The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 110

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Chapter 110 — Serve on Ben Wang’s Bath


Xiao Xi’s body still did not have any strength, she gradually sank to the bottom. Holding her breath, she did not know how long she could persist at this depth. If Feng Lingran did not save her, and if her body continues to be this weak, she was afraid… that she is really going to drown this time.

After waiting for a while, the water was still very calm, Feng Lingran did not come to save her.

As Xiao Xi felt that she was unable to endure any longer, she slowly closed her eyes. Feng Lingran’s character was already not so good. Now with the possession it was much worse, maybe if she drown… she can get away and go back to the modern era.

It’s just that… she was a little reluctant to part with Zi Yi! Although Zi Yi and Feng Lingran look the same, their temperament have nothing in common, he treats her very well, an impeccable perfect master.

Xiao Xi needs oxygen badly and so she unwillingly opens her mouth. However, it was not the pool water that fills her mouth….. it was air.

Xiao Xi opens her eyes and sees a handsome face in a close proximity. Her heart was shaken hard. When did Feng Lingran come down? How come his presence… is so close to her?

Waaa ~

Xiao Xi was carried out of the pool by Feng Lingran, and at that moment, the whole thing felt like a dream.

Feng Lingran pressed a point on her body, and Xiao Xi felt strength coming back to her.

“Very weak.”

Feng Lingran looked at the little girl like a lotus flower breaking the surface. The meandering water droplets slide through every inch of her white skin. His eyes flashed a dark glint and he loosened his grip on her arm.

“Serve on Ben Wang’s bath.”

Xiao Xi thought she had misheard him. He threw her into the pool and almost drowned her. Now he carelessly told her to serve on his bath.

“I’m not your servant girl. Go look for a servant girl to wait on you. I don’t want to.”

Xiao Xi finished, turned around and left. She saw a neatly folded robe on the jade chair. She took it freely and was just about to put them on her body, when the robe slipped away from her hands and landed on the ground.

“If you want to go out, you can. But, don’t touch Ben Wang’s robe.” Feng Lingran’s cold voice sounded from behind Xiao Xi.

Xiao Xi looked down at the robe on the ground, did he really thought that she could not leave with any other covering except for this robe?

“Is that so?”


Xiao Xi took off the rest of her wet dress in front of Feng Lingran, revealing her beautiful long legs. She wrung the skirt hard, unfolded it, and tore it, making it a long piece of cloth. Xiao Xi put the long cloth over her shoulder, wrapped herself with it, and suddenly it became a chic one-shoulder dress.

Xiao Xi turned around and saw a flash of surprise in Feng Lingran’s eyes. She smiled, raised her small hand and made a goodbye gesture to him.

Xiao Xi went out, the guards saw Xiao Xi dressed in strange clothes, with a pair of delicate white arms exposed for the world to see, they immediately blushed.

“Look again, and Ben Wang will dig your eyes out.”

Feng Lingran’s cold voice came, shocking the guards. After this, who still dares to stare at Xiao Xi?

A robe was draped over Xiao Xi, covering her exposed delicate white arms.

Xiao Xi looked at Feng Lingran with some surprise. His face was cold and expressionless. Was he back to normal?

“Ben Wang’s food… I don’t like anyone touching.”

The meaning of this touch… Includes touching with the eyes.

Xiao Xi sighed in her heart, it seems that he was still possessed.

Xiao Xi returned to her room, changed into a dry dress, and ran to look for Xiao Qi.

“Steward Qin, do you know where Xiao Qi is?”

Halfway through, Xiao Xi met Qin Wen with a neatly folded Xuanpao1 held in both hands. She didn’t need to think twice that Qin Wen was going to the bathroom to bring clothes for Feng Lingran.

“When I came over, I saw Xiao Qi go to the animal enclosure with the little fox in his arms. What happened for Miss Xiao to search for Xiao Qi?”

Xiao Xi’s heart tightened and she frowned. Like master, like attendant. Xiao Qi actually took Ling Er to the animal enclosure!

