The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 100

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Chapter 100 — Sell into a Brothel


Xiao Xi blinked her eyes, give it to her? Is there such a good thing?


Since the owner of this jade shop despises her so much and thinks that she is a poor girl, she will give him a hard time to irritate him!

“Boss, you better stay true to your words! Everybody’s watching. When the time comes get ready to lose some face.”

Xiao Xi smiled and took out a thousand liang from her person and shook them before his eyes.

“Well, this little lady can really pull out a thousand liang, certainly from a rich household, this time Chen Heixin really lost a lot.”

“Indeed, I see that the silver notes the little lady is holding are worth even more than a thousand liang. There could even be more than a few thousand liang worth of silver notes in there! Chen Heixin’s jade hairpin will be given to the little lady.”

“Calm down, don’t forget to breathe, ha ha ha…”

“No way, ha ha ha ha…”

Onlookers who just watches deals with no consequence, everybody chimes in their thoughts, making the owner of the jade shop, Chen Heixin, the butt of the joke.

The owner of the jade shop had an ugly expression, he glared angrily at the people standing watch at the door, “What are you laughing at? What’s so funny? You dogs, scram. If you can’t afford it, then don’t stand at the door blocking the customers from entering my shop.”

“Chen Heixin, you act like a snob. Today you lost to the hands of a little girl and you still don’t give the jade hairpin to her? Do you want to be called Shameless Chen?

“Shameless, just very shameless. You are the only one in the entire capital to be titled Shameless Chen. Ha ha ha ha…”


Everyone around here knows that the owner of the jade shop is a black-hearted man. They are  more or less upset with him, his business was going well and so he looks down on others. But to see him now, as he fell in Xiao Xi’s hand, how can everyone let go of this chance to laugh at him heartlessly? Who’s going to defend him?

“All of you shut up.”

The owner of the jade shop had a gloomy expression, he threw a glare at Xiao Xi and put the jade hairpin in her hand, “It’s yours, now get lost!”

Xiao Xi clicked her tongue, now holding the hairpin on her hand, she smashed it to the ground and broke it into pieces.

When the people saw this scene, they all stopped laughing. Even the owner of the jade shop was rendered speechless by Xiao Xi’s sudden display.

“This cheap thing is not worth my attention.” After a pause, Xiao Xi spoke again, “Selfishness is a disease, go cure it. Otherwise, this shop will be off of your hands sooner or later.”

After saying that, Xiao Xi walked away with Ling Er in her arms.

The crowd gave way and looked admiringly at Xiao Xi’s departing figure. This little lady is remarkable.

After Xiao Xi left, people continued to sneer at the owner of the jade shop, leaving him seething with anger.

Xiao Xi went towards the Regent’s Palace with Ling Er in her arms. After such an spectacle with the owner of the jade shop, she was in no mood to continue shopping.

Suddenly, someone bumped into Xiao Xi’s shoulder.

“Sorry, sorry, my mistake.” After that, the man trotted away.

Xiao Xi frowned and touched her sore shoulder with her small hand. Does this person not look where he’s walking?

Suddenly, Ling Er jumped down from Xiao Xi’s arms and chased after the man.

“Ling Er, don’t run ah!”

Xiao Xi hurried to catch up with Ling Er.

The man who just bumped into Xiao Xi heard the commotion behind him and ran faster.

Seeing his reaction, Xiao Xi reflects on the situation, that person… If he were to steal her silver notes, Ling Er will undoubtedly give chase.

Soon, the man ran into an empty alleyway, and Ling Er bit into his leg. Immediately, blood leaked out, staining his whole leg. He could not shake Ling Er off at all.

“I’ll give you the money back. So tell your beast to let go!”

When the man saw Xiao Xi coming, his face was riddled with fear and pain. He took out the silver notes stolen from Xiao Xi and pleaded.

“Ling Er, stop biting, let go.”

Xiao Xi sees the man take the initiative to take out the stolen silver notes and begged her for mercy, so she pardoned him because she was not an unforgiving person.

Ling Er heard Xiao Xi’s voice, loosened its bite on the man’s legs, leaped up, and threw her claws at the man’s hand that was holding the silver notes. The frightened man quickly loosened his hold on the silver notes and ran away with a pale face.

Ling Er trotter over to Xiao Xi with the silver notes in its mouth. Seeing this made Xiao Xi smile, what Zi Yi had given her….. was truly a treasure.

Suddenly a net fell from the sky, trapping Ling Er within it. Xiao Xi immediately got a bad feeling, she ran over towards Ling Er and tried to get the net off. Behind her, someone took advantage of her being caught off guard and hit her acupuncture point.

Xiao Xi stood there unable to move, she slid her pupils to the side and said, “Big brother, if you come for money, you can take away those silver notes, so please let me and my pet go.”

The person behind her only replied with boisterous laughter, but from the voice, she could tell that it was a man.

“Boss, this little girl is so good-looking, if we sell her to a brothel we can get a lot of profit, ha ha ha…”

“Junior brother is right. The brothel keeper of Goddess Pavilion asked me a few days ago if I had any excellent little beauty. She was willing to spend a thousand gold to buy a beautiful little beauty. Isn’t this little beauty just right?”

