The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 105

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Chapter 105 — Xiao Gu


The maids hearing that Xiao Xi will go by herself, quickly stopped in front of Xiao Xi.

Xiao Xi sees the situation and frowned, “Did your Gongzi told you to lock me up in the room?”

“Gongzi did not say to lock young lady Xiao in the room, but… young lady Xiao’s foot is injured, Gongzi let’s you rest in the room out of concern for you ah! Young lady Xiao must not waste Gongzi’s concern.”

“In that case, you want to lock me up in the room.” Xiao Xi saw the faces of the three maids change slightly. She continues, “You do know that he cares about me too. If he knows that I have something to do but you repeatedly obstruct me and don’t prepare a carriage for me, leading to the foot injury getting worse. Then, when your Gongzi returns, I’m afraid you won’t get any good results either.” Xiao Xi’s last sentence hits the nail on the head, successfully suppressing the three maids.

Xiao Xi did not want to resort to using the serious foot injury to guilt trip the three maids, but if even the three maids could not be coaxed, she would not be able to get out of the mansion at all today, and the little snow wolf would go hungry.

This is the growing time for the little snow wolf, his daily food intake should not be interrupted.

“Young lady Xiao, it’s clear that you have to leave the mansion despite our advice. How can you frame us so in front of Gongzi?”

One of the maids complained, but another maid pulled the corner of her dress.

“Since young lady Xiao has something to do outside of the mansion, this servant will ask the housekeeper to prepare a carriage for young lady Xiao.”

“Sister Lan… but Gongzi has ordered…”

Qiu Lan threw a meaningful gaze, and the two maids immediately closed their mouths.

After a while, the carriage arrived, driven by a cold and stern man. He does not resemble a coachman, but more like one of the royal palace’s high expert instead. Nangong Yin is the crown prince of Nanling, it was matter of course for him to be accompanied by highly skilled in martial arts guards.

Xiao Xi got into the carriage, now she only need to get  to the outskirts.

As Xiao Xi settled herself in the carriage, a voice came from outside, “Outskirts, troublesome.”


The cold and stern man did not reply to Xiao Xi, he silently urged the carriage to move towards the outskirts.


At the mansion.

“Sister Lan, why did you let her out of the mansion? If Gongzi returns, how should we explain this?” worried Xia Chu.

“Then what happens if we don’t let her out? Chu’er, didn’t you hear her threatening us like that? When Gongzi returns, she will bite back in front of him. Gongzi will surely side with her and blame us, for we don’t matter to him. Chu’er, you know that sister Lan towards Gongzi…….”

“All right, Dong’er, stop talking nonsense.” Qiu Lan’s beautiful face was a little red.

Xia Chu came over to Qiu Lan, took Qiu Lan’s arm and looked at her blushing face, “Sister Lan blushed! Sister Lan blushed!”

“Chu’er, you bad girl.” Qiu Lan pretended to be angry and pinched Xia Chu’s arm.

“Aaaah~ sister Lan, don’t pinch, Chu’er knows it’s wrong, knows it’s wrong.” Xia Chu’s arm aches slightly, but it was more of a ticklish feeling rather than pain causing her to giggle.

They two joked for a moment.

Xia Chu then said, “Sister Lan, we have been by Gongzi’s side for many years. We know that you have feelings for Gongzi in your heart, so far that you are willing to come here and serve Xiao Xi, but this Xiao Xi person is too much. She has only just arrived in this mansion, and she already have an arrogant and domineering face, would it not be even more excessive in the future?”

Fu Dong frowned, “Yes! When Xiao Xi saw us this morning, she was hostile to us and refused to let us wait on her. Now she deliberately finds fault with us and tells us that she has an important thing to do, what important thing is it to warrant her to go out? I think she is clearly doing it on purpose, deliberately came up with this important thing, so that Gongzi will frown upon us.”

Qiu Lan’s face warped. Upon reflection, Xiao Xi might really be like what Xia Chu and Fu Dong said, and had done everything on purpose.

What a despicable woman.

“Sister Lan, although Gongzi took Xiao Xi into the mansion, it was merely for her own sake… but Xiao Xi is greedy, she wants to be spoiled and pampered by Gongzi, we have to prevent that!”

Xia Chu nodded repeatedly at the words, “I think Xiao Xi is caught in her own sick dream of Gongzi. She thinks that he really likes her, and then she regards herself as the mistress of the mansion. Humph! She’s the kind of girl that gets smitten with high position and great wealth. I’m waiting forward to see her fall from her dream, crushed to pieces, and receive eternal damnation.”

“Chu’er, you can’t talk nonsense.” Qiu Lan frowned at the Xia Chu, “If Gongzi’s matter is revealed, you should know the consequences.”

Xia Chu’s face went pale, she hung her head down, “Sister Lan, Chu’er made a blunder.”

Qiu Lan’s eyes swept Fu Dong with a deep look, and said, “From now on, nobody can mention anything about Gongzi. As for Xiao Xi, we should do our best to do our part well. If she can’t bear us with all her heart, Gongzi will surely see it in her eyes.” and see Xiao Xi’s true colors.


Once they reached the outskirts, the carriage stopped.

Xiao Xi stepped out of the carriage with the lunch box, and saw the cold and stern man standing off of the carriage, seemingly intending to follow her. Xiao Xi’s eyes flashed.

“Just wait for me here. I’ll be back in an hour.”

“There are wild beasts in this forest, young lady Xiao, what are you going to do in there? Don’t tell me, you want to give food to the beasts.” The man glanced at Xiao Xi’s food box.

