The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 102

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Chapter 102 — You Can Only Be a Eunuch in Your Lifetime


Xiao Xi felt like she was a cabbage lying on the bed. She was sold and asked to be enjoyed happily.

Xiao Xi’s fingers twitched slightly under the covers, she was paralyzed for so long that her body really did not have much strength, as Xiang Chun said, she felt weak.

Hearing the footsteps gradually coming closer from the door, her long eyelashes quivered under the veil, and her heart trembled slightly. Right now she is still very weak. She hopes that it is not a crude pervert who comes in.

Xiao Xi continued to “lie stiff like a corpse” on the bed. She heard the footsteps drawing closer to the bed. She breathed slowly. The veil was thin, but it still hindered her sight. She could not see the man standing beside the bed at all.

The man did not immediately rush up and touch her all over, indicating that he still has some manners, at least he was not a crude pervert.

Xiao Xi kept silent and laid there quietly, waiting for her weak body to gradually recover its strength.

The man’s vision shifted from her delicate figure to the thin cloth on her curved clavicle and to the veil covered face. The man’s eyes darkens and his thin lips evokes a sneer. In the brothel, he did not seek death nor life. He was calm and collected, which made him a little unexpected.

The man sat on the bedside, his long fingers lightly grabbed Xiao Xi’s delicate white hand, and caressed the back of her hand with his rough finger pads.

Xiao Xi’s fingers trembled slightly, the man’s fingers was coarse. Xiang Chun said that he was a Gongzi. Then the man must have practiced the art of the sword for a long time for his fingers to have thick calluses like this.

What terrible luck! How could she be given someone who knows how to fight?

Although the man was rubbing the back of Xiao Xi’s hand, his eyes was looking at Xiao Xi’s veiled face. The veil was light and thin. The strange thing was that Xiao Xi could not see him, but he could see Xiao Xi’s delicate face clearly.

The man saw Xiao Xi’s flustered eyes, and the arc of his mouth grew colder.

Those slender fingers seemed to be tired of playing with the back of her hand and began moving upward along her smooth and tender wrist. Even though it was separated by a layer of cloth, she could still feel the temperature of his fingers on her skin.

Xiao Xi has been lying still and never said a word. If it was not for her eyes that gradually became even more flustered, the man would have thought that she was calm and had been accustomed to the business of sleeping with other men for a long time.

How long can you endure?

The man’s black eyes flashed with a cold glint, his fingers moved to her delicate clavicle, and pulled aside the thin cloth on her body, exposing the lotus white undergarment which was comparable to her smooth delicate skin. Suddenly, the man’s mouth felt dry, and his eyes flashed with an off-color glint. Although the little girl was young and not yet ripe, she could still entice a man’s desire.

Is this how Feng Lingran got bewitched?

The curling fragrance in the air drifts into the man’s nose, a charming scent. His eyes become all the more salacious, and his eyes blurred…

Suddenly the man’s fingers pressed on her shoulder, gradually putting more pressure, as he growled, “You little minx.”

Then he tore off his belt, his mind flooding with the desire to do things to the little girl on the bed. His lewd eyes was ready to ravage her…..

Just as the man took off his robe and trousers, a slender leg flew up and kicked him off of the bed. The little girl immediately got up and flicked her fingers twice at the man’s midpoint. Two purple lights flashed towards the man’s midpoint, rendering the man unable to stand up straight from the pain. His black eyes fiercely glared at the little girl.

Xiao Xi saw Leng Yuhan on the ground with his clothes thrown about. Stunned by the sight, she pulled the corners of her mouth, and pointed at Leng Yuhan, “You shameless adulterer, you not only chased me back to Eastern Jin, but also came up with such an immoral way to sell me into a brothel?”

At this moment, Xiao Xi fully understood why Ling Er was caught, and she was sold to a brothel. It was all Leng Yuhan’s doing. This adulterer was really too much. He sold her for one thousand liang and bought her for three thousand liang.

Xiao Xi’s mood plummets.

Leng Yuhan’s black eyes flashed with a cold light, adulterer?

“You stole my Huo Yi Grass and Jindan. If you don’t return them to me, this matter will never end.”

He thought that it was the little fox who stole them. That is until recently, he saw the little fox was cutely draped on Xiao Xi’s arms. It was only then did Leng Yuhan realized who had really stole his Huo Yi Grass and Jindan. Clearly, the real cunning “little fox” is in front of him.

Xiao Xi saw Leng Yuhan have one palm holding on to his injured waist, sitting on the ground unable to rise, she laughed and jumped out of the bed.

“The Huo Yi Grass and Jindan had long left me. What can I give you back? Adulterer, return to Nanling immediately! You are not welcomed here in Eastern Jin. This little girl is tired and will not accompany you. Bye-bye.”

Xiao Xi walked pass Leng Yuhan, this adulterer’s martial arts is very high, when his strength returns, she will be finished. She better return to the Regent’s Palace first, after finding Feng Lingran, she then can find a way to rescue Ling Er!

The adulterer did not get the Huo Yi Grass nor the Jindan, it was unlikely that he will harm Ling Er.

Xiao Xi slips away quickly. Just as she was about to open the door, her ankle was suddenly wrapped up by something. Her body flew up, and she was pulled in the direction of the adulterer.


Xiao Xi crashed into Leng Yuhan’s side. When she saw his hand coming to grab her, Xiao Xi’s fingers flicked several shots at Leng Yuhan. As the purple light flew, Leng Yuhan’s black eyes flashed with a glint. He moved to the side and avoided them. Seeing her jade foot, he suddenly pulled the silk rope in his other hand. Xiao Xi tumbled to the ground and was thrown into a loop. His fingers came into contact with her jade foot, Xiao Xi rapidly responded by kicking at Leng Yuhan’s face.