Xiao Xi’s face had gone pale, she could not move her body, so her fingers could not deal with these loathsome hooligans. They really wanted to sell her into a brothel.

“Alright then!” The man who was called boss gave a gentle hum, and the bunch of them then cheered and danced in joy.

“Big brother, if you want a thousand gold, I can give it to you. There is no need to sell me into a brothel, just release my pet, it will quickly return home, and my family will prepare a thousand gold for you, no wait, a thousand gold is too little, I’ll give you two thousand gold! It’s not easy for you guys to fill your stomach by robbing. Two thousand gold will be enough for you to spend years in luxury.”

Junior and Liu San heard the words and felt a slight tremor in their hearts. It was a tremor of excitement. They thought that the little beauty would cry in fear. Who were to know that she would be so considerate to them. It was really not easy to fill their stomach through their robbing profession! This little beauty understands them so well.

This made their heart waver.

“Boss, this little beauty is very pitiful, so let’s allow her pet go back and inform her family so that we can get two thousand gold from her freedom!”

“That’s right! Boss, it’s not worth a thousand gold to sell her into a brothel. Better let her pet go! “

Who could resist the temptation of money?

Junior and Liu San certainly could not.

Xiao Xi’s heart felt relieved. As long as they were to release Ling Er, Ling Er is so smart that it will go to the Regent’s Palace and find a way to bring Feng Lingran to save her.

As for the two thousand gold…… these loathsome hooligans will not get them.

“Send her to the brothel.” The boss spoke in a low voice.

Xiao Xi felt her heart stopping at those words, it was as if her thoughts were being read by the man behind her.

“But boss…”

“Shut up and send her to the brothel so she can start receiving patrons.”

Xiao Xi was fuming when she heard the boss’ words. Does the man bear a grudge with her? Must she be sent to a brothel? And make her receive patrons?

“Big brother, I have no grudge with you. Why do you treat me like so? If you want money, I have promised you two thousand gold. If you don’t think it’s enough, it can be three thousand gold. My father and mother just have me as their only daughter. I ask of you to be generous and let me go.”

Looking at Xiao Xi’s pitiful appearance, Junior and Liu San were ready to open their mouths to ask the boss and plead for Xiao Xi’s mercy, but they were silenced with one cold glare by the boss and immediately closed their mouth.

“I’m sorry, little beauty. Our boss disagrees.” Having said that, Junior went to follow the boss’ instruction and put Xiao Xi on his shoulder.

Ling Er saw Xiao Xi being carried away and struggled desperately in the net, but it was all in vain. Suddenly, Ling Er snapped its gaze to the boss and glared angrily as a cold smile appeared on his mouth.

“Little Beauty, although the boss disagrees, you can rest assured that I will let the brothel keeper find you a better guest, I will not just let any repulsive person stain your innocence…”

Xiao Xi, who was listening to his talk on his shoulder,could feel smoke coming from the corners of her mouth. They are still selling her to a brothel, what do you mean find a better guest? Will it be any different?

Xiao Xi was thrown into a carriage. From the beginning to the end, she did not see the face of the boss person, but she vaguely felt that this boss person seemed to be dishing some sort of revenge on her.

Had she offended anyone in Eastern Jin?

About half an hour passed.

Xiao Xi was sent to the largest brothel in the capital, Goddess Pavilion.

When the brothel keeper saw Xiao Xi, her eyes lit up, she reached out and touched Xiao Xi’s face, “A good-looking girl, should be thirteen this year hmn? Oh my~ The distinguished guests here likes this kind of small and beautiful beauty the most.”

The brothel keeper thumped her fist lightly on Junior’s back and laughed, “Si Xiang, where did you find such a good commodity for this old lady?”

Junior gave an awkward smile, he felt sorry for Xiao Xi. After all, her household was willing to pay three thousand gold, but the boss still refused to let go of the little beauty and forced her to come here to receive patrons.

“Miss brothel keeper, you have many distinguished guests coming here. Can you promise me one thing?”

“Si Xiang, just say the word.”

“This little beauty is worth a thousand gold. So can you find her a better guest. Don’t waste the little girl.”

“Gee, Si Xiang, when did you learn to take pity on the opposite sex?”

“He he…”

“Well, I don’t lack distinguished guests here. What I lack is this clean and beautiful little beauty. Go and get a thousand gold from the servant. If you get similar goods in the future. Remember to send them to Goddess Pavilion!”

“He he… Okay.”

After he left, the brothel keeper went to inspect Xiao Xi. The more she looked, the more satisfied she was, the more she could not stifle her laughter.

“My hands are tied up and they hurt. Can you untie me first? In any case, I’m yours here, and I can’t run away.”

“Ha ha, even though that’s the case, it’s better to be careful.” The brothel keeper had seen through the cunning light in Xiao Xi’s eyes and said to the maidservant beside her, “Xiang Chun, take this little beauty to bathe, change her into a light and colorful dress, also prepare her to receive guests tonight.”

When the brothel keeper was about to leave, she looked back at Xiao Xi and said to Xiang Chun, “This little beauty may have martial arts skills, you must not lose your head and fall into her trap.”

A wise brothel keeper.

Xiao Xi’s complexion was somewhat pale. She was still frozen from the acupuncture point and can’t move. Will it really be that tonight…. her innocence will be stained in a brothel?



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