Raising a Fox Chapter 7

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Chapter 7-Yun Ni Junzhu

Since getting fed by the milk of the female wolf, the fur on Xiao Xi’s body was getting glossier and softer. After some days had passed, she begin to treat herself more and more like a young fox, nearly forgetting the fact that she was a human.

The female wolf would be docile in front of Xiao Xi, like a harmless large dog. When Xiao Xi placed her paw on the female wolf’s head, it would just calmly glance at her, and would not harm the young fox. Yet the poor wolf cub, due to long term malnourishment, was getting thin and frail……

But the weird thing is, the wolf cub didn’t hate the young fox for drinking all his milk. On the contrary, as the two of them hung around each other, the wolf cub became more interested in the young fox. It wanted to play with the young fox several times, but due to Feng Lin Ran’s cold and oppressing gaze, the wolf cub obediently retract its claws, not daring to touch the young fox one bit.

Qin Wen hurriedly paced around. Just before he stepped over the threshold, he noticed a certain creature with its head buried into the bowl drinking milk. He then retracted his leg, “Wangye, Yun Ni Junzhu is here.”

Xiao Xi’s pointy ears twitched. She raised her white furry head up with wolf milk dripping from her snout. She sneaked a peek at Feng Lin Ran’s attractive face. Don’t tell me this Yun Ni Junzhu is my rival?

Xiao Xi saw the annoyance and displeasure within Feng Lin Ran’s eyes. This indicated that he’s not interested in this Yun Ni Junzhu. Seeing this Xiao Xi felt relieved and assured, so she buried her head back into her milk bowl, drinking her milk.

“Just say Benwang is busy and asking her to leave.” Feng Lin Ran ordered annoyed.

When Xiao Xi heard what Feng Lin Ran said, she started to laugh, completely forgetting the fact that she was drinking milk. As she choked on the milk, she vigorously coughed.

With the words stuck in his mouth, Qin Wen saw that the young fox was choked by the milk. When he noticed his Master’s expression darkened, he sensibly swallowed his words and stayed quiet. Qin Wen was quite troubled when he remembered Yun Ni Junzhu. Everyone in the mansion knew that Yun Ni Junzhu likes their Master, therefore how can it be easy to dismiss her?

“Brother Feng, brother Feng, I knew it. You’re busy with the affairs of the state.”

Yun Ni Junzhu’s voice was heard from inside the room. Her voice filled with excitement and joy.

Qin Wen turned his head to see Yun Ni Junzhu is getting closer to the study. His expression changed slightly and his head began throbbing with all the problems that’s about to surface.

Qin Wen stepped in front of Yun Ni Junzhu, stopping her from getting close to the study. Neither supercilious nor obsequious, he said, “ Please halt Yun Ni Junzhu, Wangye is currently dealing with the flooding problems in Cang Zhou, and currently doesn’t want to see or meet anyone. Please be considerate Yun Ni Junzhu.”

Yun Ni cursed at Qin Wen in her heart. She already walked until here, just a few steps and she could meet the Brother Feng that she has been yearning for day and night. Yet, this housekeeper Qin has to interfere with her love affairs with her Brother Feng, hindering her from walking towards the study.

Yun Ni didn’t want to leave a bad impression in Feng Lin Ran’s heart, therefore she could only bite and chew on her lips with anger and fury. She furiously glared at Qin Wen, before sweetly saying, “Brother Feng, it’s been a long time since Yun Ni has seen you. I just wanted to see you, I didn’t mean to disrupt you when you’re working.”

Normally, if a man heard such a sweet and soft voice, even the hardest heart will melt into a puddle, yet Feng Lin Ran remained unmoved by it.

“No time.” He decisively and coldly rejected.

At that moment, the young fox gradually stopped coughing. Out of nowhere a clean handkerchief appeared within his hand, gently wiping off the white milk on the young fox’s snout.

If Yun Ni Junzhu saw how gentle and careful Feng Lin Ran treated the young fox, yet doesn’t want to meet her, moreover using the reason ‘busy with national affairs’ to dismiss her, how would she feel? Would she hate and despise this young fox that’s currently cuddling in Feng Lin Ran’s embrace?

After Xiao Xi wiped her snout clean, she dived into Feng Lin Ran’s warm embrace. Her furry little head laying on top of his broad chest, rather possessive and dominating.

This beautiful man belongs to her. Wangye belongs to her. Feng Lin Ran belongs to her.

Junzhu: it’s a title the same as a princess, except that Junzhu does no have a direct relation or bloodline with the royal family.

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