Raising a Fox Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 — Strike First


Feng Lin Ran looked at the young fox in his arms with astonishment. Other than the last time it got scared and hid into his clothing like a good for nothing, it seldomly took the initiative to get close to him. Even those grape-like fox eyes shone with a possessive feeling.

Feng Lin Ran couldn’t help but laugh, this little thing really has a conscious of its own. It’s eyes has this mischievous and whimsical feeling.

He doesn’t mind the little fox’s intimate actions, so he just lets it do whatever it wants to.

When Yun Ni heard the familiar voice, before she could even be happy about it, she already got her happiness poured with cold water by Feng Lin Ran’s coldness and detachment. She felt a bit disappointed.

“Alright! Then Yun Ni won’t bother Brother Feng dealing with the national affairs. Yun Ni will come and visit Brother Feng another time.”

Of course Yun Ni understood Feng Lin Ran’s temper. If she were to continue to bother him, he will dislike her and avoid her at all cost. She shall be the female head of the Regent’s mansion, therefore why should she make Feng Lin Ran displeased with such a small matter?

Before Yun Ni Junzhu left, she didn’t forget to brutally glare at Qin Wen. Wait till she becomes Brother Feng’s wangfei. The first thing she will do is fire Qin Wen and throw him out of the mansion.

Humph! He should know his place, doesn’t he know that he doesn’t have the right to stop her?

Qin Wen was covered in cold sweat and he raised his hand to wipe it off. Thankfully their Wangye doesn’t like this Yun Ni Junzhu. Otherwise, if she became the Regent’s wangfei, the servants working in the Regent’s mansion will have a bad time in the future.


Ting Yu Lou

A maid in green clothing hastily ran towards Ting Yu Lou. The maid saw a beautiful lady with an exquisite figure and extraordinary beauty, fanning herself. The maid was short of breath, but she didn’t stop. On the contrary, she ran faster to the side of the beauty, and said with a suppressed voice.

“Madam, Yu Ni Junzhu came to the mansion to find Wangye again.”

The fan within Mu Qingcheng’s hand paused. She frowned as displeasure flashed by her petal like eyes.

“Did she meet Wangye?”

“No, she didn’t. She got dismissed by Wangye.”

Mu Qingcheng slightly let out a relieved sigh in her heart. The corner of her lips curved upwards and a flash of ridicule appeared on her face.

Wangye is not someone who you can just meet, even if she’s a junzhu, Wangye won’t put that slut in his eyes.

When the maid saw the unconcerned expression on Mu Qingcheng’s face, she opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything.

“Lu Er, what else do you have to say?”

Mu Qingcheng noticed the maid was hesitating to say something, with a bright smile on her face, she asked.

“Madam, Nubi understands that for somethings Nubi is not allowed to talk about. However, since Nubi is Madam’s personal maid, then Nubi will stay loyal to Madam for the rest of Nubi’s life. And there are things Nubi must say.”

Mu Qingchen said seriously, “What do you want to say, speak, there’s no harm done.”

“Wangye is attractive and handsome, and holds high power in the palace. In addition, Wangye’s appearance and talent is also the top in the Eastern Jin State. The numbers of Junzhu ladies who cast greedy eyes on Wangye is not a small amount. Yun Ni Junzhu has the thickest skin out of all the Junzhus. However, Madam, haven’t you thought of this. Even though Wangye dismissed Yun Ni Junzhu, but there would be a next time, another time, and so on. Yun Ni Junzhu has already liked Wangye for a long time, so she definitely would do whatever it takes to get her hands on Wangye. Once she gets the position as the Regent’s main wife, will there still be a place for Madam?”

Mu Qingcheng’s expression changed. Her long, slim finger tightly gripped the delicate wooden fan.

Yun Ni Junzhu is haughty and easily gets jealous. Other than Feng Lin Ran, she looks down on everyone she meets. If Yun Ni became the Regent’s main wife, she probably would do anything to kill her, and eliminate her.

Thinking until here, Mu Qingcheng’s heart trembled, an unprecendented fear appeared within her.

Lu Er noticed Mu Qingcheng’s expression. She knew that Mu Qingchen had listened to her advice. Lowering her voice she said, “Madam, you have to strike first!”

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