The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 111

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Chapter 111 part 1 — It Felt Good


Xiao Xi was shocked to see Feng Lingran coming in and stared blankly. Usually he almost always wears a dark blue robe, giving out a cold and noble temperament. However this time, he was wearing a black robe, a sudden change in atmosphere, making him look mysterious and icily arrogant, as if no one was allowed to approach the icily arrogant demon god.

“An Ancient Deity?” Xiao Xi blurted out.

Feng Lingran frowned, but he soon understood the meaning of Xiao Xi’s words. His thin lips evoked a cold smile.

He stepped up to her and looked at Ling Er in Xiao Xi’s arms, his black eyes flashing.

“You can call Ben Wang that way. Don’t try to learn any evil methods to deal with Ben Wang. This WangFu is not a place where you can just walk away as you please.”

Feng Lingran sat down slowly, with long fingers, he seized Xiao Xi’s arm and pulled her into his embrace.

Ling Er fell to the ground, black eyes glanced at Xiao Xi in Feng Lingran’s arms, it turned around, jumped on the chair, and quietly rolled up its plush body.

Xiao Xi fell into Feng Lingran’s arms and her heart trembled slightly. He just sucked her blood. Could it be that he already wants to suck her blood again?

But in the next moment, she realizes what Feng Lingran wants to do.

Feng Lingran’s long fingers reached into her lapel and groped around the soft region.

Xiao Xi’s delicate little face gradually turns red, twice in a day… she was attacked on the chest…

Feng Lingran looked down at the little girl in his arms. Her delicate little face has turned red, but she did not struggle nor resist. She could still be so calm. His dark eyes showed that he did not expect that, but he was nevertheless satisfied with her performance.

Ling Er, who was lying on the chair, suddenly raised its plush head, and looked at Feng Lingran moving his hand into the young girl’s lapel, its black beady eyes flashed with a sharp edge, but soon it was gone, and its head fell down again.

“This bone structure is still surprisingly undisturbed. There won’t be a problem with learning some self-defense skills.”

He took his hand back from the lapel, seeing that her lapel is messy and exposing her snow-white and delicate clavicle, he did not help her to tidy it, seemingly enjoying the scene.

“Just now Deity touched me… just to check my bone structure?”

Xiao Xi’s subtly blushing face smiled at Feng Lingran.

“What do you think?” Feng Lingran saw her smile, but the smile did not reach her eyes.

“I thought Deity was…… It felt good.”

Xiao Xi’s long slender eyelashes trembled and she stretched out her hand………



Sellychi: I’m sorry that its very short but I’ve been very busy….. and sick          m(_ _)m

I felt bad for not posting last friday, and I can’t just not post again this monday either so at least a short one for now and it’s also to give an update on the current situation, see ya again on the rest of the chapter, which I’ll hopefully finish this friday…

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