“Nothing, nothing… Thank you, steward Qin.”

Xiao Xi smiled at Qin Wen and then turned around to run to the animal enclosure. Damn that Xiao Qi, if he dare to throw Ling Er into the beast ring like Feng Lingran did, she would strangle him directly in the animal enclosure.

“Miss Xiao, you must not go to the animal enclosure, if you want to find Xiao Qi, this old servant will arrange for people to call Xiao Qi, Miss Xiao……”

“Don’t bother. I’m familiar with the animal enclosure.”

Qin Wen looked at the young girl as her figure disappear in lightning speed. His brown eyes showed his surprise. Is Miss Xiao also a martial arts practitioner?

Xiao Xi ran to the animal enclosure in one breath without noticing her change. She found a beast ring and suddenly saw Xiao Qi’s figure. She walked over in a blink and released a cold aura.

“Xiao Qi, what are you doing? Do you want Ling Er to die under the black panther’s claws?

Xiao Xi furiously rushed over and picked up Ling Er which was pressed down by the claws of the Hei Feng.

Xiao Xi checked Ling Er all over and found that there were no injuries on its body. Only then did she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

“Hey! Little Miss, how do you know my name is Xiao Qi?”

Xiao Qi exquisite jewel like eyes looked at Xiao Xi, his baby face was adorned with a smile, a cute and lovable appearance.

If one was unaware of Xiao Qi’s skills, they may be deceived by the child’s innocent appearance.

“I know a lot!”

Xiao Xi’s eyes flashed, it was only natural that she would not tell Xiao Qi that she was the little fox, how could she not know Xiao Qi?

“Little Miss, how come that I feel so familiar with you? Have we met somewhere?”

“Maybe!” Xiao Xi was being vague.

“Little Miss, you are so interesting.”

Xiao Qi gave a mirthful laugh, his exquisite jewel like eyes then turned to the black panther and gleamed with a certain depth.

“Little Miss, it’s not easy for you to snatch the little fox from under the paw of the black panther! With exception to master, even Xiao Qi do not dare to grab prey from the black panther.”

Xiao Xi looked at Xiao Qi with cold eyes and said, “I gave you Ling Er, thinking that you would take good care of it. But I didn’t think, young that your are, you already have such a vicious heart, that you even took Ling Er to the animal enclosure as prey for the black panther. From now on, don’t touch Ling Er ever again.”

After that, Xiao Xi walked out off the animal enclosure with Ling Er in her arms.

“Little Miss…” Xiao Qi’s voice sounded, but Xiao Xi ignored him all the way until she got out of the animal enclosure, Xiao Qi ended up muttering to himself, “Didn’t that little fox ride on Hei Feng last time? Why was little Miss so angry?”

Xiao Xi returned to the room with Ling Er in her arms, she closed the door, sat on the bed, and touched Ling Er’s ear whilst lowering her head while facing its earway.

“Master, Master, disciple’er is looking for you.”

After waiting for a good while, Xiao Xi had just thought that Zi Yi might not answer her, when the voice of Zi Yi came.

“Little disciple, did you miss master? It has been hard to find the spirit grass. So, master still can’t go back!”

Being able to hear the voice of Zi Yi again, Xiao Xi’s heart became undoubtedly excited.

“Master, my tails suddenly disappeared. Do you know what’s going on?”

Xiao Xi finished, and waited for a moment, but she did not hear a reply from Zi Yi.

“Master, are you still there? Did you hear me?”

“Hn, I heard it.”

“Then why didn’t you answer me?”

“It’s just that master is a little sad. Little disciple doesn’t think of master. She only think of her tail.”

Xiao Xi was silent.

“Little disciple, do you really not miss master these couple of days after leaving?” Zi Yi seemed to ask sadly.

“I really did.” Today, she was thrown into the pool by Feng Lingran and she thought of Zi Yi when she felt that she was going to die.

“Little disciple, what did you say? Master could not hear.”

“In fact, I miss my master.”

