, hurry, make her drink this green juice.”

Without any hesitation, An Ye squeezed open Xiao Xi’s mouth and poured the juice into it, he then pushed Xiao Xi’s throat with his finger pads to help her swallow the juice.

When An Ye gave back the bowl to Qiu Lan, he saw Qiu Lan shedding tears. He frowned, “Why must you do this if you are so unwilling to let her like the master?”

Qiu Lan wiped her tears, and her eyes flashed with pain, “For the sake of master’s great cause, Qiu Lan is willing to do anything.”

“What if the master falls in love with her? Won’t you regret it?”

Qiu Lan’s face immediately lost color, the words of An Ye struck her heart like a hammer.

“No, no, the master will not fall in love with her, he never will.”

An Ye did not continue the topic and said, “Feng Lingran’s people are outside, you immediately take her and the master using the secret path to leave Eastern Jin.”

“But the master…”

“I drugged his medicine. He should be asleep now.”

“Ok, I’ll go right away.”


Xiao Xi woke up quietly, her head was somewhat aching. She pressed her fingers to her temple and rubbed it. Realizing that her hands were feeling weak too.

What exactly happened? Why does her head felt so heavy?

When Xiao Xi got up, she suddenly stared wide eyed, beside her, a beautiful man was sleeping quietly, his unparalleled face was as white as paper, as if there was no life.

“Nangong Yin?”

Xiao Xi’s body immediately retreated, but she soon found that the clothes on her body had disappeared without a trace.

Xiao Xi’s brain exploded. She quickly pulled up the brocade quilt and covered herself. The quilt on Nangong Yin slipped away, revealing the pure white and flawless clothes, still worn neatly. Xiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

The memories started coming back to her.

When she left Nangong Yin’s mansion, someone knocked her unconscious. Now, she sleeps in the same bed with Nangong Yin. Was all this arranged by Nangong Yin?

Then why did he let her go hypocritically?

Xiao Xi’s chest heaved a little, frowning tightly. She promised Feng Lingran to go back within an hour, but now she does not know how long she had slept.

Nangong Yin’s thick eyelashes trembled and opened slowly. Suddenly, he saw Xiao Xi on the bed. He was very surprised and said, “Xi’er, How… How could you be in my bed?”

Xiao Xi’s eyes narrowed and her heart was fuming, “I should be the one to ask you, Your Highness of Nanling, how can I be in your bed?”

Your Highness of Nanling?

Nangong Yin saw the angry Xiao Xi, his cold moon-like eyes wavered slightly and his face turned pale, “Xi’er, I didn’t mean to do anything to you.. Give me some time, and I’ll find out what really happened.”

“Okay, I trust you, but now, can you arrange for a carriage to take me back to the Regent’s Palace?”

Xiao Xi did not want to say anything more with Nangong Yin. It was hard for her to believe that he was innocent. He was the master and the rest of the dwellers here were his people. Who dared to do so without his consent?

Suddenly the door was pushed open and Qiu Lan came in.

“Young lady Xiao, do you want to go now?”

Xiao Xi saw Qiu Lan and her pupils suddenly shrank.

“It’s you… You did it, didn’t you?”

“Young lady Xiao, it’s enough to play the trick once, but if you play it again and again, it will make the master despise it.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about at all. I was going to leave that day, but someone knocked me out. Qiu Lan, this matter has nothing to do with you.”

Xiao Xi looked at Qiu Lan coldly. If Qiu Lan hadn’t found her and make her go to the mansion of Nangong Yin, there would have been no such things. So Xiao Xi was sure that Qiu Lan had arranged for her to be knocked out.

“Young lady Xiao, do you really not understand what this servant is talking about? Don’t forget that it was you, despite the deterrence of this servant, who broke into master’s room and climb into his bed while he is asleep?”

Suddenly Qiu Lan knelt down in front of Nangong Yin’s bed, she looked down and said, “Master, this servant is useless. She couldn’t stop young lady Xiao, she can only let her succeed.”

“No, I didn’t climb the bed of Nangong Yin. You’re lying.”

Xiao Xi clenched the quilt tightly with her fingers and stared at Qiu Lan indignantly. What kind of feud does she have with this woman? What complaints does she have? So far to make Qiu Lan frame her like this?



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