Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 95

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SEG Chapter 5.11 —Supporting Female Reversal System 

The East of the sky just turned white and an earth-shaking roar woke up all the people who were still fast asleep in Cangya Base.

“Leader! Leader!”

The face of the team leader who was in charge of defending the city gate was flustered as he rushed in: “We’re being attacked! Those zombies have started to attack!”

Lu Qin, who hadn’t rested well for several days in a row, currently had red eyes. When he heard his subordinate’s report, he couldn’t be bothered to change his clothes and immediately rushed out of the room: “Call the other teams to gather immediately. Based on the plans I drew up, each team is in charge of defending one direction!”

While speaking, Lu Qin already enabled his wind system ability to rush to the top of the gate tower.

There were a wide expanse of zombies as far as the eye could see.

Those zombies howled and charged over in groups. Using their sharp teeth and nails, they incessantly attacked the walls of the base!

There were also some zombies above level 2 that already possessed some special abilities and their destructive power was even more astonishing.

Lu Qin didn’t have time to think too much and immediately released wind blades over a large area. Wherever the wind blades passed, a group of zombies would fall. At the same time, a large group of zombies rushed forth in waves……

Within the boundless army of zombies, Su Wan and Su Rui appeared very insignificant.

The two of them stood in the middle of the group of zombies and surveyed Cangya Base from a distance.

“Lu Qin is a pretty good leader. At least, he has not given up on the ordinary people in the base.”

Su Wan softly spoke. In the original plot, Lu Qin died shortly after due to an accident and after  he died, the entire Cangya Base collapsed and gradually declined.

This shows that every good teams needs a qualified leader.

“How long do you think he can continue holding on? The power of every ability user is limited. It’s impossible for them to continuously keep on firing off their abilities.”

Su Rui’s voice carried a hint of ridicule: “Xiao Wan, if these zombies continue to attack for 3 days, the ability users in the base…… at least half or more will choose to abandon the base and leave.”

In front of life or death, if you have the opportunity to survive, then would you be willing to die like this?

“Without despair, there will be no miracles.”

Su Wan turned her head and looked at Su Rui: “I’m a bit hungry, let’s go look for some crystal nuclei together ba.”


Hence, such a scene unfolded in the middle of the zombie army –

After groups of zombies were attacked and killed by ability users, there will soon be two figures “carelessly” passing by and then the nucleus of the dead zombies will be taken way. The action was neat and tidy, very professional…..

This attack on the base lasted for a full day. When it got dark, those zombies were still tireless and even charged onwards with more excitement. The ability users who had fought for a whole day had long been worn out and exhausted….

“Leader, if it goes on like this we will all die here! How about we withdraw ba!”

Eventually, someone took the initiative to propose the idea of abandoning the city and retreating. Lu Qin at the side merely hesitated for a bit: “No, cannot withdraw.”

He was not a saint and never thought about being a great hero and saving the common people. It’s just that Lu Qin reached a decision to keep the bottom line of acting with integrity.

When he first established the base, he did not unconditionally accept those average people. Only those people who paid a large amount of materials and made a lot of contributions to the construction of the base got the opportunity to settle down.

Now when danger approached and as the leader of the base, how could he just think of abandoning these ordinary people who have already paid everything to survive in order for himself to escape?

As a man with a backbone, Lu Qin reached the conclusion that he could not do this.

If he ran away now, he would not be able to rest or eat in peace for the rest of his life!

“No one is allowed to mention these kind of words again! Otherwise, he will be disposed of by the military!”

When the ability users at the side heard Lu Qin’s words, some people finally let go of their hearts while some started to make selfish calculations deep in theirs…..

When it was dark, Su Wan and Su Rui returned to the ruins where they had been living. Right now, the originally overgrown ruins had been completely cleaned and tidied.

Yan Yu was using his spirit powers and Little Li Xiang was trying to communicate while playing. Li Tao husband and wife were busy cooking dinner in the distance.

