Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 90

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SEG Chapter 5.6 —Supporting Female Reversal System (6)

With the addition of Su Rui this life-extinguishing big BOSS, Su Wan’s idea of searching the entire hostile area of S City was quickly realised. In this sweep, some crystal nuclei were harvested. Although they were the most common crystal nuclei, they were also enough for Su Wan and Yan Yu absorb to promote their strength.

The only thing that surprised Su Wan was that they couldn’t find Su Yan.

It can’t be that because of Yang Zixi’s rebirth that everyone’s life trajectory changed?

“Su Yan should not be here anymore, of course, you have to plan well for the worst.”

The plot that Su Rui received was more comprehensive than Su Wan’s. The story of this world that Su Wan received was all based on the events that centred on the original owner.

The story that Su Rui received had more of the cruelty and darkness of this world.

Since Yang Zixi can send people here to look for Yan Yu, who is not blackened, then she can also very likely send people to kill Su Yan, who had not become Yan Yu’s weak point.

After all, Su Yan is Su Wan’s younger sister and would inevitably not have any use for Yang Zixi. For a potential enemy, even if replaced with Su Rui himself, would strike first and gain the upper hand, and then quickly getting rid of it.

“Since that’s the case, we can only resign ourselves to fate. Let’s leave this place ba.”

After communicating with Su Rui through spirit power, Su Wan decided to leave the hostile area of S City. There wasn’t any meaning to stay here any longer.

Now, it was already the 3rd month after the end of the world. Among the humans, level 3 ability users have begun to spring up, and these powerful ability users have begun to successively set up fortresses in some unfortunate cities and towns, established a refuge or a survivor base.

The base closest to S City was called Cangya Base, which was created by the small Cangya team.

At the beginning of the end of the world, this was counted as a very big base. Unfortunately, as time went on, more and more ability users promoted in strength, and zombies have begun to upgrade. Cangya Base gradually started to decline. Finally, the leader of Cangya Base was killed by a mutant level 6 zombie in the process of collecting materials. The entire team of ability users in the small base walked away and dispersed. The entire base was left with only some old, weak and sick. One can well imagine their fate.

Because she knew the fate of Cangya Base, Yang Zixi did not choose to stay at Cangya Base with her people. She chose the closest base from B City, Longxiang Base.

That place was easy to guard and difficult to attack, and was also near B City’s military fortress. There was a secret military base between Longxiang Base and B City, which stored a large amount of military supplies and hot weapons!

From the moment the system knew of the detailed information of the military base, Yang Zixi had begun to hit on the idea of military supplies, but before that, she has to gain a firm foothold in Longxiang Base, even if she had to hide the truth from the masses……..

Contrary to Yang Zixi, Su Wan chose Cangya Base.

At present, she did not want to expose herself too quickly, and also, Cangya Base was far away from the four big human bases and also far away from the human army. It was the most suitable place for them to plan at present……

3 months later, outside Cangya Base.

Li Tao was a water ability user. He had come from the hostile area S City with his wife and child. After many twists and turns, they finally arrived outside Cangya Base. At this time, there was a thriving scene in Cangya Base. Outside the entrance of the base, there was a long queue waiting to be tested to enter the city.

Now, it is no longer like the beginning of the end of the world. The people have now been divided into entirely different levels.

All ability users, especially high-grade ability users, could receive privileges wherever they go and those ordinary people who have not been taken care of by the Heavens have to undergo very harsh screening and inspections if they want to enter the survivor base. They also have to pay a certain amount of materials to have qualifications to be a member of the base.

Also, even if they entered the base, their existence will be the lowest.

In the light of Li Tao’s ability, it is a very precious water ability. Originally, he can directly display his abilities and bring his family into the base.

However, just yesterday, he encountered a large number of zombies with his wife and child in the process of rushing over. Because of one moment of carelessness, his four year old son was bitten by a zombie!

According to the known incubation period of the virus, there is a 48-hour incubation period after the child got scratched and then he will be turned into a zombie by the disease.

Of course, there was a small minority of people who not only depended on their will to resist the virus after being scratched, they also successfully awakened abilities.

But this was a very rare occurrence.

Li Tao was very clear. His son, Li Xiang, was only four years old. How could he resist such a powerful virus?

Obviously, Cangya Base was right there in front of their eyes, obviously, they silently carried extravagant hopes the whole way here. The peace that he hoped for the family was right in front of him, but the city gate was like a chasm that can never be crossed.

“Tao Ge.”

Li Tao’s wife at the side, Zhang Yamei took another deep breath. She clung to her unconscious son and showed Li Tao a pale smile: “Tao ge, you go in ba, don’t care about us anymore! Just consider that we both have….. already died.”

The hearts of mother and child are connected. Zhang Yamei hated to part with her son. She also knows that she may not be able to awaken a power in her whole lifetime.

She and her son have been her husband’s burden since the start of the end of the world. Now that her son is in this condition, she couldn’t watch on helplessly as her son became a monster……

Zhang Yamei has already thought it through. Once the incubation period has passed, if her son…. if he truly became a zombie, she will kill him and then she will kill herself.

“Yamei! What nonsense are you saying!”

When Li Tao heard his wife’s words, he immediately loudly interrupted her: “I know what you’re thinking, you….. don’t even think about it! I won’t abandon the both of you! Even if, even if it’s death, us family of three must die together!”

When she heard what Li Tao said, Zhang Yamei gaped. In the end, she could only lower her head and look at the child in her embrace, silently crying.

