The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 109

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Chapter 109 — A Word Does Not Match and He Wants to Drown Her


The carriage returned to the Regent’s Palace.

Xiao Xi jumped down first and saw Feng Lingran come down with Ling Er in his arms. His face was still cold. She followed him.

“Master, Xiao Qi won.”

A figure came quickly, his youthful delicate voice was brimming with delight.

“Oh, master, this little fox…”

“For you to play with.”

Xiao Qi looked at the little fox that Feng Lingran had tucked into his arms and stared at it. He was so surprised that he could not believe his ears.

Xiao Xi frowned. She confusedly looked at Feng Lingran’s back. Ling Er was passed to Xiao Qi, seeing that Xiao Qi was still staring blankly, Xiao Xi reached out to snatch Ling Er back from Xiao Qi’s arms.

“This is from my master, little sister, you can’t snatch it.”

Xiao Xi’s finger just touched the hair of Ling Er, and in a flash, Xiao Qi’s figure that was holding Ling Er was far away from Xiao Xi.

Xiao Xi was not able to grab Ling Er and felt somewhat annoyed, suddenly her sharp eyes noticed Ling Er slowly opening its mouth, its eyes expresses its intention of biting Xiao Qi.

Xiao Xi remembered Xiao Qi’s blood incident and laughed a little in her heart. But then she thought, in the future, Xiao Gu will need to follow Xiao Qi and learn some skills. Immediately, the notion of Xiao Qi getting bit again sounds bad. She looked at Ling Er with anxiety, she wanted to tell it not to bite Xiao Qi. As soon as this intention appeared, Ling Er closed its mouths and lay down in Xiao Qi’s arms.

“Little fox, I thought that you were going to bite me again, but you didn’t… Hee-hee…”

Xiao Qi’s hand touched the snow-white hair of Ling Er and he smiled in delight.

“Still not coming?”

Feng Lingran’s cold voice came into Xiao Xi’s ear. She took back her sight and followed him, while still feeling some concern for Ling Er in her heart.

A moment later.

Xiao Xi followed Feng Lingran to the bathroom. This was…

“Feng Lingran, I want to go back to my room first and take a bath later.”

After Xiao Xi finished her words she turned around and left, her heart thumping, after remembering the time when she was a little fox, every time he was unhappy, he would throw her into the water, and she almost drowned once, that kind of feeling, she did not want to try again.

After a few steps, Xiao Xi’s arm was suddenly seized, and a strong force pulled her back.


Xiao Xi gave out a cry and fell unsteadily into Feng Lingran’s arms. A cold fragrance assaulted her nose, a dominating scent. Xiao Xi’s height only reached about Feng Lingran’s chest, and so her whole face crashed into his chest.

Xiao Xi’s heart beats violently. She lifts her face from his chest while slightly blushing, “Feng Lingran, you…”

“Want Ben Wang to carry you in? Hn?”

Feng Lingran’s dark eyes are deep, not containing the least bit of temperature, its end point seems to drag on forever, and there was a hint of strange darkness in the usual coldness.

Xiao Xi could not figure out what Feng Lingran was thinking. She bit her lip and asked, “Do you want to throw me into the pool? But I didn’t do anything wrong. So you can’t do that to me.”

Feng Lingran frowned, “You think too much.”


Did she think too much?

Feng Lingran is not going to throw her into the pool?


Feng Lingran pulled Xiao Xi by the wrist and went to the screen behind the pool. Xiao Xi looked at Feng Lingran doubtfully.

At the next moment.

Her sash was loosened, the sound of cloth ripping resounded, her eyes went down, and she was surprised to see the snow-white clothes floating down to the ground like pear blossoms.

What a mysterious mirage!

Xiao Xi saw that there was barely any garment covering her chest, her delicate white arm quickly wrapped around and covered the front of her chest, the result was a cold hum from Feng Lingran, as if he had no interest in her at all, he did not even look at her, but she was making a big fuss.

Xiao Xi’s delicate little face turned red, she looked up at Feng Lingran, and said in disbelief, “What are you humming for? Eitherway, I’m still a woman.”

Feng Lingran looked up and down at Xiao Xi, then pulled up a cold arc with his thin lips, “The skin is still fair as milk, the body is young and underripe, even after a few years you may not be able to entertain men yet. Was Nangong Yin starving without any other option? Only can go eat you?”

Xiao Xi was annoyed to hear Feng Lingran depreciating her.

“What’s wrong with Nangong Yin, can you stop talking about him? Humph, last time at night… I don’t know who… but I almost got played around repeatedly. Now, hypocritically, I’m being depreciated. Feng Lingran, you’re truly interesting.”

Feng Lingran frowned, his dark eyes were cold, his long fingers pinched her delicate chin, his handsome face suddenly approached, the tip of his nose pressed against her nose, and his cold aura came rushing, “Do you care about Nangong Yin that much after spending a night in his room? Even Ben Wang can’t say half a sentence?”

Being this close, looking at each other, Xiao Xi can clearly see the cold core in the black eyes of Feng Lingran, floating faintly in its depth, there was a dubious darkness.

Xiao Xi’s heart was startled, Feng Lingran… Feng Lingran… was being possessed again?

“No… No, Feng Lingran, you need to wake up.”

Xiao Xi was anxious to see Feng Lingran in this way, not to mention that the possessed Feng Lingran would suck her blood. What she feared most was that when Feng Lingran is like this, troubles could arise at any time out there.

Feng Lingran’s thin lips drew up a cold smile, “You found out.”