“Yes, I’m here to feed the beasts, so don’t follow me.”

He was somewhat surprised that Xiao Xi would say so. He then watched Xiao Xi turn around and walk away. An Ye gave a slight frown, but he otherwise did not raise a foot.

Xiao Xi walked a long distance, looking back, she did not see the figure of An Ye following, she then turned a certain direction and walked towards the cave where the little snow wolf was at.

A moment later.

The little boy in the cave saw Xiao Xi come in and bound over excitedly. This time, instead of jumping into Xiao Xi’s arms to lick her, he took the initiative to help Xiao Xi carry the food box, put it on the ground, and clumsily open the food box.

Xiao Xi looked at the boy’s action with surprise and said with a smile, “Little snow wolf, you are so smart, you’ve already learned after only watching it once.”

The little boy seemed to understand that Xiao Xi was praising him. He grinned at Xiao Xi, showing off a brilliant and dazzling smile.

Xiao Xi raised her hand and stroked the little boy’s head. She watched him bring out the bowl from within the lunch box and eat using the chopsticks. His actions was obviously much better than yesterday.

Xiao Xi watched the little boy finish the food and helped her put away the chopsticks and bowl into the food box. Xiao Xi felt a sense of relief in her heart. In such a short time, the little snow wolf finally acts somewhat like a proper human.

“Little snow wolf, you’ve done well, but next I need to teach you to speak like me.”

Xiao Lu spoke slowly and pronounced every word clearly. She looked at the little boy carefully, pointing to her mouth, and then pointing to the little boy’s mouth, trying to teach him the pronunciations of words.

The little boy also learned to open his mouth, but the sound that came out was only, “Ao… Woo… “

Xiao Xi taught him several times, but the little boy would say nothing except for howling.

Xiao Xi sighed, she pats the little boy’s head and said, “Okay, don’t howl, maybe it’s not as easy as eating. Let’s take our time! I believe that one day, you will open your mouth to speak.”

Xiao Xi looked at the delicate jade face of the little boy. His clear eyes were especially beautiful, like the most exquisite brightly shining gemstone in the world. Oh right, the little snow wolf has now become human, but he has no name yet!

“When I was ten years old, my father said that he wanted to give me a younger brother and name him Xiao Gu. He said that when my brother grew up, he could take care of me. Ten years later, and my younger brother has yet to come. Little snow wolf, you will be called Xiao Gu from now on! You’re my brother, okay?”

The little boy looked at Xiao Xi’s gentle expression, it was not known if he understood her, but he nodded his head slightly.

Xiao Xi looked at the little snow wolf, a gentle smile on her lips, “Xiao Gu, I’ll teach you how to write your name.”

She picked up a small stone with a pointed edge and wrote it down one by one on the ground,…… Xiao…. Gu.

Xiao Gu follows after Xiao Xi, he picks up a small stone, and writes on the ground, with skewed strokes. Although the writing was not the best, he writes them out…… Xiao Gu.

Xiao Xi’s eyes were full of surprise. Little Snow Wolf seemed to learn everything very quickly except for speaking.

It was almost an hour.

Xiao Xi went out of the cave, while Xiao Gu obediently stayed in the cave. She looked out at the swaying trees and thought of her parents in the modern era. She wonder if they are well right now? Finding news of her absence, did they……

Xiao Xi closed her eyes and felt a slight bitterness in her heart. She opened her eyes again, the edges were slightly red. She looked up at the endless sky and said, “Dad, Mom, Xixi has a younger brother now, you must keep on living well. Don’t be too sad that Xixi is not there. Xixi is living very well in another world. It’s really…. very well.”

An Ye has waited for nearly an hour, but did not see Xiao Xi come out, his frown got deeper and deeper, he was about to go into the woods to find her, when he finally saw Xiao Xi’s figure.

She came over with her lunch box, face hanging down, and looking unhappy.

Xiao Xi’s mood was not An Ye’s concern. As long as she does not leave without permission, he would take her back to the mansion and complete the task.

Xiao Xi got into the carriage, the wheels turn, and headed to a certain direction. Xiao Xi pushed aside the curtains and leaned over the window. Looking at the scenery passing by outside, something suddenly clicked in her mind.

She hurriedly said to An Ye, ” I know how to return to the Regent’s Palace from here. Can you send me back to the Regent’s Palace?”

An Ye ignored Xiao Xi, waving the reins, he continues driving.

“Hey, did you not hear me? I know how to return to the Regent’s Palace. Your Gongzi promised to send me back to the Regent’s Palace today….”

Xiao Xi shouted from the window for a long time, but still An Ye ignored her. Xiao Xi was getting annoyed, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Forget it, she will go back to Nangong Yin’s mansion first! Then let Nangong Yin send someone to send her back to the Regent’s Palace, she has disappeared for two days and one night, if she does not go back, perhaps Feng Lingran will think that the little fox ran away!

Xiao Xi quietly memorized the route from the outskirts to the mansion of Nangong Yin. As she approached the mansion, Xiao Xi suddenly saw a familiar figure. Although she was wearing a veil, she recognized those eyes, and they belonged to Yun Ni Junzhu.

Seeing Yun Ni Junzhu walk into one of the capital’s top tea houses, Xiao Xi’s eyes flashed a bright light. Is Feng Lingran in the tea house?



Sellychi: I don’t know why but that younger brother thing XX talks about seems kind of dark somehow… actually the whole remembering her parents thing is also kinda dark……sometimes we forget she’s a normal girl with a family somewhere…..

Also schedule will be 2x a week now [Mon/Fri]

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