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Chapter 1 — Rebirth

Baili Villa has been barren, but behind the Villa there was a lake that was said to be frozen for thousands of years.

  • 百裏 Bǎi lǐ: Surname
  • 山莊 Shānzhuāng: I translate it to villa, but it is more like a home in the mountains where the specific clan lives, it is like a sect of some sorts

Baili Nian was layin in the ice coffin, ice muscles like snow, her appearance was the same as ever. Flowing hair between the ice, her eyes were serene and closed, her body like that of clouds. She was as she originally looked, she has not changed the slightest!

Suddenly the ice coffin shook a bit, a bloody roar came from outside, light from the sword seems to have shone here. She seemed to feel the riot outside, and the chaotic sound of battle, a chaotic scene seemed to be before her, as if it was the same scene of hundred years ago –

Her fingers moved slightly, and broke through the ice.

The moonlight like blood, the wind carried the scent of blood with it. A long time ago, Baili Villa was a place where blood flowed like a river, with corpses all over the place. The rumors that all the major families had listened to about Muzun Palace, has decided that the flower Gu would fall into the hands of the Nam Rong Family, in order to seize the treasured Flower Gu, the major families joined together to attacked the Nam Rong family.

  • 花蠱 Huā gǔ: flower Insanity or flower Gu; A poison found in legends, it is said that by having poisonous creatures fight to the death, the poison would be concentrated in the body of one creature
  • 南榮 Nánróng: A surname

And Baili Villa ever since the incident of a hundred years ago has been under the jurisdiction of Nan Rong Villa, tonight’s assult from the major families  were also very smart to determine two points – Nan Rong Villa’s main gate and Baili Villa!

Baili Villa, though barren, however it is difficult to ensure that the owner of the Nan Rong Family will not hide the flower Gu here.

In the face of the sudden attack, Nan Rong Villa divided their soldiers onto two roads, the right protecter Chu Tianye would give their everything to hold the Nan Rong main gate; The left protecter Chen Huanyu rushed to Baili Villa –

Nan Rong Villa had placed a formation on Baili Villa, other than the people from Nan Rong Villa, others cannot enter, this has also caused no small difficulty on the attacks from the great families.

A bloody battle thus far, the two protecters were wounded, the major families also witnessed the for first time  the real achievement of the family of Wulin’s chief – The Nan Rong Family’s true power. Afterall, with the great families joining together which major family would have the ability to resist?

  • 武林盟主 Wǔlín méngzhǔ: The chief of Wulin, usually the most powerful of the Jianghu, and most likely from the good/light/bright side of the Jianghu

At last, Nan Rong Villa’s owner decided to hold a family conference to clarify the fact that everyone would withdraw temporarily. After the storm tonight subsided, they had to count the number of deaths and injuries, right protecter Chu Tianye said to the owner: “Huanyu  is disappeared.”

Left protecter Chen Huanyu had disappeared!

During the war against the major families, Chen Huanyu accidentally fell into the Baili Villa. Although a river of blood was outside the villa but within Baili Villa it was quiet and silent, a sheet of silence enveloped with loneliness.

However … … Chen Huanyu was surprised that the Villa is so cold, and the chaos within the Villa. Beyond the fighting scene from the villa, it several times more chaotic, the ground is filled with white bones. It could be seen that one hundred years ago Baili Villa certainly experienced a battle.

Cold, not just a chill; nor is it just chills. More because Chen Huanyu saw a place of the Villa interior … it could be said that it is a wonderful scene! –

Here’s a burnt-out house that has been ice-frozen in ice by thousand year old ice and looks like a silver amber with curl and chill. The ice only froze over this house, it was not cold at any other place. Chen Huanyu was surprised seeing everything before, the air he exhaled has become a white fog. The temperature here is only afraid of no one.

This is the first time he really entered Baili Villa, although Baili Villa has always belonged to the Nan Rong family, but Nan Rong Villa’s owner, has not allowed anyone to come here. Is it because of the temperature here? But why is there such a peculiar thousand year ice? And why was it only this house that was frozen?

