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Characters from:

General story

Arc 1 – Princess Substitution Marriage

Arc 2 – The Ninth Nightmare

Arc 3 – Scapegoat Sweetheart

Arc 4 – The God of Online Games is Petting Me

General story

Realm Destroyer Department – Their job is to deliver destruction to each realm (as in wreck the original plot, make sure the MC in each world don’t achieve what they’re supposed to, make sure the MC & ML don’t get together etc.). The people belonging to this department (and every other department) are ranked according to their accumulated points. If you’re a higher rank, you’re respected. If you’re a lower rank, people spit on you (not literally, ….. probably). Rank is everything~!

Realm Restorer Department – Their job is to restore realms by making sure the main leads get together, have a harmonious relationship and live happily ever after. Basically, making sure the plot doesn’t deviate. ┐(´ー`)┌

Transmigration Department – No idea what they do (for now). It’s only been briefly mentioned in the story so far.

Reincarnation Department – Same as above.

Second female (male) lead counter attack and prosper HQ – Again, same as above.

Lost time-space – A space that’s independent from other realms and is where all the departments are located.

Su Wan – Our dear MC. She’s ranked third in the Realm Destroyer Department. She likes picking realms (or, task worlds) where she has to play  the ex-girlfriend. When she was still wet behind the ears, she was hoodwinked by that bastard a guy name Xi Ce who’s from the Realm Restorer Department. The golden finger she chose was to keep her own name in every world.

Su Rui – Our (yandere) ML. He was picked up from the task world in arc 1 by that bastard Xi Ce when that realm was collapsing. He joined the Realm Restorer Department and is climbing through the ranks like how I burn through novels till the point I had nothing to read and ended up translating while I wait for updates.

Xi Ce – Ruthless bastard Person who hurt our dear Su Wan’s heart when she was still a newbie. He’s the reason why Su Wan is how she is. He’s No. 1 in the Realm Restorer Department’s rankings.

Yun Sheng – Part of Realm Restorer Department.

Qi Yue – Part of Realm Restorer Department. Was Nightmare in the second arc, The Ninth Nightmare.

Jiang Yu – Realm Destroyer Department’s No. 1 and the boss.

Qin Yu – Reincarnation department boss.

Characters from Arc 1 (Princess Substitution Marriage)

Xuan Yuan Qing – Was this realm’s Main Lead, but the plot got derailed thanks to Ye Zhi Hua’s rebirth which was thanks to Ye Zhi Jin’s boasting. He’s the unfavoured Fifth Prince whose mother was a palace maid. He was born with a terrible temper and a deformity, so no one wanted to marry their daughters off to him. He had to hatch a plan to marry someone and ended up marrying Ye Zhi Jin who he killed on the night of their marriage. He later plotted together with Ye Zhi Jin (transmigrated) to get the throne. In the old story line, they succeeded and became the Emperor and Empress. In the new story line, they kept getting hindered by Xuan Yuan Rui and Ye Zhi Hua (reincarnated). They lost the fight for the throne and were about to get beheaded, but they were saved by Su Wan (MC). Xuan Yuan Qing plotted together with Su Wan, but was betrayed by her (because she was actually working with Xuan Yuan Ye, the Fourth Prince.) In the end, he was beheaded with Ye Zhi Jin.

Xuan Yuan Rui – The Third Prince and favoured by the Emperor. His childhood sweetheart was Su Wan. In the old story line, he was sweet with Su Wan (old) and didn’t even bother with Ye Zhi Hua. He went insane after Su Wan (old) died from illness. He lost in the fight for the throne and it was unknown what happened to him after that (he was probably killed off by Xuan Yuan Qing). In the new story line, he dumped her for Ye Zhi Hua. He’s a narcissist who’s beyond recovery. Everything went wrong for him after he was divorced by Su Wan (our MC). In the end, he was imprisoned in a courtyard for bad royals. He went insane and blamed all his faults on Ye Zhi Hua and killed her.

Xuan Yuan Po – Emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty. He’s an honest and upright Emperor, but a pretty terrible father (according to Xuan Yuan Qing). He died from getting stabbed by Xuan Yuan Qing when he came to overthrow him.

