The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 78 Part 2

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Chapter 78 Part 2 — Ops, They Kissed


Xiao Xi saw Zi Yi in her dreams again. His hands folded against his chest, and a devilish smirk on his face as he waited for her.

“Master, didn’t you say that you were going in seclusion to cultivate last night?”

“Ah? Did Master say that? How come Master don’t remember?” Zi Yi walked towards her before ruffling her head.

“Master is lying again.” Xiao Xi wanted to avoid Zi Yi’s evil claws, but his hand was like shadows –agile and swift, no matter how she dodged, he still messed up her hair.

“Deceiving? Master wasn’t deceiving… only to a little fox.”

Zi Yi chuckled under his breath when he saw the state of her hair after messing with it.

Xiao Xi tidied her hair before asking, “Master, if I ate a portion of the Jin Pill now, will my body in reality go through any changes?”

He frowned, “Why do Disciple want to eat one now?”

“There are no suitable places for me to do so outside of my dream, plus if anyone discover my tail, I would be doomed.”

“Isn’t this easy? Just wait until you return to the Regent’s Palace, then Master will place a protection barrier for you so you can rest assured.”

“But will it work in my dreams?”

“Disciple, you are just a incorporeal being now, the Jin Pill will not affect you at all. Only your physical body can withstand the power of the Jin Pill -barely.”

Zi Yi saw Xiao Xi’s disappointed face and smiled, “Things cannot be rushed, otherwise it would go the opposite way. Taking small steps is still good.”

Okay! Step by step!

She suddenly stared at Zi Yi with expectations and asked, “Master, are you coming with me to the Regent’s Palace?”

He stopped smiling and sighed, “You found out.”

Her heart jumped, and she grabbed his arm, “This is great, Master. We can be together when I go back, and you can also teach me martial arts as well.”

“Ai~ Master is hurt. Originally thought that you were happy because Master would be with you, but turns out, you just wanted Master to teach you Martial Arts.

Xiao Xi smiled, “Master, You and I together, I’m also very happy! Don’t be sad ah!

Zi Yi raised his eyebrows, “That’s good then, leave Feng Lingran, and be with Master?”

Seeing her smile but not reply, Zi Yi sighed again.

“Knew you were deceiving Master, you little liar.”

She knew that he was teasing her and never actually wanted to be with her, she smiled and said, “Master is a big liar.”

Zi Yi laughed, “Little liar, big liar, both a pair of liars!”


Xiao Xi woke up, only to be nearly scared to death by seeing Feng Lingran’s face up close.

“Big liar? Little liar? Who are you talking to”

Feng Lingran black eyes peered into Xiao Xi’s. Last night, due to her incessant giggling, she had woke him up, in the process, he also heard what… ‘big liar’… ‘small liar’ coming from her mumbles.

Xiao Xi’s heart badumped, she would have never dared to think that she slept talked!

“I dreamt of a big liar last night, but then that big liar called me a little liar, so we had an argument.”

Xiao Xi’s eyes widened as she lied.

Feng Lingran viewed Xiao Xi with suspicion, “Argument? Was the argument so funny that you had to smile?”

“Did I?”

Xiao Xi blinked innocently. The things regarding Zi Yi, she wouldn’t tell Feng Lingran. Although he was good to her, Zi Yi was too special. That guy was like a ghost, even if she said it, no one would believe her. Probably even think she was mental.

Feng Lingran saw Xiao Xi act dumb, so he didn’t ask anymore.

“If you’re still dreaming tonight, Ben Wang will seal your mouth.”

Xiao Xi’s jaw dropped. Seal her mouth? Why so ruthless?

This time, Feng Lingran was no longer aloof like a monk. Xiao Xi was bored to death, glancing at Feng Lingran, she felt that being a fox was better sometimes. She could climb into Feng Lingran’s arms, and let him pet her. How comfortable and relaxing would it be ah!

The happiness she felt now was zero.

“Disciple-er, do you want to turn back?”

Xiao Xi suddenly heard Zi Yi’s voice in her head. Her eyes widen in surprise as she looked around carriage. When she was met with Feng Lingran’s dark eyes, she pursed her lips and didn’t look anymore.

“Disciple-er, you don’t have to bother looking, Master isn’t in the carriage. Master is only using the spiritual ring on you hand to communicate with you.”

So it was like this.

Xiao Xi sat in the carriage, unable to speak, because the moment she did, she would be labeled as insane.

“Disciple-er, you don’t have to speak, Master understands what you’re trying to say. Just don’t consume the Jin Pill if you want to become a fox.”

Zi Yi’s voice completely disappeared after he finished.

Xiao Xi was confused, what did Zi Yi mean? Could it be that if she doesn’t consume the Jin Pill, she would turn back?

Oh my god!

So noob ah!

Xiao Xi suddenly captured Feng Lingran’s large hand and asked,”Feng Lingran, I heard that you didn’t like women, am I right?”

Feng Lingran frowned, looking puzzledly at Xiao Xi.

“If I change into a fox, you won’t mind right?”

Now Feng Lingran had understood, his eyebrows wrinkled, “Does the Jin Pill allow you to become human for a period of time?”

Xiao Xi nodded, but then shook her head, “I’m not too sure either, just that I’m not feeling too good now.”

Feng Lingran inspected her up and down, the corners of his mouth lifted, “Speak, where is it uncomfortable?”

Seeing Feng Lingran’s micro-smile, the image of Zi Yi’s smirk flashed in Xiao Xi’s mind, they were really too similar, too similar.

What exactly is the relationship between Feng Lingran and Zi Yi? Why did they look the same?

She can now confirm that at the Pill Pogoda, Zi Yi did not purposely turn into Feng Lingran’s appearance to confuse her. Instead, Zi Yi looked exactly the same as Feng Lingran, but, one was human, the other was a ghost… cough cough, a spirit.

Xiao Xi opened her mouth to speak when the carriage suddenly jolted. Uncontrollably, she moved forward and slammed into Feng Lingran’s body. Her lips, were inevitably also pressed against his…

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