Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 96

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SEG Chapter 5.12 —Supporting Female Reversal System

Cangya Base was captured. Such an ending has long been within expectations of other bases. Even those bases very close to Cangya Base have begun to secretly prepare for the transfer of materials. Once the zombie army strikes, they will immediately collectively transfer.

However, when the latest news of Cangya Base was spread around after the event, the little comrades were stunned –

Cangya Base that was already breached was saved by a little child?

And according to numerous rumours, not only was the little child a naturally mutated spirit system ability user, he also had two high-level mutant zombies “relatives” that could talk?

How could it be this ridiculous?

When they heard of this news, the Leader-daren of every major base felt that they must have been too tired recently so they heard an auditory illusion!

En, very well, even if they weren’t hallucinating, they still didn’t believe in such fantastical news. As a result, every major base dispatched spies to get to the bottom of it.

At this time, Longxiang Base also received the latest news on Cangya Base.

After knowing this news, Yang Zixi’s expression slightly changed. She knew that Yan Yu was still alive!

That naturally mutated spirit system ability user is without a doubt Yan Yu!

After determining Yan Yu’s position and identity, Yang Zixi immediately linked with the Supporting Female Reversal System in her brain. She wanted to know whether Yan Yu was still a threat to her or not?

Moreover, Yang Zixi also wanted to see if she could use Yan Yu s a starting point to trigger some branch tasks.

The Supporting Female Reversal System gave Yang Zixi a chance to be born again and also gave her the opportunity and ability that no one else could hope to reach for a lifetime!

However, this system was not omnipotent!

For example, each time you use as system item a lot of points will be spent and those points were accumulated from completing tasks by the system.

Speaking of system tasks, it was even more abnormal. Once the system released a main story task, the host absolutely cannot refuse and must also complete it within the specified time. Otherwise, the host will be obliterated by the system!

No one wants their life and death to be controlled by others, and Yang Zixi, who had been bound to the system, had already died once. It was the system that gave her a chance at rebirth, she never had a choice –

She has to desperately earn points and has to fulfil the various tasks that the system issued.

After connecting to the system, Yang Zixi asked about Yan Yu’s matters and sure enough, a branch task related to Yan Yu was triggered—

System: Host triggered branch task “Yan Yu’s happy life”. Host has the right to accept or reject the branch task. Once task is accepted, please become a close friend with Yan Yu within the specified time and let the love between him and his beloved person find its way!

Yang Zixi: ………

Yan Yu wasn’t even 10 yet, okay?

Also, what beloved person, didn’t the previous task make her eliminate Su Yan?

Yang Zixi unwittingly thought of Su Yan. Because Su Yan followed Chu Feiyang into Longxiang Base that day, it triggered a “Eliminate the roots” branch task. The details of the task was naturally the elimination of Su Yan.

Yang Zixi received the task but she saw Su Yan’s face full of tears. Looking at such a child, she still had some hesitation. Finally, Yang Zixi couldn’t do the job herself and just threw Su Yan outside the base after knocking her out. Not long after, she received the prompt that the mission was accomplished…….

According to the system, in the last world, Su Yan and Yan Yu were a couple together. However, the two kept missing each other due to all sorts of reasons. Now Su Yan was dead and Yan Yu had embarked on a completely different path.

Yang Zixi looked at the time limit given by the system, it was 8 years.

After 8 years, Yan Yu will be 17.

Yang Zixi hesitated for a bit and still accepted the branch task with generous points. She was not in a hurry to get to know Yan Yu. She wants to first find a girl with similar nature as Su Yan in Longxiang Base and nurture her by her side….

Cangya Base.

Now, there were many things to do in the base. The ability users who excessively overspent their fighting strength were all recuperating in the rear with relief. The ordinary people in the base were rebuilding their homes under the organization and command of Li Tao?

Well, at first, everyone was afraid and repulsed by those ferocious-looking zombies.

But after seeing Yan Yu personally commanding those zombies and witnessing the two magical talking zombies around him, everyone felt that perhaps the zombies weren’t too terrible?

So when the spies from other bases arrived at Cangya Base, they saw the harmonious scene of a large group of people and a large wave of zombies building the city wall together –

Everyone expresses, it must’ve been because I opened my eyes the wrong way today…….

In the base –

Su Wan and Su Rui acted like no one else was present and wandered around the main street. Because Su Wan was currently maintaining the appearance of a level 3 zombie, her figure was already very similar to normal people and wasn’t as frightening as other zombies, so the two did not cause too big of an uproar wherever they went.

Occasionally, there are some courageous children on the street who stuck their heads out and curiously looked at Su Wan and Su Rui.

The two people unwittingly walked to the rear and came to the place where everyone was nursing their injuries.

There were many injured this time and Cangya Base only had one healing ability user. Facing a large number of wounded, he originally had his hands full but now, he could only prioritise saving those with severe injuries first. Those who were slightly injured were given medicine stored in the base and given the most basic treatment under the care of ordinary doctors and nurses.

“Dr. Wang, the painkillers in the base have all been used up!”

When Su Wan and Su Rui entered the door, the heard the nurse report on the painkillers to the doctor. In the end of the world, medicine was the most important resource and Cangya Base had a shallow foundation after all, plus they recently consumed too much. Shortages of medicine appearing now was a common occurrence.

When the doctor heard the nurse’s report, the middle-aged man who was called Dr. Wang puckered up his eyebrows: “What do we do? There are still several wounded who need immediate surgery. I originally planned to use painkiller instead of anaesthesia! Now that there aren’t any more painkillers, don’t tell me that I have to directly operate?”