Xuan Yuan Ye – The Fourth Prince. Hid himself well and pretended that he didn’t want the throne. In the end, he plotted together with Su Wan and obtained the throne. He became the Emperor and was going to marry Su Wan, but she disappeared from the realm.

Ye Zhi Hua – Official daughter of the Ye family. She’s a smart and beautiful scholar, and has a huge crush on Xuan Yuan Rui. In the old story line, she married Xuan Yuan Rui, but he didn’t pay any attention to her because he was sweet with Su Wan (old). In the new story line, she was reincarnated a month after Ye Zhi Jin married Xuan Yuan Qing. So, she married Xuan Yuan Rui and got her family to stand on his side. She broke the good relationship between him and Su Wan (old) using various tricks. She counterattacked with Xuan Yuan Rui and defeated Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Jin in the fight for the throne. Was made a tad bit insane after Ye Zhi Jin (new) spooked her, getting her to think that the ghosts and her and Xuan Yuan Qing came back to haunt her. Ye Zhi Hua was later imprisoned in a deserted courtyard together with Xuan Yuan Rui, who later goes insane and kills her.

Ye Zhi Jin – Concubine daughter of Ye family. She was forced to substitute as a bride for Ye Zhi Hua when she had to marry the Fifth Prince, Xuan Yuan Qing. Due to her weak temperament, the former Ye Zhi Jin was killed by Xuan Yuan Qing on the night of their marriage. The new Ye Zhi Jin was a transmigrated soul that took over the former’s body. Together, Ye Zhi Jin (new) and Xuan Yuan Qing plotted together to get the throne. In the old story line, they got the throne and became the Emperor and Empress. In the new story line, they were defeated by Ye Zhi Hua and Xuan Yuan Rui. They were going to be beheaded when Su Rui saved them. They hatched a plan with Su Wan to obtain the throne. While Xuan Yuan Qing went to the camp where his private forces were at, she went to Ye Zhi Hua’s residence to spook her, causing her to go a little bit crazy. Ye Zhi Jin later gets executed with Xuan Yuan Qing due to Su Wan’s betrayal.

Su Wan –  Small, weak White Lotus who has a weak body. Got on bad terms with Su Rui because she wanted to marry Xuan Yuan Rui and ended up breaking her family ties with Su family. She was originally Yue Wangfei and Xuan Yuan Rui’s childhood sweetheart. In the old story line, she was sweet with Xuan Yuan Rui, but later dies from illness. In the new story line, she was dumped by Xuan Yuan Rui and was replaced as Yue Wangfei by Ye Zhi Hua. Our dear MC Su Wan comes in and starts working her magic. Together with Xuan Yuan Ye, she plotted for the throne. She faked being lovey-dovey with Physician Si, pretended to go along with Xuan Yuan Qing’s plan and finally obtained the throne with Xuan Yuan Ye. She was on her way to marry Xuan Yuan Ye, but was ambushed by the siscon, Su Rui. While they talked, she disappeared back into the Lost Space-Time.

Lu Zhu – Su Wan’s confidant.

Physician Si – A brilliant doctor from a family of doctors and was a Poisons Master. He used by Su Wan for her plans and was dumped in the end.

Su Yu Feng – Great General/ Generalissimo/ every-other-word-that-means-he’s-an-important-general of the dynasty’s army. He’s an awkward dad who adores Su Wan, but just terrible at expressing it.

An Wu – A shadow guard that was tasked with observing Su Wan ever since she married into Yue Wangfu at 15.

Characters from Arc 2 – The Ninth Nightmare 

Su Wan – Yi Zi Xuan’s ex-girlfriend. She and Yi Zi Xuan broke up due to wanting different paths in life. In the original story line, she was the third to die. In the new story line, when our dear MC Su Wan entered the world, she got bamboozled by Qi Mu/ Qi Yue/ Nightmare. Using her brilliant mind and superb acting skills, she worked out what was going on and fooled everyone (including us readers). In the end, she killed Qi Mu/ Qi Yue/ Nightmare, obtained his powers and put Yi Zi Xuan in a world of never-ending reincarnation, causing his friends and harem to leave him forever due to him lashing out at them.