“What? Master still could not hear it, can you say it louder.”

“Actually, I miss my master.” Xiao Xi almost roared.

The voice of Zi Yi’s mischievous laughter came, and Xiao Xi realized that Zi Yi did it deliberately.

“Master knows, little disciple misses master.”

Xiao Xi’s delicate little face was slightly red, “Master, you haven’t answered me yet!”

Zi Yi converged a smile, “Tail ah? The disappearance of your tails is a good thing. Master should congratulate you. You don’t have to worry about your tail being seen by Feng Lingran now. In the future, you can be rest assured and be able to sleep boldly with Feng Lingran.”

Xiao Xi’s face went black. Was this really still her master? How can you miss her then let her go to sleep with Feng Lingran?

“Master, there is also a problem with Feng Lingran. He is very abnormal right now.”


“This time when he sucked my blood, he said that I unlocked the seal in his body. It seems that he is an ancient god who has lived for many years, so long that he can’t remember who he is. Master, I tell you that I seriously suspect Feng Lingran has schizophrenia. When he is abnormal, he will fantasize about himself as an ancient god and have a really bad temper.”

“Ha ha ha…” Zi Yi laughed.

Xiao Xi frowned.

“Master, what are you laughing at? I’m telling you the truth, if you don’t believe it, you’ll see it when you come back.” After a pause, Xiao Xi continued, “Does he really have a seal in his body?”

“Let’s wait till master return and take a look! Feng Lingran’s disposition is not very good, little disciple, a wise man knows when to retreat, you need to follow him a little bit more.”

“What not very good? Feng Lingran’s disposition is obviously very poor. Master, when you come back, take your disciple’er away! Disciple’er wants to practice with you, she doesn’t want to be bullied all the time.”

The current Feng Lingran is no longer the original Feng Lingran that she was fond of, the time in which he is possessed is getting longer, and that is followed closely with the changed individual.

“Hn? Was little disciple bullied by Feng Lingran?”

“Exactly, he almost drowned me, and he also touched me…” The thought of Feng Lingran’s palm kneading over her chest made Xiao Xi blush and she did not go on talking.

“Touch you?”

After waiting for a moment, Zi Yi did not hear Xiao Xi’s voice. He smiled and said, “Since he touched you, why didn’t the little disciple touch back?”

A murder of black crows flew over Xiao Xi’s head.

“Touch back how ridiculous ah? His martial arts are so evil. Just a point on my waist and I will be too soft to move, can only receive his bullying. You also need to teach me evil martial arts to deal with him ah! Who can stay in this WangFu after being bullied like this? I’m not masochistic.”

“Ha ha ha… Little disciple, master seem to have found that you have grown a little more interesting, good, wait for master to return, then master will teach evil martial arts to deal with Feng Lingran.”

Xiao Xi was just complaining in front of Zi Yi, she did not expect for Zi Yi to really promise to teach her evil martial arts skills. Just as she opened her mouth to continue talking….

The door was pushed open.

Feng Lingran appeared in front of Xiao Xi wearing a black robe. His black eyes looked at Xiao Xi, who was leaning over the little fox’s ear, “Who do you want to deal with? Ben Wang? “



TN: I changed how Xiao Qi calls XX, the raws is “little sister” but it’s more of a closeness thing and I suppose also a little bit of sass from him, like he a sassy boy, he calls most opponents brother, in asian culture calling someone brother means that they are close, but clearly they’re enemies, like fanning the flames kind of thing making the other call, ‘who you calling brother huh?! Lemme fightchu now huff huff!’, that kind of sass talk, so I think he’s just teasing her, but how could a secret guard call his master’s lover “little sister”? So to still be polite but still have that teasing hint i make it little Miss.

Edit: Wait, just realized it’s also a thing in the west, like calling the other party “bro”….but can you imagine XQ calling out to the enemies “Come at me bro?” ugh noes sounds like a hoodlum thug, he a cute pure boy, let’s not ruin his image and keep a little semblance of politeness.



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