He could not stand the cold had since he had been injured, sitting on the side of the ice or finger gently touched the thousand years ice, his hand immediately became stiff like a carrot. Blood drops from the wound and on to the ice was like water droplets on a hot iron, white smoke actually formed, but it was the cold air that made people tremble.

“This is? “Chen Huanyu was staring strangely at the place where the blood had dropped, that thousand year ice, because of the blood and opened. “Could it be that?” If the blood drops can melt the ten thousand year ice … …

It may have been driven by curiosity, Chen Huanyu wanted to know what is the situation in this igloo, what will be inside? He broke into his palms with a dagger, a little bit of blood drips on the ice –

The ice slowly melting under the guidance of the blood, the tide of water opened rapidly –

The house showed up little by little, until the scene before the fire was slowly restored. Even more peculiar is that it is not only the dilapidated house that was in the ice for years, but also the atmosphere of the fire still remains as before.

With the lifting of the ice, Chen Huanyu smelled the air drifting away a thick smoke smell, the house also kept running after the fire and after the funeral. The original ice is equal to the fire was given to live.

Because Chen Huanyu’s blood lifted the ice, Baili Nian was now completely awake!

She open her eyes and moved her fingers, looking around. She did not feel cold, she just remembered that she was told to her when she was in a coma: “Wait for me to come back, little sister no matter what wait for me to come back.”

“Older brother.” She whispered and got up, and the ice followed her, disappearing, feeling the constant influx of strength in her body as if someone had instilled it in her.

She clutched her chest, pain, pain of the ice-filled sediment accumulated over a hundred years. “Ah -!” Finally could not help cried out, she burst through the roof of instantaneous off all the ice, such as a white smoke disappeared in the moonlight.

“What is that?” Chen Huanyu exclaimed, blink of an eye, the butterfly flew away or became ice that disappeared into the smoke? Surprised the moment the house collapsed, he also followed the earthquake was struck Baili Villa, has been flying down in the woods under the Villa.

Originally just a minor injury, this fall may only cause serious injuries. He spit a mouth full of blood and saw a beautiful shadow, that woman? Under the body there were many animals. This is?

First ice invasion is thrown so far, his eyes slowly blurred, and only saw a figure come towards him –

“You are? Some one of the Nan Rong Fanily?” Baili Nian looked at Chan Huanyu’s tablet, the word Nan Rong written above, she picked it up and looked at it: Left protecter? Her eyes were startled, Nan Rong Family left protecter in her memory, there is only one, that is, Zhang Ling ah.

“My older brother said he would come back to save me, but he never did come back …” Baili Nian frowned, where did my brother go, where did my father go? This will not? Baili Nian mind had a bad feeling, she looked down at her feet Chen Huanyu, one of his hand was covered with blood.

“This man … just flew out with me? Is it he who helped me break my seal?” Baili Nian carefully looked at him, “Zhang Ling?” It should not be wrong, only the blood of Zhang Ling will make her feel so. But the person in front is clearly not Zhang Ling, then who is he? If not …?

Baili Nian quickly rushed to the Baili family cemetery –

Sure enough, she saw everyone’s tombstone, including her own. And next to her tombstone is the tombstone of Zhang Ling, she panicked, could not believe kneeling in front of the exhibition tombstone, palms past the monument: “Why is it like this? Why, why everyone is gone? What the hell is going on? “

In the lowermost corner of the exhibition tombstone carved full of small characters, Baili Nian took a careful look are actually the name of the ancient Nan Rong Villa owner’s name engraved. Looking at the above time Barry read the more the more the more stayed, until you see the four words of Nan Rong Qingyuan, she was scared: “This is … a hundred years later?”

So the Baili family it? Where is the Baili family, if that campaign is dead, does it mean that the Baili family died out? Why had the Nan Rong family survived? Why?

Perhaps this can explain why they want to draw the essence of animals to re-energize it. Although the freezing of life stopped for a hundred years, after all, could not bear the years, should have the essence of other life forms to survive.

Moreover, Baili Nian felt that someone had been following her, from her eyes flew to the igloos when they had been staring at her, this person who has a strong demonic qi, Baili Nian’s eyes shrunk: that devil saw the whole process of her resurrection, she would not allow him to live.

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