Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 97

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SEG Chapter 5.13 —Supporting Female Reversal System

Although Su Wan rejected Ning Sisi’s request, the news of her illusions quickly spread throughout Cangya Base. Since then, there would be people waiting outside Su Wan’s door everyday to ask her to use her illusions. Most of these people are ordinary people who have lost their loved ones. In such a hopeless world, even if they know that all the people and things in the fantasy world was all illusory, they still yearned for it.

Illusions have always went straight to the heart. It could see the darkness in people’s hearts and also witness the softest and warmest place of the human heart.

Su Wan did not reject everyone. She picked a few people that she thought that she could help and used a small illusion so that they could reunite with their long-lost relatives in their sleep……

In this way, the existence of Su Wan and Su Rui became a very normal thing in Cangya Base. Everyone no longer privately referred to them as the “Zombie couple” but according to the name Yan Yu said, “Miss Yan” and “Mr. Su”.

After 3 months of repairs, the walls of Cangya Base was finally rebuilt. Because of the last battle, Cangya Base became famous. Now, many survivors nearby started to desperately head for the direction of Cangya Base.

It was right at this time when Cangya base welcomed two special guests outside the base. They claimed to be scientists and volunteered to enter Cangya base because they were interested in Yan Yu’s spirit abilities. They also wanted to open a laboratory in Cangya base to contribute to the great cause of the revival of the human race.

Well, these two scientists were actually Chi Yi and Mo Yin.

The appearance of the two serious scholars was greeted by Lu Qin with the most enthusiastic ceremony into Cangya Base.

If the Leader-daren knew that the scientists who he welcomed were the chief culprits in bringing over a large number of zombies to Cangya Base, I don’t know what he will think?

Just like this, Cangya base had another tightly defended laboratory. This laboratory was named “Maple Leaf Laboratory”. In the beginning, the people in the base didn’t know what Maple Leaf Lab was researching. Everyone could only see some teams of ability users occasionally bringing captured zombies to the lab. Also, everyone saw Miss Yan and Mr. Su frequently enter and exit the lab, and every time they entered they would stay in the lab for at least 3 days. Every time the left, the spirit and state of the two would not be too good.

So everyone guessed that the two should be assisting the scientists in the lab to experiment using their own bodies?

Their imaginations were too grand, what sacrificing one’s self for others!

Everyone seemed to have forgotten the fact that the two of them are actually not people but “zombies”……

Just like this, Cangya base expanded and flourished, and the people in the base lived a quiet and peaceful life. Until a certain day three years later, when a team of foreign ability users brought a large group of people outside Cangya Base, breaking the tranquillity of the base.

This group of outsiders were survivors who escaped from a small base that was attacked by zombies. A small number of them were ability users while the most of them were normal people with no abilities. Among these ordinary people, a few people had obvious wounds on their body. They were clearly infected by the zombie virus.

They rushed over without stopping the whole way to the special Cangya Base!

“My name is Yue Kai!”

The leader of the group is a level4 thunder ability user named Yue Kai. In the end of the world, level 4 ability users were already more common, but because the offensive power of thunder ability users were high, they have always been very popular with major bases.

“I know that you Cangya Base have your own laboratory and a capable person that can control zombies! I specially came here to seek for help! These people who have been infected are our team’s families. We do not want to helplessly watch as they become zombies. I beg you guys to help us. As long as you are willing to help s, no matter the outcome, I, Yue Kai and my brothers are willing to go through fire and water for Cangya base from now on!”

Yue Kai’s request made the gatekeepers of Cangya Base feel very embarrassed because their leader Lu Qin took people out to do some tasks and still hasn’t returned. And Yan Yu, who had equal status as Lu Qin in the base was currently experimenting with the two scientist in the lab!

The people gathered at the gate of the base got more and more. Until Li Tao returned with his team members from a task, the entrance to the entire base was blocked.