This kind of choosing between life and death played out in every corner every day in the end of the world –

To survive, some people will abandon their wives and discard their loved ones, and some people prefer to die rather than separate from their families.

The《Ten Good Practices of Buddha》said – looking out for yourself is right and proper. If you don’t look out for yourself, Heaven and Earth will combine to destroy you.

The “for yourself” mentioned here is to warn all living creatures that there is cause and effect in this world. In order for yourself to not suffer retribution, you must cultivate good causes for good results. When you are living, do not stand for evil. Otherwise, the Heaven and Earth will not tolerate you and you will suffer the consequences of your own actions! 1

The warning was like this, but it gradually became words that those people blinded by greed frequently blather. This was perhaps human nature, and with the arrival of the end of the world, the most evil intention deep in the abyss of people’s hearts, greed, gradually came out……

In the blink of an eye, it was already sunset. The line outside Cangya Base was still as long as a dragon. 2

Li Tao slowly brought his wife and son towards the woods outside the base. Li Xiang has already been affected by the virus for more than 24 hours. Now, the child’s face has already started to turn green and was even slightly bloated.

If this was seen by other people, it will certainly set of a disturbance. It was also uncertain that they may come across those unreasonable people who will unite everyone to dispose of the child. Li Tao did not want to see such a situation.

Just when Li Tao’s family walked into the woods, a team of ability users walked out from the woods. The leader of the group is a handsome, young man. Although he only wore ordinary clothes, but based on his many years of experience, Li Tao could see that this person must have come from a rich, superior family before the end of the world.

Seeing Li Tao husband and wife, that handsome male youth slightly paused: “It’s getting dark soon, the woods is not safe. Staying outside the city walls with the others is still safer.”

Hearing the youngster’s kind warning, Li Tao gratefully smiled: “I know, I know.”

At this time, the eyes of another ability user in the group flashed. He quietly leaned forwards and whispered at the youth’s ears. The gaze of that handsome man slightly changed and fell on Zhang Yamei’s bosom: “Your child…….”


When Zhang Yamei, who was already afraid of being found out, was called out by him, she immediately panicked and retreated half a step. At this time, Li Tao had also prepared for a fight.

The other members of the group also realised the issue at this time. Although the sky is a bit dark, but there are some sharp-eyed people who the green, swelled face of the child in Zhang Yamei’s arms.

“It’s an infected!”

The team immediately exploded and Li Tao could clearly feel the emotions and hostility of these people.

Right at this time, a petite figure suddenly poked her head out from behind the young leader’s back, a lovely little face popped out: “Is little brother sick? Brother-in-law, can you save him?”

The little girl looked at little Li Xiang in Zhang Yamei’s arms, her voice bringing thick soft-heartedness.

“Su Yan, brother-in-law can’t help them.”

That’s right. This youth is Chu Feiyang and the little girl beside him is Su Wan’s younger sister, Su Yan.

“You guys…….”

Right now, Chu Feiyang seemed to have seen through Li Tao’s plan. He seemed to think of something, his eyes flashed with pain and sorrow. Finally, Chu Feiyang still made a signal. The people in the group talked in whispers but still followed Chu Feiyang and left.

Everyone saw Li Tao as fool and at this point, in their eyes, this fool is no different from a dead person.

Only Little Su Yan, who looked back three times at every step, unwilling to part with Li Tao and family. The little girl looked like she wanted to help, but didn’t know what to do. Finally, she took back her gaze and quickly walked to keep up with Chu Feiyang’s pace……. 3

Li Tao finally breathed a sigh of relief. The two husband and wife continued moving forwards. Perhaps it because the woods were cleared by Chu Feiyang’s team once, so they never came across a single zombie the whole way. Once they found a relatively clean place, Li Tao lit a fire and took out some utensils that he carried on him. Using his water system skill, he cooked a large pot of soup.

This, perhaps, will be the family’s last supper.

Husband and wife did not speak at all. After they drank the soup, Zhang Yamei hugged the child, leaned on Li Tao’s side and fell asleep.

At midnight, the fire was about to burn out. Zhang Yamei suddenly woke up from a dream. She opened her eyes and immediately saw her husband’s red eyes.

He, was crying.

Zhang Yamei panicked and immediately looked down at her child. By now, Li Xiang’s original appearance could not be made out anymore. His whole body was already greenish-black and his originally small, chubby hands were now covered with long black nails.

Zhang Yamei covered her mouth, holding it in so that her weeping won’t sound out.

On the side, Li Tao hardened his heart. He still finally took out the dagger from his bosom. His hand was trembling. His heart was dripping blood –

The sharp dagger flashed a dazzling gleam and slowly fell bit by bit, soon, it will pierce the child’s body.

Zhang Yamei had already clenched her teeth and shut her eyes tight, tears streaming down her cheeks. Good child, don’t be afraid, mummy will soon come to accompany you.

Right at this time, a burst of rustling suddenly sounded.

Li Tao’s hand paused. He suddenly raised his head and immediately saw, under the chilly moonlight, a pretty, little boy standing not far away with an ice-cold face. Behind him were a male and female, two zombies?

This is…..

Li Tao was somewhat stunned. At this point, the little boy suddenly stepped forward. With an expression of ice-cold indifference and maturity beyond his age, he cold spoke: “I can help him survive. Are you willing to pledge loyalty to me?”

BLU:  I wonder if any of you guys read Webtoons.

Also, the 2nd ending for Your Lie In April feels so sad. (Gonna google the english translated lyrics for this. I have a feeling I’l mildly regret it.)

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