Sword Labyrinth of the Sacred Sword

Seiken no Sword Labyrinth
Sword Labyrinth of the Sacred Sword (聖剣のソードラビリンス) is written by Mamiya, Natsuki and illustrated by Takanashi, Kei.  It is completed at 2 volumes.

Genres:  Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Translator: def_nomad 


Novel Updates


There was *something* in this world that surpassed human knowledge.

That *something*, known as the ‘Sword Labyrinth’, was a dungeon residing inside the ‘Holy Sword Gramm’, a humongous relic piercing through the once majestic city of Sigurd. Many adventurers had challenged the dungeon, seeking the answer to the mystery behind the unending stream of beasts born inside its depths, only to disappear as a result.

The Father of the young Alec, a resident of Sigurd, had also vanished inside the dungeon. Ten years after that had happened, Alec became a ‘Silver Smith’, met the mysterious ‘Sword Queen’ Celestia, and ventured into the dungeon together with her… Unaware that a misfortune bigger than the one his father had gone through was awaiting him inside.

Table of Contents