Xiao Xi frowned tightly and looked at Feng Lingran’s strangely smiling black eyes. What did he mean?

“Feng Lingran, you’re aware of your possession?”

Feng Lingran’s slender fingers suddenly hugged her waist and let her press up against his chest. Looking at Xiao Xi lose her calm, he smiled and said, “Xi’er, you are mistaken, you could say that the time that Ben Wang appears now… it’s getting longer.”

His appearance time lasts longer?

Xiao Xi repeated Feng Lingran’s words in her mind, and stared at him. That is to say, the time of Feng Lingran’s possession is longer and the normal time is shorter.

What kind of situation is this?

Xiao Xi felt his slender fingers touching her back, she lets him do what he wants.

“Why is that?”

Xiao Xi forced herself to calm down, and stayed obediently in his arms, she did not resist, which could cause him to be unhappy.

Feng Lingran’s fingers touched her round shoulder and then gently touched her neck with his fingertips, “Your blood opened the seal.”

Xiao Xi’s heart trembled fiercely for a moment. She had thought that the appearance of Zi Yi was a very mysterious illusion, but Feng Lingran’s words just now undoubtedly confirmed the illusion in her heart.


There was a seal in Feng Lingran’s body?

“Who are you then?” Xiao Xi asked.

Suddenly, Xiao Xi felt the sensation of cold lips and her heart trembled. His thin lips went up close to her, but they soon left. He did not press on her lips and ruthlessly ravaged them, but rather, it was more like an inadvertent misunderstanding.

Xiao Xi’s long feather like eyelashes trembled and her delicate little face reddened a little.

“For too long, Ben Wang does not remember who he is. He only knows that Ben Wang is now called… Feng Lingran.” His fingertips danced around her neck, “And your blood, was able to open the seal of Ben Wang. In that case, Ben Wang should thank you.”

Two “Ha” sound resounded in Xiao Xi’s head, feeling that the possessed Feng Lingran can actually communicate.

“If you want to thank me, then you can let me go first!”

“I’m afraid not, Ben Wang… is hungry. “


He’s hungry… hungry to eat ah!

Just as Xiao Xi opened her mouth wanting to let him go have dinner, he moved his thin lips down, brushed against her chin and moved to her neck.

Cold thin lips stuck to her neck, a numb pulse bore into Xiao Xi’s meridians, her heart fluttered, feeling his tongue gently lapping at her neck, Xiao Xi lets out a gasp, feeling her bones going soft, she became limp in his arms.

“M-make it fast.”

Xiao Xi’s voice was trembling, her delicate little face was so red it could make a tomato look pale.


With a light “hn” sound, he rolled up her skin and bit it lightly.

Xiao Xi grasped his arm with both hands, this way of blood sucking… is way too provocative, it was not straightforward at all.

He sucked very slowly. Xiao Xi was in his arms, feeling that her strength was being drawn out almost to the point of exhaustion. When on earth would it end?

A moment later.

Xiao Xi felt the big palm behind her turning restless, touched her back and pinching it lightly. Feng Lingran was already sucking her blood… what else does he want to do?

“Feng Lingran, have you drink well? I’m also the one who opened your seal. So can you take care of my feelings?

Xiao Xi blurted out in a delicate voice.

Feng Lingran’s thin lips left her neck, and his black eyes looked vaguely at Xiao Xi. Her red blood remained on his thin lips, which made him even more enchantingly handsome.

“Xi’er, you smell good.”


Xiao Xi started to move, wanting to leave his embrace. This Feng Lingran was so strangely fickle that she was somewhat afraid.

Feng Lingran felt her deliberate desire to get away, and his blurred black eyes suddenly flashed a strange mischievous glint. He put his big palm on Xiao Xi’s waist and lightly pinched it. He watched Xiao Xi’s body soften to the ground and her head rested on his leg.

Xiao Xi’s waist was numb, as if she had been relieved of all her strength. She opened her eyes wide and looked at Feng Lingran above.

He already sucked her blood. Now he… What else does he want?!

“Feng Lingran, you already sucked my blood, what else do you want to do?”

“Are you so afraid of Ben Wang? You think Ben Wang is interested in your little body?

No interest, then let her go ah!

Xiao Xi’s heart was going crazy. How she wish that Feng Lingran will return to normal now! Afterwards he can realize his mistake and run out with his tail between his legs…

Feng Lingran’s strange eyes looked at Xiao Xi as if he could see through the thoughts in her heart. He smiled coldly with his thin lips and stretched his long fingers towards her chest.

Xiao Xi’s heart seemed to stop beating. She looked at Feng Lingran and was completely shocked.

He, he, he… didn’t he say that towards her… he wasn’t interested?

“Keep away from Nangong Yin in the future, hn?”

Feng Lingran’s fingers knead around, and his domineering voice leave no room for a refusal.

Xiao Xi pursed her lips, and her eyes shone slightly, “Feng Lingran, you are like this… because you’re afraid that it’s not good?”

“What’s wrong with it?” He asked.

Xiao Xi’s heart was ruined. What’s wrong with it? He doesn’t know what’s wrong?

“Take your hands off first.”

Xiao Xi admires herself a little. In this situation, she can still talk with Feng Lingran calmly.

Feng Lingran’s fingers stopped, he stooped down and stared at Xiao Xi lying on his leg with black eyes.

“You can’t do what Ben Wang said?”


Right after Xiao Xi uttered her question, she suddenly flew into the pool in an arc, and made a big splash on the surface of the water. She opened her eyes wide, Feng Lingran’s temper is too bad, a word does not match and he wants to drown her.



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