Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 93

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SEG Chapter 5.9 —Supporting Female Reversal System (9)

Longxiang Base, Central Villa District, Villa 2 –

When Yang Wu entered the villa, the face of Yuan Hui and co. looked unsightly as they sat in the villa hall.

“Yuan ge, what happened?”

Yang Wu looked at Yuan Hui with some doubts and lightly asked.

“No, nothing.”

Yuan Hui’s eyes flashed and obviously did not want to say anything to Yang Wu. On the other hand, a young man at the side who saw Yang Wu’s figure excitedly opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but because of Yuan Hui’s meaningful gaze, drooped his head and shrank back.

In fact, everyone in Longxiang Base knows that Yang Wu was Yang Zixi’s confidant. He has always been blindly following Yang Zixi’s order.

Seeing that Yuan Hui didn’t want to say anymore, Yang Wu also didn’t plan to ask. He routinely went to the second floor of the villa. Yang Zixi’s room was in the inndermost part of the second floor of the villa.

As usual, Yang Wu respectfully stood outside the door and knocked.

“Come in!”

Yang Zixi’s somewhat muffled voice came through the door.

Yang Wu pushed the door and entered. The person in the room froze for a bit when she saw his figure, and then, a happy expression appeared on Yang Zixi’s face: “Ah Wu, you’re back!”

Reborn once, besides having a system helping her, Yang Zixi felt suspicious whenever she saw someone. Currently, the only person that can make her unconditionally trust is only Yang Wu.

“En, I am back.”

Yang Wu took out a hand-drawn map from his bosom: “This is the map that I drew outside Luye Research Institute. The guards there are very strict, so I couldn’t get too close. In addition, I did not get any information on Dr. L there!”

“You’ve worked hard.”

Yang Zixi smiled at Yang Wu and then wrinkled her brows as she looked at the hand-drawn map he gave her. Luye Research Institute was Dr. L’s base and according to the system, Dr. L was a mad scientist who does not know the ways of the world. He rarely appears before people and usually spent all his time in the laboratory.

It was such a madman that personally created the current end of the world! And her current task is to attack Dr. L, the father of zombies! 1

This is so dishonest!

#Is there a dishonest system for every female lead? Waiting online, very urgent!#

The system did not give a clear way to attack Dr. L. The sole hint of this task is that whenever Dr. L appears within 10 kilometres of the host, the system will automatically send a warning!

What is this messy setting?

Fortunately, the time limit of this mission is very long, no less than 10 years of time. Right now, Yang Zixi was not very anxious for results.


Yang Wu on the side interrupted Yang Zixi’s train of thought: “Yuan Hui, they…..did they do something wrong?”

Although Yang Wu is not a particularly intelligent person, but he has long felt that since Yuan Hui’s team went to S City to perform a secret mission last time, the Young Miss’ attitude towards them had changed.


Yang Zixi’s gaze slightly cooled. Originally, she called Yuan Hui to take people to look for Yan Yu because Yuan Hui was the most profitable assistant next to her except for Yang Wu. Unfortunately, Yuan Hui disappointed her. He not only didn’t bring Yan Yu back, he even told her that Yan Yu was killed by zombies!

However, the system clearly told Yang Zixi that Yan Yu was still alive!

Sure enough, Yuan Hui and his people cannot be trusted.

In the past life when they were by Chu Feiyang’s side, they also always looked down on her, so in that case, she should not give them a chance!

“Ah Wu, I only believe in you. Only you will forever not betray me.”

Yang Zixi faintly whispered, the expression on her face became complicated.


Yang Wu slightly lowered his eyes. He knew that what she called forever, was only to let him follow by her side forever, as a competent shadow.

The forever here, has nothing to do with love.

In fact, Yang Wu understood Yang Zixi’s attitude towards him. Regardless of whether she ignored his love before the end of the world, or her sudden absolute trust in him after the end of the world, these……made Yang Wu clearly understand his place.

Yang Zixi will not love him, never.

But, he loves her.

From a very long time ago, he has loved her. So even if he could only silently guard her like this, he will gladly endure hardship….

“That’s right.”

Putting away his thoughts. Seeing that Yang Zixi was unwilling to talk about Yuan Hui’s matters, he simply changed the topic: “When I came back, I heard the people from 2 teams say that there was something going on at Cangya Base. They sent people over to ask for help and the person who was sent over was our old acquaintance.”


