Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 91

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SEG Chapter 5.7 —Supporting Female Reversal System (7)

At daybreak, the city gates of Cangya Base slowly opened. Group by group of ability users received tasks early and left through the side door. The people who waited outside the city for the whole night looked at those members of the base with awe, but even more were filled with yearning and envy……

Chu Feiyang’s team also accepted a task as usual and went out. When he stepped out the door, Chu Feiyang’s footsteps suddenly paused. He saw Li Tao waiting in the line for ability users to enter the city.

Compared to yesterday, his mood today seemed to have stabilized a lot.

Could it be…….

Chu Feiyang stared. He noticed that the figure of Li Tao’s wife and child were absent from his side. Instead, there was an eight or nine year old boy standing behind Li Tao who seemed to be entering the city with him.

In this age, those who abandon their wives are no longer as hateful as they used to be. On the contrary, if they can make a decision when it comes down to it, harden their heart and personally kill their infected loved ones, they will heroes in people’s hearts.

Chu Feiyang retracted his gaze and no longer paid attention to I Tao’s developments.

He had no mood to care about other people’s matters that weren’t related to him. At the same time, he didn’t have the qualifications to criticise whether others were right or wrong, because he is also……. a coward who once abandoned his loved one. 1

He turned around and looked at Su Yan, who was closely following him. Chu Feiyang’s heart felt slight better. Su Wan, I let you down, but….. you can rest assured! I will help you take care of your only relative. This time, never again… will I abandon her.

Chu Feiyang quietly left with his people.

He didn’t notice that Su Yan, who had always been following behind him, looked back and deeply looked at the place here Li Tao stood when they were leaving…..

Quietly standing behind Li Tao is a handsome boy. Although they were surviving while living from hand to mouth in the end of the world, that boy looked particularly clean and especially calm.

Su Yan has not awakened her ability to control plants, but she has a strong innate affinity for all living things.

She only glanced a little just now but Su Yan felt a familiar air on the boy.

That air was just like the air around her elder sister, but….. brother-in-law plainly said that elder sister is already dead…..

Su Yan turned her head and lookat at Chu Feiyang’s back. The clear eyes stared fixedly at the back of the man before her, her gaze suddenly became somewhat complicated…….

“My name is Li Tao, 32 years old, level 2 water ability!”

By now Li Tao has already arrived at the registration office at the city gates. After revealing his water abilities to the inspectors, Li Tao successfully received a serial number to enter the city and Yan Yu, who had been following behind Li Tao, did not expose his abilities. Instead, Li Tao described him as his nephew. Being regarded as an ability user’s family member, he smoothly entered Cangya Base with Li Tao…….

30 li outside Cangya Base, hostile area. 2

Zhang Yamei looked on with eyes full of glistening tears as she watched her son running here and there within a crowd of zombies. Everywhere he went, he left behind a string of “he~he~he~”. In the eyes of others, becoming a zombie was like losing everything. You can’t even tell a person.

But as a mother, Zhang Yamei would rather her son live this way, let alone…..

He wouldn’t keep being like this. There will be one day where he will become like the other two zombies by the Little Master’s side. He’ll have his own consciousness and can even speak.

At this time, a certain two “zombies” that were treated as models, were busy showing love—

Su Rui: Xiao Wan, don’t you think that this zombie makeup I have on now matches yours?

Su Wan: So hideous! Am I really that ugly?

Su Rui: Xiao Wan is the most beautiful in my heart. Come come come, if you don’t believe me then I’ll kiss you! Just one kiss!

Su Wan: You’re dead~ 3


A certain doctor was thrown by a certain violent female zombie into a group of zombies not far away~

Seeing Su Rui fall to the ground, because the disguise on his body was in a complete mess, it led to him to repeatedly expending a lot of effort to get up. Seeing his awkward appearance for the first time, Su Wan at the side couldn’t help but laugh.

Although she still looked like a female zombie right now, when she smiled, her eyes were gentle and clear.

Glancing at Su Wan’s smile, Su Rui simply lied down on the floor and feigned death. After that, he blinked and looked at Su Wan, putting on the appearance of the daughter-in-law being bullied–

Dr. L, where is your moral integrity? 4

Seeing him put on a face like a complaining wife, Su Wan couldn’t help but take a few steps forward to Su Rui’s side before stooping down and gently held out her hand. As if she was carrying a little chick, she skilfully hauled Su Rui’s slender figure up……

Okay, don’t play anymore. Go and look at Little Li Xiang. I’ll go over there and absorb crystal nuclei.

