The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 — Scream Again at Night


Xiang Chun was a burly maidservant. With strong arms, she lifts Xiao Xi, who had taken off her clothes, and dropped her into a barrel tub littered with floating white acacia petals. Her rough palm went to the top of Xiao Xi’s head, then she pushes Xiao Xi’s whole head under the water.

Xiao Xi held her breath without an ounce of fear, she knows that Xiang Chun will not drown her in the tub.

Sure enough……

Soon, Xiang Chun pulled Xiao Xi’s head onto the surface of the water. Watching the water from Xiao Xi’s head trickle down her delicate and flawless face, emitting a charming fragrance that attracts the spirit, Xiang Chun giggled.

Xiao Xi felt like a water demon now, with an insane maidservant smiling in front of her. She blinked her wet eyes and let out a sigh, “Sister Xiang Chun, I don’t understand. Why do you use white acacia petals to bathe me? Isn’t it better to use rose petals?”

“Rose petals?” Xiang Chun’s voice was as rough as herself, it has no feminine charm at all. She goes on to say, “There are no roses here, only white acacia trees, all of which are planted in the backyard, the respected guests that visits here favors their enchanting fragrance.”

Are they all white acacia trees?

Xiao Xi frowned and asked with a puzzled look, “Why is the entire backyard planted with acacia trees?”

The silly smile on Xiang Chun’s face gradually disappeared, and her eyes turned blank. She whispered, “Because the respected guests loves them.”


Xiao Xi saw the blank eyes of Xiang Chun and her heart trembled slightly, there was an ominous feeling.

The respected guests loves them? That enchanting fragrance…

Xiao Xi stared at the brothel with big eyes. It must have been the women who had been tortured by the guests. The bodies of those women were buried under the acacia trees and that nurtured the enchanting fragrance that attracts more guests, was that it?

This scene… She seems to have seen it in some horror movie.

Xiao Xi’s heart trembled fiercely. Looking down, she saw the white acacia petals floating on the water twists and turns into the face of a woman from the brothel giving her an eerie smile.


Xiao Xi let out a scream. She do not want to soak anymore, she do not want to be in this water!

Xiang Chun was startled by Xiao Xi’s sudden scream. Her rough hand lifted a handful of water and splashed it on Xiao Xi’s face, “Why are you screaming? Go scream again at night.”

Xiao Xi was blinded by the water. She closed her eyes and opened them a moment later, “Sister Xiang Chun, I don’t want to soak here any more. Will you let me get up?”

“No, every girl who comes in must stay here until evening before serving a distinguished guest. You are no exception.”

“I really do not want to continue soaking, so, sister Xiang Chun, tonight I will give you half of the silver I earn, as long as you be generous right now.”

Xiang Chun’s face showed surprise, this was the first time that she was offered a lot of silver. The brothel keeper does not keep all of the money to herself, in order to keep a balanced working place, she shares a part of the profit with the girls, to let them earn some money.

“Do you really want to split half with me?”

The girls who enter this establishment, whether they are willing or not, basically had no return. Xiao Xi could just say that, and bait Xiang Chun with some silver.

“Of course, money is merely a worldly possession. I’ve been forced into Goddess Pavilion without given any choice. In the future, I will depend on sister Xiang Chun’s care, so it is appropriate to divide half the money between sister Xiang Chun and I.”

Xiao Xi gave a reasonable argument. How can those beautiful eyes, staring pleadingly at Xiang Chun, and the temptation of silver, not pull at a person’s heart strings?

“You are a reasonable person.”

Xiang Chun lifted Xiao Xi from the barrel tub. Catching a glimpse of Xiao Xi’s white and tender skin, Xiang Chun’s heart was filled with envy. Some women are born with such beauty. Unlike her, her hands were thick and the beauty of women was not bestowed upon her at all.

Xiao Xi noticed Xiang Chun staring at her body then to her rough hands, her eyes could not hide her woe. Xiao Xi’s eyes glimmered with a cunning glint.

“Sister Xiang Chun, after receiving tonight’s guest and get paid. Let me take you to buy a special skin cream. I heard that it can make your skin supple and tender when applied to your hands and body.” Xiao Xi began her smooth talk.

“Really? Is there such a miracle? After smearing it, will it be as smooth and tender as yours?”

“Well, to tell you quietly, my original skin condition was not so good. It was because of the special skin cream that I became the present me. Soon this cream will be popular throughout Eastern Jin in the future, and become a woman’s skin care saint.”

Xiao Xi saw Xiang Chun’s hopeful gaze and continued talking. In fact, there were loopholes in this talk, but Xiang Chun has now been fascinated by the special cream, no matter how big of a loophole there is, she would have actively ignored it to indulge herself in the fantasy of beauty.

This was probably the fatal weakness of women.

“Achoo.” Xiao Xi sneezed, and said, “I feel cold.”

Xiang Chun immediately picked up the towel, wipe the water off of Xiao Xi’s body, and helped her into the colorful clothes. The outfit was truly light and thin, like a gauze draped on her body, not hiding any of the exquisite and delicate curves, its slightly transparent material will easily be able to stir people’s hearts and minds.

Xiang Chun looked at Xiao Xi and swallowed her saliva, “You’re beautiful.”

Xiao Xi smiled lightly, “Sister Xiang Chun, I’m going to receive guests tonight. Can I first sleep a little right now?”