Although ability users had more formidable skills than normal people, their bodies were still fragile just like the average person.

Moreover, the remaining ability users in this battle had relatives who were ordinary people in the base. They stayed behind to resist for their loved ones. Compared to those ability users who ran away, they were heroes and were all brave men!

“I’ll do it!”

An indifferent female voice rang and Dr. Wang suddenly turned his head around to see two zombies standing behind him.


The little nurse at the side yelled in surprise and then reacted by very nervously covering her mouth, very afraid to look at Su Wan and Su Rui.

Dr. Wang was quite calm because his age was older. Dr. Wang also knew of the two zombies around Yan Yu who he called “sister” and “brother-in-law”.

Everyone even secretly studied the story of this zombie couple. In everyone’s imagination, this couple were deeply in love. In the end of the world, to save their younger brother, they got infected. And personally witnessing his sister and brother-in-law became zombies to save him, the little brother received a stimulation which aroused his spirit ability, and it was naturally mutated!

Under the dual connection of blood and spirit power, these two zombies followed Yan Yu and had been protecting him. Slowly, they started to regain their independent thoughts along with continuous advancements. Now they can speak. It can be said that except the outer appearance, the two of them weren’t any different from ordinary humans.

The imagination of the masses is very formidable!


Dr. Wang looked at Su Wan. Actually, he didn’t know how he should address her. He can’t follow Yan Yu and call her “elder sister” ba?

‘You, do you really have a way?” 1

“I’m an illusionist.”

Su Wan stepped forward: “Tell me which one needs surgery and I can create a real fantasyland for him so that he won’t feel any pain!”

“Really? That’s great!”

Without waiting for Dr. Wang to reply, the little nurse at the side was already shouting excitedly.

Dr. Wang: …….

“Very well, follow me!”

After that, Su Wan’s use of illusions was very successful in helping the three injured ability users perform surgery. And under Dr. Wang’s request, Su Wan also used illusions on those who were younger and were suffering from the pain of their wounds, letting them peacefully rest in a beautiful fantasy…..

Coming out from logistics, Su Rui kept looking at Su Wan as she kept smiling.

“What are you smiling for?”

Su Rui laughed in bafflement at Su Wan.

“It’s nothing.”

Su Rui raised his head and looked at the gray sky above him: “Xiao Wan, look, the sky is so blue!”

“Speak properly!”

Su Wan couldn’t help but interrupt him. Where would there be any blue in a sky filled with grey smoke?


Su Rui hesitated and raised his hand to grab Su Wan’s arm: “Actually, I just thing that Xiao Wan is the best, always so kind and lovely.”

What kind! What lovely!

Su Wan looked down: “They are also using their lives to fight for their family and the things they treasure. What I can do for them is just this and nothing more.”

Moreover, this was the best way to brush up a good impression! Don’t tell me you don’t understand!

In fact, the both of them were well aware. They personally directed this drama. Now that it’s like this, was it considered being pretentious? Or perhaps false mercy?

Su Wan wasn’t tangled because of this reason because in her definition of herself, she was never a good person.

As a villain, there was no need for anyone’s understanding or approval….

“Wait wait! You guys wait a minute!”

Just as the two were silent, an anxious female voice suddenly rang out behind them.

Su Wan hesitatingly came to a stop and slowly turned around. She saw that little nurse that was following behind Dr. Wang earlier panting as she ran towards them: “My…. My name is Ning Sisi! I’d like to ask you to do me a favour, will you help me?”

Ning Sisi looked at Su Wan straight in the eye, her eyes full of hope and begging.

Su Wan wrinkled her eyebrows. She wasn’t a Holy Mother who would help whoever she saw.

“I don’t have time.”

She spoke as such and once again turned to leave.

“I beg you!”

Ning Sisi’s voice was already chocked with sobs: “I just, just want to see him again in the illusion! Just one glance is fine! Before, it was me that wasn’t good. My Princess disease, my wilfulness, I knew to flare up my temper at him, hated him because he didn’t have a decent work, not coming from a well-off family, it was my fault! It’s all my fault! I never seriously thought of him and was even arrogant and bossy towards his parents who were rural people! I really know my wrongs, I…. I just…..”

“Just want to see him again? He died for you, didn’t he? Do you want to repent to him or atone for your wrongs?”

Su Wan turning movement hesitated for a second, her lips slowly drawing a cold arc: “Truly touching ne! This kind of you doesn’t deserve to have his life trade for yours at all, so….. it’s good enough that you live your whole life in regret. And as for seeing him again to personally say sorry and whatnot, I will not give you this opportunity!”

After she spoke, Su Wan indifferently left. At the side, Su Rui’s air also slightly changed and then trotted to keep up with Su Wan’s pace –

Some people always repent after the pain of loss. What use was this?

Dead people cannot hear. Those wounds that you personally cut will also not have a chance to heal at all. Rather than forever living in the past, living in self-repentance, it would be better to cut off everything –

Either that, or get reborn like a blackened Phoenix and be a person who knows how to cherish people.

Or just settle it by dying! Who the hell do you want to show this kind of heartrending so in pain that you wish you were dead? The person who will loved you dearly, he, couldn’t be seen since long ago…..

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  1. After determining Yan Yu’s position and identity, Yang Zixi immediately linked with the Supporting Female Reversal System in her brain. She wanted to know whether Yan Yu was still a threat to her or not?

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