Fang Tian Tian – Just like her name, she’s sweet and cutesy, but a coward. She has a secret crush on Qin Lu. Though, it can hardly be considered a secret since everyone but the target knows.

Meng Ting Yao – The campus beauty and the ML of this story. Not only is she pretty, she was rich and was the top female student as well. Everyone considers her an aloof, cold person who disdains others, but in actuality, she wants to be friends with everyone. She tries to befriend people, but it comes of as her wanting to bully people and show off her wealth. In the original story, she escapes the dreamworld with Yi Zi Xuan and ends up in Hell where she has to fight her way back to the Human World. In Su Wan’s version of the world, she (probably) died after she and Yi Zi  Xuan were ambushed. She reincarnates to a time when they haven’t set off for the spring outing so that the whole dreamworld thing never happened. Then, she followed Fan Shu Jun’s advice and bought the jade pendant that was Yi Zi Xuan’s in the original story line. She wanted to live her whole life with Yi Zi Xuan, but was severely disappointed when he chose the jade pendant over her. She leaves him.

Yi Zi Xuan – The MC of this realm. He’s from the mountains and he came to the city to study. He has an inferiority complex that he refuses to admit. He dated the former Su Wan, but they parted ways because they wanted to follow different paths. He wanted to bring her back to the village, but Su Wan wanted to stay in the city and find a job or a rich husband to marry so that her parents can live better lives. At the time of their breakup, Yi Zi Xuan broke the jade pendant he bought for Su Wan as a birthday present. When his blood made contact with the jade, he obtained the ability to travel back in time. He used it to get popular. In the dreamworld,he formed an alliance with Su Wan and Qi Mu, but they later parted ways and he got together with Meng Ting Yao and Bai Xiao Yue. This group later meets Qin Lu. In Su Wan’s version of the dreamworld, he was returned to the time before he bought the jade pendant. He assumed he was reincarnated and wanted to get back together with Meng Ting Yao and get revenge on the people that betrayed him in Hell. When Meng Ting Yao ended up buying the jade, he got overly obsessed with getting the jade. When Meng Ting Yao offered him the choice between spending a lifetime of conjugal bliss with her or the jade, he hesitated for a second before choosing the jade pendant which contained his time rewind ability. In the end, Su Wan stuck him in a dream of never-ending “reincarnation” where his friends and harem left him one by one. Also, he’s roommates with Qin Lu, Fan Shu Jun and Chen Yu Feng.

Chen Yu Feng – Rich second generation and is roommates with Yi Zi Xuan, Qin Lu and Fan Shu Jun. He and Qi Mu were also childhood playmates, though it turned out that Qi Mu was just a cover by the Nightmare to fool all of them. He planned a spring outing to pursue Meng Ting Yao, but it ended up in all of them getting involved in a major accident. In the dreamworld, he got killed by Qi Mu and became a ghost.

Fan Shu Jun – An average otaku, though he’s not as simple as he seems. He’s sharp, intelligent and observant. He’s roommates with Yi Zi Xuan, Qin Lu and Chen Yu Feng. He also likes Fang Tian Tian. In the dreamworld, he tried to kill Bai Xiao Yue, but ended up not being able to finish the job due to Meng Ting Yao’s meddling. He later came across Chen Yu Feng who had become a ghost. He told Fan Shu Jun that Qi Mu was also a ghost.

Bai Xiao Yue – The daughter of a gang boss that everyone in the gang calls Boss Bai. Since she’s the only child Boss Bai will ever have in his life, he cherishes her a lot. She’s one of the ghosts who’re supposed to kill the humans.

Qin Lu – Yi Zi Xuan’s best friend. He likes Fang Tian Tian, though unlike Fang Tian Tian, it’s not as obvious. Although he was a ghost, he protected Fang Tian Tian. He’s roommates with Yi Zi Xuan, Chen Yu Feng and Fan Shu Jun.