Yue Kai and others refused to leave, and those who came from elsewhere to seek refuge in Cangya were afraid of Yue Kai’s strength and those unsteady infected beside him. The two sides kept holding on outside the base.

After understanding the matter, Li Tao hesitated and finally asked people to enter the city to ask Su Wan and Su Rui to come over. Other people didn’t know Su Rui’s identity, but Li Tao more or less knew a bit.

When Su Rui and Su Wan appeared at the gate, it immediately caused an uproar. Everyone had already heard long ago that there were two talking zombies in Cangya Base, but they didn’t expect that it was actually true!

Yue Kai immediately got excited after seeing their figures –

Sure enough, it was definitely right to choose to run all the way to Cangya Base without rest!

At present, there were no other bases apart from Cangya Base who could subdue zombies and peacefully get along with them.

“What’s the matter?”

Being stared at like a rare animal made Su Rui very uncomfortable. He slightly released his low pressure and coldly asked.

The icy tone and the mighty pressure that made people’s hearts tremble immediately silenced the surroundings.

Even Yue Kai, a level 3 ability user, was pale and looked at Su Rui with fear—

He’s very strong!

Li Tao, who was familiar with Su Rui’s forceful pressure compared to the surrounding people, could still maintain his calm: “Mr. Su, the matter is like this…..”

Li Tao presented Yue Kai’s affairs to Su Rui again. After listening, Su Rui went quiet for a while. And right when everyone was waiting for his answer, Su Rui suddenly turned and gently looked at Su Wan: “Wife, what do you think?”

Everyone outside the city: This style is not right ba!

Everyone inside the city: That’s right! It’s exactly this feel! Our family’s Mr. Su is actually his wife’s slave. We are not speaking nonsense, okay?

At this point, everyone’s attention were all turned to Su Wan. Su Wan slowly took one step forward and stared at Yue Kai’s eyes. Yue Kai only felt that the scene in front of him begin to spin….

After a while, Yue Kai still sluggishly stood in place. Su Wan slowly nodded: “They can be accepted. All ability users wait for a standardized arrangement. As for the infected they brought over, hand them over to me. I will send them to the laboratory!”

Su Wan’s voice made the sluggish Yue Kai return to his senses. Right now, his face was pale and was dripping cold sweat.

Just now, he….

“Follow us in ba!”

Without giving Yue Kai a chance to react, Su Rui and Su Wan have already turned and returned to the city. Along with the development of Cangya Base, more and more people have been coming here for shelter and within these people, there were no lack of those harbouring hidden intentions.

So each time they took in new ability users, especially high-levelled ones, Su Wan would unfold her illusion without batting an eyelid. Once the other person passes her illusion test, they can successfully become a member of Cangya Base.

As for those who cannot pass, sorry, Su Wan could only absorb the ability user’s crystal nuclei. To zombies, that thing was definitely a huge tonic. As for acting with utter disregard for human life and whatnot, Su Wan expresses that she is a zombie. This kind of issue related to human morality has never been considered~ That’s right, zombies are this willful.

With the departure of Yue Kai and others, the outside of the city was bustling once again. Three days later, Yue Kai and his people had been incorporated into a new squad and those infected relatives of theirs came out of the laboratory for the first time.

From the appearance of these infected people, apart from the skin turning greenish-black and nails and teeth that were sharper than the average person, they didn’t seem to be too different from ordinary people. Moreover, they still maintained their former consciousness and thoughts!

Cangya Base’s “Maple Leaf Laboratory” had already successfully developed a drug to suppress the zombie virus!

The drug can inhibit the toxins in infected people and let them maintain their awareness as humans. Although it still couldn’t completely restrain the zombie virus, the successful development of this drug was undoubtedly a major milestone in the end of the world!

In less than 3 days, this news seemed to have grown wings and flew all over to the north and the south.

The latest medicine.

This was just like the most delicious and alluring cake. Not only did it make every nearby base restless, even the military base that was thousands of miles away moved the fastest within the shortest amount of time…..

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