When Xiang Chun saw that Xiao Xi genuinely wants to receive guests properly, she nodded and carried Xiao Xi to the bed, “You go and sleep! Sleep well so that your spirit will be better in the evening, and also so the service of respected guests will not be affected…” Before she finished, she smiled and said, “You have a good rest, pretend that I said nothing.”

Xiao Xi noticed that Xiang Chun was gradually opening her heart and stopped asking for much. She had entered a brothel, what good could she expect from the guests? What she’s thinking about now is…

“Sister Xiang Chun, tonight when I’ll receive the guest, I want you to be the one to carry me into the room.”

Xiang Chun has gotten a favorable impression of Xiao Xi, even though this “favorable impression” was caused by silver.

“Okay, sister promises you.”

Xiao Xi closed her eyes and actually slept, it really was not because she was broad-minded, but because the matter had come to an end, being worried would be useless, the fight will start at night.

In a blink, night time arrived, and Goddess Pavilion is filling up with the voices of their patrons.

When Xiang Chun entered Xiao Xi’s room, she saw that Xiao Xi was awake. Her eyes sparkled and she said, “Sister, how lucky you are!”

“…” How is it lucky when you are being sent to be defiled?

“Today, a patron splurged three thousand liang for your time. That young man is very handsome. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen.”

Xiao Xi’s heart moved, the most handsome?

“Sister Xiang Chun, does that man seem to look like the handsome Regent of Eastern Jin?” Was it Feng Lingran that came?

Xiao Xi’s small heart thumps with expectation.

“The Regent is number one in the whole of Eastern Jin when it comes to being handsome, he also has power and dignity, truly the image of the perfect noble. Sister, in the whole Eastern Jin, there is only one regent, no one can match, but the young man is no less handsome than the regent.”

Hearing Xiang Chun’s praise, Xiao Xi suddenly laughed, “Is he really as good as you said?”

“That’s not my own words. It’s what all the women in Eastern Jin are saying. Believe it or not, go and try asking a girl in Goddess Pavilion later. Unfortunately, the Regent does not desire any woman and has never stepped even half a step into Goddess Pavilion.” Xiang Chun said sadly, “I haven’t had a chance to see the handsome face of the Regent yet.”

Xiao Xi’s black eyes turned slightly, she said with a smile, “I’m lucky to have seen his real face.”

Half a beat later, Xiang Chun exploded with excitement, “What? You have seen the real face of the Regent? Hurry tell sister, how does he look? Is he like a Deity from the Heavenly Palace?”

“Sister Xiang Chun, it’s time for me to receive the guest.” Xiao Xi reminded her.

Xiang Chun responded by picking Xiao Xi up from the bed and walking quickly towards the door.

“Sister, after you have received your guest, you must have a good talk with your sister about the real face of the Regent.”

A man’s preference! Feng Lingran’s preference, even the maidservants in the brothels are concerned about it.

Xiao Xi’s eyes flashed with a glint, she sighed and said, “I’m going to meet the patron with my acupuncture point sealed, I’ll be unable to resist, I don’t know… can this little life of mine still see the sun tomorrow?”

“Sister, don’t be sad. Big sis thinks that he is not a crude man.”

“He might look refined on the outside, but he could be a rotten person in the inside. People like that exists here. How bitter is the fate of brothel women! “

After saying that, tears dripped down.

Xiang Chun’s heart had already softened towards Xiao Xi. Upon seeing the tears she hastily comforted, “Don’t cry sister. Don’t cry. Let big sister think of something.”

“What else can be done? Big sister can’t unlock my acupuncture point, just let me die in that man’s room! I just hope that big sister can receive the money in my stead and bury my body under an acacia tree in the backyard. During Qingming 1, please burn some paper money to give to sister in the nether world.”

“Now, now, sister, don’t talk nonsense. At this point big sister is going to cry, you won’t die, your sister won’t let you die.” Xiang Chun’s eyes wept quietly, not knowing that she was holding a cunning fox in her arms. She went on to say, “When I bring you into the room later, I’ll unlock your acupuncture point, but you have to promise me that if that man treats you well, you’ll pretend that you haven’t been unlocked at all.”

Xiao Xi replied in a manner as if she was emotionally touched, “Big sister, you are really a kind big sister. I understand, if that man treats me well, I will willingly stay silent. Naturally, I will not tell a soul about big sister’s involvement in this. Sister Xiang Chun, you can rest assured that once Xi’er passed this mountain, all the received silver from future guests will be divided equally with big sister without exception, after all we are blessed to share.”

Xiao Xi’s words has caused Xiang Chun’s heart to be fired up. If time permits, she would probably go to the temple to immediately tie the knot with Xiao Xi.

Xiao Xi was carried by Xiang Chun into a top-notch room, where incense curled dispersing a special fragrance.

A piece of thin cloth covered Xiao Xi’s face. While Xiang Chun unlocked Xiao Xi’s acupuncture point, she whispered in her ear, “Once the acupuncture point is unlocked, your body will be weak for a while. You must not move or take off the cloth on your face. This is the rule in Goddess Pavilion. Only the respected guest can take off the veil and remove the colorful clothes on you personally. Big sister can only help you so far, after tonight, your future road will be smooth.”

After that, Xiang Chun went away.

Xiao Xi made a slight pull to the corner of her mouth. After tonight, the “future road” will be smooth. Does she really expect her to settle down in this brothel in the future?

“The little Beauty is ready for Gongzi to enjoy happily!” The sound of the door being opened was accompanied by the brothel keeper’s flattery.



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