When Yang Zixi heard Yang Wu’s words, she slightly raised her eyebrows. In the end of the world, her “acquaintances” were not many. And those who could be called old acquaintance by Yang Wu, Yang Zixi instantly thought of one.

“Is it Chu Feiyang? It seems that he mixed well at Cangya Base ah!”

This life’s Chu Feiyang was still a dual-system ability user, but he didn’t have Su Wan, who has a healing system by his side to assist him, he also didn’t have the help of his good brothers from the previous life, can he still smile proudly in stormy situations?

In fact, the person that Yang Zixi hated most should be Chu Feiyang, but she persistently did not kill him.

In Yang Zixi’s view, she wants to let Chu Feiyang live, painfully live after abandoning his love, without comrades, to live alone.

Then, she wanted to make him personally see with his own eyes at the person who he had thrown away like a shoe, step by step, walk to the peak that he longs for but would never reach his whole life!

When he saw the hatred that flashed in Yang Zixi’s eyes when she spoke of Chu Feiyang, Yang Wu quietly kept his silence…..

Chu Feiyang came to Longxiang with Su Yan this time. When he entered Longxiang Base, he regretted.

Because Yang Zixi was too famous in Longxiang!

The Base’s only healing ability user! Captain of a team!

It is said that she is also the sweetheart of Luo Xiang, the leader of Longxiang Base…..

Regarding Yang Zixi, Chu Feiyang’s mood was complicated. This woman made him hate, but at the same time somewhat scared.

To this day, Chu Feiyang could still see it when he closed his eyes. Not long ago, Yang Zixi coldly grimaced and pushed Su Wan into a group of zombies.

At that moment, her eyes were full of deep-rooted madness and hatred –

Chu Feiyang, you are also only like that!

That day, he hesitated for a split second.

And a second’s hesitation caused a consequence that he didn’t want to bear.

Su Wan died and he could only flee from the difficult situation, believe in his own lies as he lived…..

At this time, Cangya Base suddenly suffered a large scale attack by zombies. Che Feiyang was ordered by the head of the base to look for help.

When he left, Chu Feiyang still subconsciously brought Su Yan. In his opinion, Cangya Base cannot be saved and he couldn’t abandon Su Wan’s sister again.

He originally thought that he could find a place in Longxiang Base for Su Yan to settle down in, but………

He didn’t expect that Yang Zixi and Yang Wu would be here, and also had high status in the base.

This made Chu Feiyang somewhat trapped in a dilemma……

Su Yan followed Chu Feiyang, rushing along the rough road the whole way. She peacefully slept after they entered the reception area of Longxiang Base.

Su Yan who was fast asleep kept wrinkling her eyebrows, as if she was disturbed by a bad dream.

This was till Chu Feiyang entered from the outside and Su Yan was immediately woken up.

“Did I bother you?” Chu Feiyang looked at Su Yan with some worry.


Su Yan rubbed her eyes and found that Chu Feiyang’s face was very poor. She couldn’t help but ask: “Brother-in-law, is Longxiang Base’s people not intending to help us?”


Chu Feiyang sighed, lightly nodding his head: “They won’t do anything without profit and Cangya really cannot get any bargaining chips that would make them take the risk.”

Speaking till here, Chu Feiyang quietly looked at Su Yan: “Su Yan, let’s leave tomorrow. Brother-in-law will bring you to B City. Let’s go seek refuge at Yanzhi!”

Yanzhi Base is B City’s military base and was currently the largest survivor’s base.

“We’re not returning to Cangya?”

Su Yan froze, her face full of surprise as she looked at Chu Feiyang: “Then what about Xiaolin gege and the rest? Or Uncle Tie, they are all still waiting for us ah!”

“Su Yan, Cangya cannot be saved. Even if we go back, we can only die. I cannot… cannot abandon you again, cannot let you be in any danger, do you understand?” Chu Feiyang’s expression was very pained, but his gaze was very resolute.

“Cannot once again…. abandon me?”

The gaze that Su Yan used to look at Chu Feiyang slowly became cold: “So, are you planning to abandon Uncle Tie and the rest? Just like how you….. abandoned my elder sister?”

She is obviously just a 9 year old child, but right now, Su Yan’s gaze was threateningly chilly!

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