As for Mo Yin and Chi Yi, the two had turned Su Wan and Su Rui’s original resting place into a small field laboratory!

Seeing the brand-new experiment bench, those flasks and jars, and even a large pile of unnamed reagents, Su Wan couldn’t help but faintly look at Su Rui: “Are all your subordinates like this?”

Su Rui: “Eh, should be about the same?”

Su Wan: …….

Actually, I just want to know where I’m going to sleep tonight? On the experiment bench?

Once the laboratory personnel entered a state, they would be very focused, so the two of them did not notice Su Wan and Su Rui’s figure until Chi Yi poured an orange-red liquid into an experimental container at the side.

Not far away, Su Rui wrinkled his brows and subconsciously pulled Su Wan back 3 steps. Afterwards –

Bang, the experiment failed!

The entire “temporary laboratory” immediately became a complete mess!

Chi Yi and Mo Yin looked at each other. Before the two had enough time to sum up the experience, they heard a cold voice faintly resound by their ears: “You two, get out for me and run 30 laps! Immediately!”

“Yes! Doctor!”

When she saw the two people rushing out like rabbits and start to run around in the woods, Su Wan couldn’t help but to look at Su Rui: “The penalty of your research institute is to run?”

“Life is motion!”

Su Rui replied with a serious face. In fact, there was indeed a special place in the institute to run. That was a long, circular single-log bridge and a large group of piranhas were raised under the bridge….

So, they were simply too happy to run around in a forest full of zombies!

The next day, the zombies’ attack was still on-going. The ability users in the city were already gradually scarce.

There were a lot of ability users who did not care and did not want to die, and already took advantage of the turmoil during the fight to escape alone.

Most of the people who were left behind were burdened by family. Their loved ones were here. They didn’t have the heart to leave alone and could only persistently sustain themselves in the city….

On the third day, the city walls were already on the verge of collapse. The leader, who had been continuously fighting for three days straight, was finally unable to use his abilities because overspent his physical and mental strength.

The whole of Cangya Base was suffused with sorrow and grief. Everyone knew in their hearts that they won’t live past today.

When the surrounding walls were breached, when the zombie army that had no end in sight howled and rushed into the base, many people closed their eyes and gave up –

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

Many years later, when those who had the privilege to participate and witness the battle to defend Cangya Base recalled the scene that day, their eyes would be filled with twinkling stars.

A burst of melodious music suddenly resounded in the deathly still city, and then those ability users, who were preparing to fight to their deaths, blankly watched as all those zombies stopped moving, staying in place like a statue.

After a moment, the boundless zombie army automatically separated into two sides and several figures slowly appeared before everyone.

As the figures gradually approached, someone in the crowd gave out a strange, low cry.

Someone already recognised that the boy who was leading was Li Tao’s “nephew”, Yan Yu. And following behind Yan Yu was Li Tao, who hadn’t been seen for a few days. And close behind the two were actually….. two zombies!

Actually, Su Wan had already successfully advanced to level 4 and could already recover her original human form, but according to the plan, she still maintained the form of a zombie. Since Headquarters designated this mission as a dangerous Star task, then she must act cautiously.

From the very beginning, she planned to push out Yan Yu to act as her spokesperson.

Right now, she still can’t let others find out her true identity. If the information leaked, then it would definitely attract Yang Zixi’s attention.

Su Wan still wasn’t completely clear on the cards in Yang Zixi’s hand and couldn’t recklessly fight with her.

Just like this, in the moment Cangya Base was breached, Yan Yu appeared as a saviour. This little boy could scatter tens of thousands of zombies at the wave of his hand. This magical scene was later widely circulated and Yan Yu, this little BOSS who once wanted to destroy the world, was called “The Son of God” by later generations along with “The Son of the World” Li Xiang, the founder of the new world…..

BLU: Y’know, a thought popped up in my head when I translated the last sentence: It’s all awe-inspiring and stuff, but when you add an ‘L’ between ‘F’ and ‘O’ of ‘founder’,…….

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