“Adulterer, go die! Go to hell!” Xiao Xi’s jade foot kicked and abused his face. She was so angry that she was even afraid of herself.

Xiao Xi kicked his face several times, not to mention the pain, this was even enough to damage his face.

Leng Yuhan having endured her kicks, pulled up the jade foot that he was holding and bit it.


Xiao Xi’s painful shout resounded, “Leng Yuhan, you damned pervert, let go, let go of my toes ah…”

Leng Yuhan bit into Xiao Xi’s toes until they bled. Suddenly, another jade foot flew in front of his eyes. Leng Yuhan finally loosened his bite on Xiao Xi’s toes, and slapped away her foot. Xiao Xi’s body fell backwards. She knew that there was a wall not far behind. This fall, it will either lead to her bumping her head against the wall or against the table and chair below. This wretched adulterer was extremely hateful.

Xiao Xi’s eyes were filled with tears as she glares at the adulterer fiercely. Her fingers flicked at the adulterer quickly. If you are not sparing me, I am not sparing you either.

Xiao Xi’s fingers flicked one after the other and shoots with all her heart.

Leng Yuhan dodges side to side, but was still unable to avoid all of the torrential shots of purple light, the space between his eyebrows was hit, immediately turning red.

“I hit it, ha ha ha ha…”

As soon as Xiao Xi’s voice fell, her head hits the wall. Extreme joy turns into sorrow, it hurt so much ah!

Xiao Xi covered her head and noticed a pair of scissors on the chair. Her eyes brightens, she picked up the scissors and cut the silk rope on her feet. Without a second thought she throws them at Leng Yuhan, it would also be great if they struck both of his eyes.

As Leng Yuhan evades the scissors, Xiao Xi deftly climbed up the chair and table then jumped out of the window.

Leng Yuhan saw Xiao Xi cunningly escape from the window, he stood up, wanting to give chase. But he then noticed his lack of clothes, his black eyes flashed cold light.

“What happened? Gongzi, what happened?

Presumably, the brothel keeper heard something wrong in the room. She pushed open the door and asked in a hurry.

The brothel keeper looked into the room and was met with a great majority of Leng Yuhan, that fine and sturdy figure of his made her swallow her saliva……


Leng Yuhan was fuming, he picked up his robe and quickly wore it before jumping out of the window himself. He must catch that cunning little girl and torture her until she is kneeling and begging for mercy. His current rage was difficult to eliminate.

Xiao Xi ran quickly, climbed an acacia tree, jumped to the wall of the brothel, and jumped off of the wall to the outside. Doing all this, her toes… they were in so much pain!

Leng Yuhan that adulterer… Is he a rabid dog who bites at toes without feeling nauseous?

Xiao Xi curses the adulterer, Leng Yuhan, many times in her heart. After a while, her body grew weary, and her toes throbs painfully with every step.

She does not know how long she had ran. Xiao Xi stopped and looked around. It was too dark and she was not familiar with the area. She seemed to be… lost. She has no idea on how to get back to the Regent’s Palace.

Sorrow filled her heart.

Xiao Xi was exhausted. She leans against a wall behind her, pants and looks at the moon in the sky. At this time, Feng Lingran should have returned to the Regent’s Palace. If he does not see the little fox in the Regent’s Palace, will he send someone out to look for her?

If he sends someone out to look for her, perhaps the adulterer will stop chasing her and retreat after seeing Feng Lingran’s men.

“Where do you think you can escape to this time?”

The devil-like voice of Leng Yuhan fell from the sky, and a dark shadow drew closer.

Xiao Xi’s heart suddenly races, pointing at the shadow, she shoots several purple lights, he avoids them and shortens their distance. Xiao Xi kept her fingers pointed at Leng Yuhan.

“I can use my Yang Zhi Divine Skill right now. You’d better stay away from me. I’ve only hurt the space between your brows this time. But I can hurt other places too, then…” Xiao Xi’s line of sight moved down, to below his waist. She scolded herself in her mind for being dirty, and continues nonetheless, “You can only be an eunuch in your life.”

Leng Yuhan seeing Xiao Xi’s gaze, frowns and instinctively clamps his legs together, then he coldly said, “What a vulgar woman.”

Xiao Xi’s mouth slightly pulls, “Compared with you, this is vulgar? I would like to gracefully step down. In this world, only you can think of selling someone to a brothel and then spending money on them.”

From Xiao Xi’s satirized words, Leng Yuhan’s handsome face turned green and blue. He originally wanted to frighten the hateful little girl, let her retreat from her difficulties and hand over what he wanted, but he did not expect Xiao Xi to have a hidden skill, what could happen with… Yang Zhi Divine Skill?

Why hasn’t he ever heard of a Yang Zhi Divine Skill?

Suddenly, Xiao Xi saw a noble sedan chair not far away. Although it was dark, Xiao Xi saw the shining night pearl on the sedan chair. There must be a noble owner sitting in the sedan chair.

“Help! Perverted wolf is bullying a weak women. Help! Help!

Xiao Xi shouted at the top of her lungs. Leng Yuhan frowns deeply, he wants to capture her right now, but he does not dare get closer from the threat of her Yang Zhi Divine Skill…..



Sellychi: With this we now know that Leng Yuhan has a damn fine body and also has a foot fetish hahaha…

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