After communicating a few words to Su Rui using her spirit, Su Wan turned and walked towards the temporary residence not far away. This is the place where they temporarily settled down at. It was located at the innermost part of the hostile area. Ability users very rarely come here, so Su Wan could absorb crystal nuclei at ease here. She was soon going to upgrade to a level 3 zombie and this is the most critical period, whether she could successfully mutate depended on this moment!

Seeing that Su Wan went over to absorb crystal nuclei, Su Rui had to reluctantly go to Little Li Xiang who was far away. Last night, Yan Yu fed Little Li Xiang a bottle of drugs. That was the latest zombie virus that Su Rui developed in the lab. For this virus, once a human is infected, they will still become zombies but will retain the most basic human feelings and consciousness.

So now the current Little Li Xiang is still wandering around like a child. Facing his mother, he also has a natural dependence, so will not hurt Zhang Yamei at all.

In fact, Su Rui’s idea was to directly inject Zhang Yamei with the new virus as well, but that mother refused.

She wasn’t being anxious about her own safety. She is just worried that once she fails to resist the virus and become a zombie with no consciousness, then she would never see her child again, and also can’t protect her own child.

This is so-called motherly love. The greatest, truest feeling in the world.

“Thank you all.”

Seeing Su Rui standing still by her side, Zhang Yamei couldn’t help but say her thanks again. Last night, their family of three were supposed to have lost their lives and went to the Yellow Springs together, but Su Rui’s group appeared and changed their family’s destiny.

Zhang Yamei is an honest, ordinary person. She was just like any ordinary person on the street. She has never experienced scary winds or startling waves her whole life. The sudden arrival of the end of the world already made her heart almost collapse.

And the infection of her son was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Last night, Zhang Yamei truly gave up all hope.

However, in the last moment of despair, Heaven gave her a new hope –

“This is the latest drug which allows the infected person to have a very big probability of maintaining the human consciousness!”

“Are you willing to pledge loyalty to me and follow me to build a new world together?”

People who have never truly despaired, would never feel indebted towards that experience of unexpected rescue from a predicament.

In the cruel post-apocalyptic world, ordinary people were still the largest group and were also the weakest. They persistently struggle within a group of zombies, they were considered burdens by ability users, they have to exhaust all means, abandon their own dignity, pride, and sometimes even had to sell their body and soul. Abandoning everything like this could only get them a chance to linger on in a steadily worsening condition at the end of the world.

Zhang Yamei didn’t understand. Why did this world become like this?

Those ability users that hold themselves above the masses, weren’t they also previously one of the masses of ordinary people?

They keep saying again and again how it’s for the new world, for humanity’s future, how hard they worked, how they shed their blood and lay down their life for a just cause, but can they truly turn back and look, look at those ordinary people that they trampled on, how they passed their days? 5

Actually, ability users were also good. Mutant zombies were also fine. They were all human a long time ago.

Then, regardless of who ruled in the future, what difference is there for the ordinary people?

Zhang Yamei sighed from the bottom of her heart and looked at Su Rui with a gaze full of gratitude and awe at Su Rui, who was beside her: “Afterwards…….. can Little Xiang speak just like you?”

Zhang Yamei truly wasn’t asking for much. She just wanted to hear her own child call her “mum” again.

Su Rui nonchalantly gave Zhang Yamei a glance.

This slightly over 30 woman was weather-beaten in the end of the world. Now, she already no longer looked young, no longer pretty. But this woman made Su Rui feel very sincere and warm.

This is called motherly love ba.

“Your son…. He will not only become like a normal person, afterwards…… he can also become very strong, strong till he can protect you, protect your family.”

Su Rui can see that Little Li Xiang is a bright kid and this age was the best age to learn everything.

At this time, Zhang Yamei didn’t know that Su Rui’s heart had already moved and had the idea of accepting Little Li Xiang as his disciple. When she heard Su Rui’s words, she thought that he was just comforting her, until years later, when her son stood at the highest point in this world. Zhang Yamei still couldn’t forget the woods that year, and also the two constantly affectionate “zombie” couple.

Someone said that the end of the world was the most despairing, most cruel world. At the same time, it was also the most beautiful world –

Because, in this world, beautiful miracles will constantly be born!


Recently, I’ve been itching to translate a chinese quick transmigration BL novel.

I’ve also been itching to doodle.

Damned procrastination is messing with me again. ┻━┻ミ\(≧ロ≦\)

I hate having to do assignments during a holiday. *sobs*

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