Qi Mu/Qi Yue/ Nightmare – Supposedly Chen Yu Feng’s childhood friend. It turned out that the character Qi Mu never existed and it was the Nightmare manipulating and deceiving everyone. The Nightmare had the ability to control and see everything that happens in the dream since he was the one who created the dreamworld. He changed the plot of the story when Su Wan entered the realm to fool her. He ended up being killed by Su Wan and had his abilities taken. The character Nightmare was played by a person from the Realm Restorer Department named Qi Yue.

Characters from Arc 3 – Scapegoat Sweetheart

Su Wan – Xiao Jing Mo’s ex-girlfriend and our story’s MC.

Xiao Jing Mo – This world’s Male Lead who went from a poor highschool boy to the eldest young master of Xiao family in Xiang City. He also took over as the CEO of Haoyue Group and their shopping mall.

Luo Chu Chu – This world’s Female Lead. Regular university student who works a lot of jobs because she’s poor. Happened to encounter Xiao Jing Mo during one of her jobs as a waitress at a bar.

Fang Zi Mu – This world’s Supporting Male Lead. He’s actually Su Rui and our story’s ML.

Fang Zi Wen – Fang family’s 3rd Miss and claimed to be Xiao Jing Mo’s fiancee. Fang Zi Mu’s sister.

Chen Wei – Su Wan’s assistant #1. He got demoted after he left Su Wan at a party with the company car because he got beat up by Su Rui.

Ouyang Jing – Third Young Miss from the Ouyang family. She likes Fang Zi Wen and is chasing after him. Got her ass reversed and left at a graveyard in the outskirts by Su Wan.

Xiao Laoye – Xiao Jing Mo’s grandfather. Was the former head of Xiao family. Was the one responsible for bankrupting the former Su Wan’s father’s company and made Su Wan break up with Xiao Jing Mo.


Characters from Arc 4 – The God of Online Games is Petting Me

Su Wan/ Su Cheng Wan Yue – Our MC, Su Wan. Former Vice-Leader of Shitian Guild. Becomes the Vice-Leader of Phoenix Dances Guild.

Su Rui/ Situ Ye/ Night Rain – Our ML, Su Rui. Young Master of the powerful and rich Situ family. Guild Leader of Eternal Night Guild.

Yu Xiao Xiao/ Hui Mou Yi Xiao – Female Lead of this task world. Ye Tian’s lover. Fake Green Tea bitch.

Lone Wolf – Supporting ML of this world. Liked the former Su Wan, but this turned to hate after she rejected him. Then, he created Wolf’s Fang.

White Wolf – Member of Wolf’s Fang. Was made to withdraw from the game due to real life circumstances which were caused by Su Rui.

Ye Tian/ Di Shi Tian – ML of this task world. Leader of Shitian Guild.

Morning Breeze Waning Moon – Shitian Guild’s current Vice-Leader.

Xu Hua/ Shi Li Hua Mei – Su Wan/ Su Cheng Wan Yue’s friend. Guild Master of Xiaoyao Pavillion.

Yang Fan/ Ice Cold Small Hands – Ice Cold Small Feet’s brother. Eternal Night Guild Member.

Yang Lian/ Ice Cold Small Feet – Ice Cold Small Hand’s brother. Former Wolf’s Fang member. Joined Phoenix Dances Guild.

Ends of the Earth – Ice Cold Small Feet’s friend. Former Wolf’s Fang member. Joined Phoenix Dances Guild.

Cloud Poet – Eternal Night Guild Member.

Melancholy Sheep – Eternal Night Guild Member.

Beautiful Woman – Eternal Night Guild Member.

Awe-inspiring Evil – Eternal Night Guild Member.

Uncle Li – Situ Ye’s butler.

Little Pudding – New Phoenix Dances Member.

Popular Woman – Famous player for being ferocious when PKing. New Phoenix Dances Member.

Yin on 7  July – Most famous nouveau riche in the entire Huaxia region. New Phoenix Dances Member.

Prince Charles – Yu Xiao Xiao’s most recent backer. Prince of the Principality of Phelps.

Queen Nia – Her husband is a competitor for the throne of the Principality of Phelps.



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