The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 30 (Summary) + Chapter 31 (Full)

Vin here~ So, I’m aware that CCP is quite a popular novel, but unfortunately, it’s not being actively translated (which I’m surprised about) at the moment. GirlyNovels translated the first 20 chapters before disappearing. It was during that time when I picked up the novel as my 2nd ever project, and I translated chapters 21-27 before dropping it due to my discomfort with reverse-harems/harems in general. Soon, GirlyNovels returned, and she picked it back up. We translated chapter 28 together, and she did chapter 29. I mentioned before that I got in touch with her once, and she said that she was busy with life, but chapter 30 was in progress. By now, I think it’s safe to say that she has completely disappeared without notice again.

I’ve already posted it before, but NU didn’t pick it up. Here’s a summary of chapter 30, and here’s a full translation of chapter 31. There may be some inconsistencies in the translation, since I have more experience in translating now, and I haven’t translated this novel in months. It is unedited, so please do excuse any clumsy mistakes that I might’ve made.

And yes, consider this the official drop statement for The Captivating Crown Prince.

The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 30 (Summary) + Chapter 31 (Full)

3 thoughts on “The Captivating Crown Prince Chapter 30 (Summary) + Chapter 31 (Full)

  1. Too bad *sigh* I really loved this story. It’s depressing to know that I can’t read this till the end. There’re very few stories are being completed. I felt like crying.

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